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C & C Technologies - nternational surveying and mapping company specializing in deepwater services
C&C Equipment Specialists Inc. - your supplier of choice for mud pump replacement parts.
C&D Technologies - power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics
C&M Group - Advanced Technology Electrical Contracting Engineering Marine Offshore Electrical & Instrumentation
C.A. Richards & Associates, Inc. - diving, geophysical, government, navigation, oil and gas exploration drilling, and underwater robotics
Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC -
Cables International Pte Ltd - leading electrical products supplier to the international energy sector
Cablofil - wire cable tray has proven to be the ideal choice for cable management in virtually any type of installation
Cabot Oil and Gas - natural gas producer and marketer
Caddis Drilling Services - solids control and well control equipment manufacturer and supplier
Cadtrium Engineering Solutions Private Limited - Off-shore & Process Plant Equipment Design. Engineering Calculations, 3D modeling
Cairn Energy PLC - oil and gas exploration and production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland
Cairn India - largest producing oil field in the Indian private sector
Cal Dive International - subsea construction, underwater diving services
Caledonian Ferguson Timpson - long established as a materials technology and manufacturing organisation.
Caledus - downhole drilling- and completion-related products, design of close-clearance, flush-jointed liners to slim down the well profile
Caledyne Ltd - is a mechanical engineering company based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Caley Ocean Systems - manufacturers and suppliers of marine handling equipment
Callon Petroleum Company - engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and operation of oil and gas properties
Caltex - is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in Australia
Camcon Technology - a new class of bi-stable valves and actuators. The company aims to make the Camcon® Binary Actuator a worldwide standard.
Cameron - is a leading international manufacturer of oil and gas pressure control equipment, including valves, wellheads, controls, chokes, blowout preventers and assembled systems for oil and gas drilling
Contact: Sheldon R. Erikson, Phone: 1 713-513-3300, Fax: 1 713-513-3456
Houston, USA, America(North)
Camfil Farr Power Systems - Air filtration and noise control equipment
Campus Marine AS - provides services with particular focus on subsea installations, marine operations, survey, hydro-acoustics, noise and vibration
Cam-Tech Products, Inc. - providing the drilling industry quality pipe handling equipment, excellent service, and competitive prices
Canada Tech - a wide line of tools and systems that measure pressures and temperatures in the downhole and surface environment of oil and gas wells.
Canadian Composite Structures, Inc. - foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.
Canadian Heavy Oil Association - is the venue to learn about key issues affecting the heavy oil industry.
Canadian Natural Resources - oil and natural gas production canada
Canadian Standards Association - leading provider of product testing and certification services.
Canadoil Group - manufacturer and fabricator of a FULL and COMPLETE RANGE of large diameter SAW PIPES, STEEL PIPE FITTINGS and STEEL PIPING COMPONENT
CanGlobal Products Ltd. - replacement parts or a full instrumentation package
Canusa-CPS - advanced heat-shrinkable products technology for field weld joint protection
Canyon Offshore - underwater remote intervention, ROV and suction anchors
Contact: , Phone: (44) 1224-351800, Fax: (44) 1224-351801
Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)
CAPE Group - piling, pipelines, pumping and decommissioning.
Cape PLC - industrial services and general supplies
Caprock Communications - World-class satellite communications to the world's harshest and most remote locations
CAPSIS - corrosion engineering consultancy, testing and inspection
Capstone Turbine Corporation - is the world's leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems
Carboline - leading supplier of corrosion resistant products specializing in high performance coatings, linings, and fireproofing
Carltsoe Safety Tools ApS - designed non sparking, non magnetic or corrosion-resistant tools.
Carrack Ltd - holding stocks of Casing & Tubing, Drill Pipe & Drilling Equipment
Carrizo Oil and Gas - independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil
Castrol Offshore - provides a complete lubrication service to the exploration and production industry across the world
CAT Pumps - the highest quality industrial triplex high pressure piston and plunger pumps and related products.
