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3P Services - inspection specialist for pipelines in the petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industries
P.T. Saga Trade Murni - manufacturers and suppliers of casing centralizers and related equipment
PAC Stainless, Ltd. - specializes in stainless steel pipe, stainless steel tubing, stainless steel fittings, and serving the stainless steel industry
PACS Industries, Inc - manufactured metalclad switchgear Circuit breaker elements, protective relays and other components
PacSeal Hydraulics Inc. - supplies industry with superior valves and regulators.
Pacson Limited - The company is a leading developer of valves for severe service and highly critical applications.
Paine Electronics, LLC - manufactured highly accurate, state-of-the-art pressure transducers
Pajak Engineering Ltd. - alberta drilling company, directional drilling, horizontal drilling, well site supervisor, wellsite supervisor, completions supervisor,
Palisade - developer of software and services for risk and decision analysis. Leading products include @RISK, the decision tools suite and NeuralTools
Pan Maritime Energy Services Inc. - supporting the Oil & Gas sector through project management & support engineering and innovative product development
Panametrics-NDT - portable ultrasonic testing equipment includes precision thickness gages, corrosion thickness gages, flaw detectors, pulser-receivers
Panduit Europe Ltd - cabling and communication products, delivering end-to-end solutions in support of demanding electrical and networking requirements
PanGeo Subsea Inc - specializing in acoustic 3D sub-bottom imaging techniques for risk mitigation in offshore exploration and development.
Paradigm - engaged in advanced geophysics and petrophysics (G&P) technology suite includes seismic data processing and imaging
Paragon Engineering Inc - engineering, consultancy, project management, and construction company
Parco, Inc - manufacturer to specialize in O-rings, still our primary product make custom molded rubber products
Parcol - manufacturer of control valves and steam conditioning equipment for industrial applications
Parker Drilling - drilling and rental tool services
Parker Maritime - positioning, bathymetric data acquisition, tidal observations, data processing and production of final charts
Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC), - a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC
Partnerplast AS - specialist in polyethylene plastic, rotational moulding and polyethylene constructions
Parveen Industries Pvt. Ltd - manufacture metallic conduits of electric cables
Pathfinder Energy Services - core business lies in Logging-while-drilling and Measurement-while-drilling Services, Directional Drilling Services and Down-hole Drilling Motors
Patriot Mechanical Handling, Inc. - Crane and hoist suppliers for the offshore petroleum industry offering hydraulic, and marine deck lifting cranes
Patterson Services, Inc - a provider of drill pipe, blowout preventers, and specialized rental tools
Patterson Tubular Services - Tubular, oilfield, inventory, inspections, handling, barge,
Pauluhn Electric Manufacturing, LLP - providing marine, offshore and industrial lighting products
PDVSA - Petroleos de Venezuela SA/CITGO - is responsible for the efficient, profitable, and dependable exploration, production, refining, transport and commerce of hydrocarbons.
Peak Well Solutions AS - certified casing suspension plugs and is rated number one in ISO - V0 certified casing cementing valves, gas tight annulus, and zonal isolation
Pegasus International Inc - field development, subsea and pipeline engineering consultants
PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) - develops all the productive chain of the industry, upstream, downstream and final product commercialization
Pem-Tech, Inc. - development and production of quality gas detection systems for petrochemical industries
Penn State Special Metals - heat treating, straightening, pickle clean, Outside diameter polishing, nondestructive test (eddy current and ultrasonic)
Penn United Carbide - manufacturer of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide components for use in demanding oil field and fluid handling applications
PennWell MAPSearch - information provider to the oil, gas, electric and related industries
Pentagon Freight Services - International Freight Forwarding Organisation
Pentair Filtration - filter housings, systems and cartridges increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.
Pentair, Inc. - products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water.
PEPCON Systems - systems for the control of noxious odors, the chlorination of sewage effluents, and the treatment of seawater to control the growth of marine organisms.
Pepperl+Fuchs GMBH - intrinsically safe systems (barriers, remote I/O systems, fieldbuses) and sensor technology
Perar - manufacturers and engineering of ball valves
Perenco - independent petroleum, exploration and production company
Permabond Engineering Adhesives - provider of adhesive solutions to industry world-wide
Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd - recognized provider of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems.
Pertamina - state-owned oil and gas company
PES UK Limited - provides technical expertise and services plus top brand materials and products to the construction and engineering industries for the installation and assembly of machinery.
Peter Brotherhood Ltd - designs and manufactures steam turbines, gas compressors, CHP systems, specialist gearboxes and special purpose machinery.
