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The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory
- Online since 1999

Largest Subsea Industry Web Site
Subsea.Org is the largest subsea oil and gas web site on the Internet, providing free subsea industry information to subsea professionals since 1999.

Subsea.Org has more than 5,000 subsea industry visitors every week day. The Subsea Search Engine has more than 25,000 subsea related searches made every month.

Subsea Oil & Gas Business Directory
The Subsea.Org website service is aimed specifically at the Subsea Industry to enable Engineers, Procurers, Managers to find business information and to communicate effectively with suppliers in the subsea oil and gas industry. Subsea.Org has developed an information sharing platform for integration of the nexts step in the subsea oil and gas industry.

The Search Engine - Subsea Search
Subsea.Org operates the most accurate Subsea Search Engine, using the latest in search technology to provide the best possible search results within the subsea industry. More than 25,000 searches per month are made by people seeking subsea products and services. Subsea.Org log and analyze these search queries to provide you with even better information in the future and for subsea business intelligence purposes..

Subsea.Org has the Subsea Information Exchange Platform..
The Subsea.Org initiative is contributing to an online gathering of subsea oil and gas companies, giving the customer market overview and enable contacts being taken across country borders. Subsea.Org has the platform for easy implementation of the new game of the subsea oil and gas business. Support the initiative and help building a safe and quality driven subsea industry..

Subsea.Org - Part of the eSubsea Network
The eSubsea Network of Subsea Oil and Gas web sites included the following web sites.
Subsea Oil and Gas Directory

The website has more than 1,500,000 visitors per year viewing more than 5,000,000 pages ranking eSubsea Network as the most visited Subsea Media on the Internet.

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