Cavo Drilling Motors - oil field technical professionals with extensive drilling motor knowledge and experience
Cavotec Micro-Control AS - Fieldbus interface, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, and so forth. Used in wireless roughneck control, BOP handling, crane systems
CB&I - designing and building steel-plate structures and large-scale storage systems
CB&I John Brown - project management, project personnel, procedures, techniques, systems and tools
CCI - Control Components Inc - the world leader in meeting severe service valve and control
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. - manufacturing space, research and product testing laboratories, and ISO 9001 certification,
C-CORE - Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions
CD-Adapco - solutions to the offshore industry for simulation of fluid flow, heat transfer and fluid/structure interaction
CDL td - ROV tooling systems, sensors, cameras, tilt units
Cecon Cecon - independent Subsea Installation Contractor
CEJN Industrial - High Performance Couplings and Systems for Compressed Air, High- and Low Pressure Hydraulics, Breathing Air, and Fluids
Centek Ltd - Manufactures the unique Centek S2 single piece centraliser, designed for maximum stand-off in pipe rotation, unique flexibility and improved flow by area
Centrica plc - upstream gas production and exploration
Centrifugal Services, Inc. (CSI) - manufacturer of new and rebuilt replacement parts, components, and centrifuges
Centrilift - submersible pumps systems
Centron International - production oil wells, flow lines, injection wells and lines, water wells, water processing and recirculating lines, chemical disposal wells and lines, solution mining wells and mine acid lines.
Ceradyne, Inc. - manufactures and markets advanced technical ceramic products and components
Ceram-Kote by Freecom - manufacturer of the CeRam-Kote family of high performance industrial coating products.
Certified Laboratories - is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lubrication products in the world
CETCO Oilfield Services - Specialises in the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from offshore and land-based wastewater streams
Cetix Group - products include ROV Launch & Recovery Systems, Active Heave Compensated Winches, BOP Control Units, Choke Control Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Marine Propulsion Systems and AC-drilling drives
C-Fer Technologies - structural, mechanical, petroleum and reliability engineers
CGGVeritas - a leading international pure-play geophysical company delivering a wide range of technologies
ChainCo International - in automated chain testing, equipment and inspection, ChainCo also provides re-certification, repair and upgrades of heavy duty mooring systems
Challenger Minerals Inc. - screener of oil and gas prospects in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea
Chalmit Lighting - a major supplier of lighting and electrical products to the marine industry
Champion Environmental Technologies - Aquasign - specialise in supply of environmentally friendly anti-fouling products like Aquasign
Chandler Engineering - Chandler Engineering is the world's largest supplier of instruments for testing oil, gas, and geothermal well cements
Cheetah Oil & Gas Ltd - is an exploration stage oil and gas company engaged in exploring for petroleum and natural gas
Chelsea Technologies Group - designer and manufacturer of environmental and oceanographic monitoring equipment
Chem Oil Products - full line of Valves and Pressure Gauges, instrumentation, Thermometers and Stainless Steel Thermowells
Chemical Injection Equipment AS - supplier of chemical injection equipment and pump packages to the process industry
ChemSol - is a leading oil and gas fluid additives supplier
Chernomorneftegaz - seismic surveys; processing and complex interpretation of seismic data
Chet Morrison Contractors, Inc. - our services, our fleet, our facilities, and our equipment to deliver on our promise of single-source, cost-effective solutions.
Chevron Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production operations around the world
Contact: , Phone: +1 925-842-1000, Fax:
San Ramon, USA, America(North)
Chevron Upstream Europe - one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide
ChevronTexaco - among the world's largest global energy companies
Contact: , Phone: (+141) 58 94 77 00, Fax:
San Francisco, USA, America(North)
China Fangzheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - integrates the design, production, examination, sales into a body in the field of valve industry.
China Ocean Shipping(Group) Company - specializing in shipping and logistics, serving as a shipping agency and providing with services in freight forwarding, shipbuilding, shiprepairing
China Oilfield Services Limited - leading provider of drilling services offshore China
CHINA Petroleum Technology & Development Corp - China's largest professional foreign trade company for petroleum and petrochemical materials, equipment and technologies
China Ulo Valve Co.,ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of valves including gate valve, check valve, globe valve ,ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and strainer
Chornmornaftogas NSC - searching, exploration drilling, construction of fixed platforms and underwater pipelines, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields
Chuanyou Guanghan Honghua Co., Ltd. - research, development and manufacture of petroleum drilling & production equipment.
Circle Oil Plc - is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company with an attractive portfolio of assets in Morocco, Namibia, Oman, Panama and Tunisia
Circle Technical - water abrasive cutting systems, friction stud welding equipment and grit entrained low pressure air cleaning systems.