Petoro AS - create lasting value from oil and gas through commercial operations
Petro Artic - Supplier network for petroleum projects in the far north
Petro Kazakhstan - vertically, integrated, international energy company
Petrobaltic - exploration and extraction of oil and gas from the offshore deposits in Poland
Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd - Combines Canadian oil and gas operations with two CBM opportunities and 38 400 acres of oil sand leases
Petrobolt AB - Petroboltís mission is to achieve safe Bolting in offshore environments
Petrobras - brazilian integrated corporation whose business is oil and natural gas exploration, production
Contact: , Phone: (+5521) 25 34 12 95, Fax: (+5521) 25 34 37 61
Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, America(South)
PetroCanada - is a Canadian integrated oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 96 80 00, Fax: (+140) 32 96 30 30
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
PetroChina - is the largest oil/gas producer and distributor, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry in China
Petrodril - providing professional services, technical and corporate, to the petroleum and other energy related business.
PetroEDGE - Oil & Gas technical, strategy and management training solutions
Petrofac Facilities Management - Engineering & Construction, Engineering & Construction Ventures, Engineering Services, Offshore Engineering & Operations, Training, Production Solutions and Energy Developments
PetroJack ASA - the company has 3 identical jackup rigs
Petrolab Company - offers the largest and most complete combination of petrochemical and chemical test instrumentation and accessories in the world
Petrolia Drilling ASA - owns and charters drilling vessels for offshore, deepwater oil and gas exploration and development drilling
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) - is Malaysia's national petroleum corporation
Petrology Ltd - building oil and gas pipelines and systems
Petrolvalves - engineering and manufacturer of subsea gate and ball valves
Contact: , Phone: (+3902) 66 98 13 13, Fax: (+3902) 66 98 12 48
Milano, ITALY, Europe(South)
PetroMena AS - Ultra deepwater 6th generation drilling rigs
Petron Industries Inc - manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig instrumentation and control systems to the international oil and gas industry
Petronas - is Malaysia's national petroleum
Petropars - developer of exploration, exploitation and production in upstream, downstream and peripheral industries of oil and gas
PetroSA - exploring, producing, refining and marketing petroleum oil, gas and petrochemicals
Petrotech as - offers specialized fluid sampling, on-site analysis, metering and interpretation services dedicated to Reservoir and Process Engineering requirements
Petrotechnologies Inc - products and services for the completion of oil and gas wells include downhole small tube connector systems that are redundantly sealed
Petrovietnam - operations from oil and gas exploration and production
Petsec Energy - ncreasing oil and gas reserves through successful oil and gas exploration and acquisitions.
PGS Petroleum Geo-Services - exploration engineering, geology and seicmic subsurface imaging
Contact: , Phone: (+47) 67 52 66 00, Fax: (+47) 67 53 68 83
Lysaker, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Pharmadule Emtunga - is the world-leading supplier of high-tech modular facilities to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, living quarters and technical modules for the oil & gas industry
Phase Dynamics, Inc - is the leading supplier of Analyzers for the measurement of water and oil in the Petroleum Industry
Phaze Technologies as - highly reliable subsea instrumentation has been supplied to the oil & gas industry
PhDsoft - Simulation software for hull integrity and maintenance management of offshore rigs and ships.
Phillips Petroleum Company - exploration and production; gas gathering, processing and marketing
Phoegon Resources Ltd. - Oil drilling and completion chemicals supplier
Phoenix International Freight Services - multimodal logistics company with offices around the world
Photon Control INC - Optical gas flow meters: flare gas, natural gas, fuel gas, LNG. Optical steam flow and steam quality meters
PI Intervention AS - operation and maintenance of down-hole tools such as plugs, packers and straddles with associated running and pulling tools
Pibiviesse Spa - forgemaster expertise with the experience in valve design, manufacturing and marketing.
Pickhan Heavy Fabrication - Internationally acknowledged specialist for metal forming work. Transition pieces, cones and half pipes, special profiles
Piezo Technologies - complete piezoelectric ceramic and custom ultrasonic transducer, sensor and imaging solutions for applications and industries
Pigs Unlimited, Inc. - a leader and innovator of comprehensive pigging products and services
Pigtek Ltd - Innovative Pipeline Pigging Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry
Pileco, Inc - consult and service offerings that are capable of supporting clients worldwide.
Pilot Drilling Control - provides complete engineering & support manufacturing services
Pioneer Natural Resources Company - independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc - development and manufacturing of the highest quality measurement systems for oil and gas industry
Pipeline Engineering - provides pipeline pigs and a full range of products and services to assist pipeline cleaning, pipeline protection and flow assurance
Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc - manufacturer of Internal Pipeline Cleaners referred to in the trade as "Poly Pigs."
Pipeline Technique - International group of companies specialized in pipeline construction (double jointing, multi jointing, reeling, risers and offshore pipelay) in deepwater areas.
Pisys Limited - specialising in the creation and delivery of specialist software products and consultancy services
Plexus Ocean Systems Ltd - has developed and patented a method of engineering for oil and gas field wellheads and connectors, named POS GRIP
Plymouth Extruded Shapes - international tubing manufacturer operates a large network of metalworking mills in the United States.