Citadel Computer Corporation - design, engineering and manufacturing of harsh-environment computer systems for challenging industrial and military applications
CiTECH Energy Systems Ltd - leading offshore gas turbine heat recovery business
CKT Projects BV - technical modules, special cargo containers, defence applications, heating, refrigeration and AC systems
Cladtek International Pty Ltd - Manufactures bi-metal lined pipe, used primarily in the oil and gas industry
ClampOn AS - leading supplier of non-intrusive instruments for sand/particle monitoring, pig detection, leak detection and corrosion-erosion monitoring
Clarke UK - workshop is equipped with overhead cranes, parts washing equipment, machine tools and specialised apparatus to facilitate the full rebuild of an engine
Clarkson Research Services Ltd. - the world's leading shipping services provider
Claxton Engineering - provide engineering and services for Well Systems, Structures and Pipelines across the lifetime of the field from Pre-Drilling to Drilling
ClerkMaxwell Limited - an independent engineering consultancy providing Engineering and Management services
Clough Engineering - engineering, design and installation of complex subsea facilities
Contact: , Phone: (+618) 92 81 92 81, Fax: (+618) 94 81 66 99
Perth, AUSTRALIA, Australia
CMP Products - industrial, Marine & Hazardous Area Cable Glands
CNOOC - China National Offshore Oil Corporation - China National Offshore Oil Corporation - CNOOC
Contact: , Phone: (+8610) 84 52 10 10, Fax:
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
CNPC - The China National Petroleum Corporation
Coastal Drilling Land Company - drilling company
Coastel Communications - providing the offshore industry with the best communications services in the Gulf of Mexico.
Cobalt International Energy - a private oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.
Cochrane Technologies, Inc. - variety of state-of-the-art SONAR Systems to map seafloor locations, locate debris, and recover objects lost overboard
CODA Octopus Ltd - engaged in 3D subsea technology and is the developer and patent holder of real time 3D sonar products
Codeware, Inc. - develops software for design, rating, drafting and costing of ASME Section VIII pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
Coester - supplying integrated solutions with advanced data communication technology
Coflexip - Technip - piping fabrication and construction and ROV installation of flowline
Coiltech - Offers titanium coils for extremely corrosive environments
Columbus McKinnon - leading designer and manufacturer of material handling products, systems and services which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position or secure material.
Combilift, Inc - IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift.
Comex - deep diving operations for the offshore oil industry
Comfit & Valves Corps. - full range of valves and tube fittings
Commercial Coating Services International, Ltd. - industry leader in corrosion protection
Compagnie Deutsch - hanger solutions, penetrators, seismic and custom designs
Complete Production Services Inc. - completion, coil tubing, wireline, drilling services
Complex Well Consultants - is a new concept in drilling consulting services
Compressor Systems Holland - design, engineering and packaging of custom-built compressor, blower and pump packages, that meet the international standards and codes
Computalog - specializing in wireline logging downhole tools
Concentric Pipe & Tool Rental - involved in remedial/workover, snubbing, and gravel/frac pack operatioins critical deepwater completions jobs
Con-Dive, LLC. - offshore industry subsea contractor
Conductor Installation Services Ltd - install conductors with the maximum possible structural integrity – reliably and safely
Conforma Clad - leading global provider of wear protection solutions to high-performance industrial markets
Conley Corporation - manufactures corrosion resistant Nexus reinforced filament wound fiberglass pipe and fittings, valves and strainers, and complete FRP fiber glass reinforced plastic (GRP glass fibre reinforced plastic) piping systems
Connection Technology - vibration analysis hardware products which are compatible with data collectors and online monitoring systems
Conoco Inc - integrated oil company explores for oil and gas production
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax: (+128) 12 93 14 40
Houston, USA, America(North)
ConocoPhillips - an international, integrated oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)
Consafe Engineering Ltd - design and construction of Living Quarters for the offshore Oil and Gas Industry
CON-SLOT Screens International - Works at a high quality level with well-functioning quality management
Containerhouse International, Inc. - resale, lease, and rental of ocean freight containers to commercial and industrial users
Control Flow, Inc. - manufacturer of quality valves, offshore oil field drilling equipment, wellhead, production pressure control equipment and motion compensation equipment
ControlAir Inc. - leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products
Converteam Group SAS - an industry leader in electrical engineering, a system integrator, solution provider, designer and manufacturer
Cooper Cameron - production equipment as BOPs, chokes, compressors and Xmas trees
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 35 13 33 00, Fax: (+171) 35 13 33 55
Houston, USA, America(North)
Cooper Cameron Corporation - provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds AS - products for hazardous areas, including intrinsically safe interface devices and field bus systems, lighting fixtures, centralised emergency light systems
Coordinated Equipment Company - testing services, used equipment and wire rope products to the maritime, petroleum, aerospace, construction
CoorsTek, Inc - custom engineering, materials expertise, operational excellence, and rapid execution
CoreLab - is a leading provider of proprietary and patented reservoir description
Cormon Ltd - offer subsea corrosion/erosion monitoring instrumentation consultancy and engineering
CORPORACIÓN Sidenor - special steels, forgings and castings, as well as one of the main manufacturers of drop forging pieces
Corrocean ASA - engineering and consultancy in the area of corrosion and erosion
Corrpro - corrosion and materials engineering and inspection and testing consultancy
Cortland Cable - Electro-Mechanical Cable and Synthetic Rope solutions for applications on, under, and out of this world
Cortland Fibron BX - wide range of cables, electromechanical cables, and umbilicals for subsea markets
Cosmo Oil - product range for the petrochemical business
Covalence Adhesives - leading manufacturer of quality, high performance tape and adhesive products
Coyote Energy Inc. - drilling equipment and supplies available from various sellers.