PMI, Morgan City - provides oilfield contracting, management, contract operations, welding, sandblasting , environmental services
Point Eight Power - switchgear engineering and manufacturing
Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition - complex geological and geophysical research in Arctic, the world ocean and Antarctica, in inland reservoirs
PolyOil Ltd - modern plastics to everyday oilfield use by developing product with the pursuit of reducing friction and wear to yield higher tubular performance downhole.
Popham Walter Odusote - is a professional services company providing architecture, engineering, land and urban planning, interior design, and project management services
Poseidon Group AS - independent engineering company with its main focus on subsea developments
PowerWell Services - PowerWell Testing, Power Chokes, Petrotech, and Flarestack
PPL Marine Products - is the largest manufacturer of industrial polyurethane mouldings in the UK
PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd - current yard in Singapore having completed to date over thirty rigs of various types and sizes
PPSC Industrial Holdings Sdn Bhd - owns and operates two established pipe coating facilities in Malaysia
P-Quip Ltd - designs, manufactures and markets a range of patented mud pump fluid end assemblies
Praxair Surface Technologies Ltd - Advanced surface coatings to prevent wear, corrosion and erosion
Precision Tube Technology - manufactures coiled line pipe and downhole products for subsea and oil and gas drilling.
Predrill Stresses International - seismic software and interpretation
Premier Oil plc - independent oil and gas company
Contact: , Phone: (+4420) 77 30 11 11, Fax: (+4420) 77 30 46 96
London, UK, Europe(North)
Premier Oilfield Rentals - Specialist in oilfield equipment rental for more than 30 years, provides top quality drilling tools, OCTG and tubular handling equipment
Premier Oilfield Rentals Ltd - downhole, drilling, handling equipment, rig floor, pipe inspection and applications engineering.
Presens AS - develops and supplies pressure sensor solutions
Pressure Switches Inc. - well equipped CNC Manufacturing Facility
PREVCO Subsea Housings - specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, vent plugs, pressure relief valves and other accessories to meet all your underwater equipment needs
Pride International - is one of the world's largest offshore drilling companies with an increasing focus on deepwater and other high-specification drilling services
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 37 89 14 00, Fax: (+171) 37 89 14 30
Houston, USA, America(North)
Primus Processamento de Tubos S.A. - induction-heating technology to bend tubes and structural shapes for fabrication of spools, bends and elbows
Princetel - communication, fiber optic rotary joints
ProAnalysis AS - Oil-in-Water measurements by use of laser and oil droplet fluoresence
Proclad Group - is the world leader in the manufacture of internally clad pipeline pipes, fittings, flanges, vessels and well-head components
Proco Products, Inc. - expansion joints, fabric fan connectors, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets to the piping industry.
Pro-Dive Marine Services - diving and remotely operated vehicle services available
Profitek AS - expertise and capacity in electrical, instrumentation, automation, and telecommunications
Promac AS - sale and rental of high/ultra high-pressure pumps and systems for use both on land and offshore
Promet AS - delivers products to industries both on land and offshore
Promoor Limited - offer expert impartial advice on mooring related issues covering all offshore and marine industry sectors
Pronal S.A - manufactures flexible products made from elastomer, plastomer and composite
Propak Systems Ltd. - Engineering/Process Development Technology Field Construction, Commissioning and Start Up
ProPure AS - providing technical services and equipment
Prosafe - leading and innovative supplier of products and services in selected niches of the global oil and gas industry.
Contact: Arne Austreid, Phone: 47 51 64 25 00, Fax: 47 51 64 25 01
Stavanger, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Prosafe ASA - production drilling, owner and operator of accommodation/service rigs and FPSOs/FSOs
Contact: Karine Cosemans, Phone: (+47) 51 64 25 00, Fax: (+47) 51 64 25 01
Tananger, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Proserv AS - supplier of specialised high pressure equipment and associated services
ProservAnchor Crane Group - manufacturer of overhead cranes & hoist
Prospect - Engineering and project services from concept to operation and beyond
Providence Resources Plc - international upstream oil and gas company
Prysmian Cables & Systems - innovation driver in all major Energy and Telecom cables business activities.
PS Fabricators & Constructors, LLC. - project management, fabrication, welding, and service company that has specialized in construction services in the pipeline
PSL Energy Services Limited - solutions for well services, process, pipeline and excavation contracts.
PSRG Inc. - Process Safety Management, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, and Process Plant Reliability solutions to the refining, gas processing, petrochemical
PT Petrotech - has capabilities to support the client in upfront engineering till completion and start up of well partial equipment
PTT Exploration and Production - a national petroleum exploration and production company
Puget Sound Rope - Ropes, Cordage, synthetic ropes, fiber ropes, synthetic tow leaders, winches
Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd. - non-contacting level measurement instrument manufacturers worldwide.
Punj Lloyd Ltd - one of the largest engineering construction companies in India providing integrated design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management
PV Drilling - services to include drilling, manpower provision, well services, tubular inspection and other activities related to a drilling campaign.
PV Inspection Services Limited - management, inspection and technical services to a variety of industrial sectors including the oil and gas industry.

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