Craig Group IMS Ltd, - a complete range of mooring services from its international bases including rental, sale and management of mooring equipment and consultancy in mooring design
Craig Group Ltd - emergency response and standby vessels in the North Sea to chain inspection and certification in the Gulf of Mexico
Craig International Supplies - oilfield supply houses for the North Sea Oil & Gas sector
Cranesmart Systems Inc. - wireless crane safety equipment specialty manufacturer of Cranesmart load monitors, anti-2-block systems
CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. - manufacture equipment, sell and rent equipment, and subcontract pipeline construction services.
Crofton Uniacke House - is an independent consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our operations continue to be focused on supporting offshore exploration for Canada.
Cromar Limited - produce Well Service Equipment to stringent British Standards, SI-913, appropriate International standards (API-6A, NPD, DNV) and NACE specifications
Crosco Drilling - drilling and well services
Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - portable and fixed gas and fire detection equipment for offshore and industry
CryoAtlanta, Inc. - in-house pump training programs, we maintain an extensive spare parts inventory to ensure minimal downtime
CryoCanada, Inc. - The Right Choice for Repairs, Spares and Service
Cryogenic Industries, Inc. - marketing organization for a group of companies engineering, manufacturing and servicing equipment for the industrial gas and other industries worldwide
Cryoquip - leading fabricators of Cryogenic vaporizers and Industrial Gas equipment
Cryotank - joint venture between NCC Construction AS and Statoil ASA
Crystal Engineering Corporation - manufactures Digital Pressure Calibrators, Digital Pressure Gauges, multimeter pressure modules (MultiCals) and other pressure measuring equipment
CS Unitec - specializes in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for construction and industry
CSI Technologies INC - offers technical consulting and software development to operators of electrical generating stations and other process plants
CSL - delivers subsea developments from concept to completion for oil and gas companies worldwide
CTC Marine Projects - International subsea trenching and cable installation contractor, supporting construction and maintenance of offshore oil and gas production facilities
C-Tecnics Ltd - manufacturers of harsh environment apparatus but with an emphasis on equipment containing electronics for use underwater
CTES - modelling software and advanced measuring devices/data acquisition systems to the wireline, slickline, pumping services, drilling
CTG Ltd - design and manufacture of advanced composite material for high technology industries
CTour Process Systems AS - supplying technological solutions to the international offshore oil & gas and marine industry
CTS Container & Trailer Services Ltd - leading supplier of quality Container and Transport products and services
Cudd Pressure Control - coil tubing and well pressure control equipment
Cudd Pumping Services - well control/blowout services, snubbing, coiled tubing, wireline, nitrogen and marine services
Cudd Well Control - knowledgeable pool of well control specialists and engineers focus on their fields of expertise
Cuming Corporation - syntactic foam oil gas pipeline insulation and marine composite materials
Cummins Inc. - fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems
Curtiss-Wright Flow Control - for offshore and process applications, offers a wide range of safety valves, gate valves, and air-driven pumps and gas boosters
Custom Safety Products, Inc. - manufacture the original non-skid, positive traction pads for the different work areas on the rig floor
Cutting Underwater Technologies UK - key technologies within the Offshore Structure Management & Abandonment applications
CVS Controls Ltd. - Control Valves and Trim Actuators , Pressure Controllers , Regulators , Centrifuges , Chemical Injection Pumps
Cybernetix - intervention expertise is also used in advanced scientific and military applications such as deepwater oceanography and mine countermeasures.
Cyclotech - products include deoiling, desanding, wellhead desanding hydrocyclones which, with Sandscape slurry eductor,
Cygnus Instruments - develoment of the ultrasonic multiple echo technique used for material thickness measurement through coatings

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