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T. D. Williamson - pigging, pipeline pigs and related equipment, pipe services
T. H. Hill Associates, Inc. - technical drilling engineering and quality management and training services
T3 Energy Services, Inc. - manufacture, remanufacture, and distribution of oilfield products and services to the oil and gas industry
Talburg Oil & Gas Consultants - Offshore construction consultants - Pipelay, diving & platform installation
TALENTI CO., LTD. - Oil drilling and completion chemicals supplier
Talisman Energy Inc. - is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 37 12 34, Fax: (+140) 32 37 19 02
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
TALON Technical Sales - physical Measurement (Temperature, Pressure, Force/Weight, Torque, Flow, Moisture, Vibration, Level and Gas Detection), Signal Conditioning, Indication, Data Acquisition (Hardware & Software)
TAM International, Inc. - manufactures and services one of the widest ranges of inflatable Casing Annulus Packers (CAP™) and accessories
Tamrotor Marine Compressors - screw compressors, dryers and filters for any demand of compressed air, including oil-free air
Tangram Technology Pte Ltd - Torque Turn Computer Control Monitoring Systems
TAQA - ownstream, midstream and upstream energy company
TDW Offshore Services AS - pipeline equipment and services and delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications.
TEA Group - provides engineering and consulting services for the Petroleum and Process Industry
Team Industrial Services - engineering design and manufacturing facility provides industry with the world’s finest leak sealing and hot tapping hardware, sealants
Techni - sensor systems and special tools, subsea, downhole and topside
Technical Industries, Inc. - full function full length ultrasonic pipe inspection system
Technip - constructs drilling, production, petroleum engineering
Contact: , Phone: (+331) 47 78 21 21, Fax:
Paris, FRANCE, Europe(South)
Techno Dive AS - underwater construction company, specializing in work on oil rigs and ships
Techno Fysica BV - specialises in customised design of state-of-the-art sensors, systems and software
Technocean - is an offshore subsea IMR, survey and light construction support contractor
Technofast International - Specially designed tensioners to speed up the tensioning of clamp bolts
Technogenia SA - reducing the cost of servicing, maintenance and wear for its many customers around the world.
Technor AS - manufacturer and supplier of customised electro-mechanical and instrumentation products for hazardous areas (Ex certified)
Technor Atex SA - Supplies the offshore, chemical and petrochemical markets with a complete range of electrical products for installation in hazardous areas
Tecnoconsult - multidisciplinary company engaged in engineering
Tecnomare S.p.A. - specialises in providing a complete range of offshore design and engineering services
Teco Maritime - is a specialist supplier of competence based technical services to the maritime industry
Tecwel - Develops and manufactures logging and workover tools based on active and passive acoustics
Teekay Petrojarl - owns and operates four FPSOs in UK and Norwegian waters
Teekay Shipping - marine link in the global energy supply chain, serving the world's leading oil and gas companies
Teikoku Oil - japan oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline
Tekmar UK Limited - builders of Tether management systems, deployment systems (LARS) and Module Handling Systems
Tek-Rap Inc. - manufactures a series of coating systems, which are used to protect the exterior of pipelines and fittings against corrosion.
Teledyne Analytical - design and manufacturing of high quality gas and liquid analyzers
Teledyne Impulse - highest quality connectors and cable assemblies
Teledyne RD Instruments - environmental monitoring and acoustic Doppler instruments solutions
Temet Instruments OY - development and manufacturing of industrial FT-IR multicomponent gas analysers
Tenaris - seamless steel drill pipe tubulars, casing tubing
Tentec Limited - innovative designer of bolt tensioning/tightening equipment with a high level of focus on quality
Teresols Oil & Gas - Outsourcing, OCTG, Rig sourcing, valves and contracts procurement
Terresolve Technologies Ltd. - environmentally preferable alternative solution to petrol-based oils in industrial and consumer applications
TESCO Corporation - global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry
Tesco Drilling - patented casing drilling technology
Tesso Treating Chemicals - providing specialty chemicals and additives which finds their wide range applications in the Oil and Gas industries as well as in Petrochemical industries
TEST Automation & Controls (Harvey) - engineered systems solutions to independents, majors, specialty contractors, and engineering consultants
TETRA Technologies Inc. - manufactures integrated calcium chloride and brominated products,
Tetralene Elastomer Incorporated (TEI) - engineering design services, compound testing and manufacturers a wide range of custom molded elastomeric seals, packing and components
Tetralene Incorporated - machines custom high performance thermoplastic components and manufactures custom spring energized seals
Texaco - finds and produces LNG, crude oil and natural gas
Tex-A-Draulics, Inc. - system design and manufacturing, service and repair, and a complete product line of hydraulic and pneumatic hose and fitting
Texas First Industrial Corp., - engineering, design, manufacture and marketing of oilfield drilling equipment and complete drilling rig packages
Texas Nameplate Company, Inc - manufactures high quality nameplates, identification tags, name plate tag, custom labels for high-pressure valves
Texas Oil Tools - design and manufacture pressure control equipment for the coiled tubing and wireline market
Texas Systems & Controls - global provider of custom skid-mounted systems each engineered to our customer’s exact requirements.
Texma Petroleum Machinery - specializes in the development of mud pump fluid end expendables to customers all over the world
TFE Company, Inc. - manufactures custom molded and fabricated plastics
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical - consultancy geophysical seismic data and associated products
ThaiOil - modern processing technologies to produce petroleum products
The Bayou Companies, LLC - services and products span from the industry standard FBE coatings to complex deepwater insulations, SCR welding capabilities
The Bayou Companies, LLC - pipeline coating and pre-fabrication facility in the Gulf region
The Bluestream Group - Subsea contractors - Diving and ROV services
The Crosby Group, Inc. - accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry with the highest levels of quality control available
The Double Life Corporation, Inc. - specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of solids control components and centrifugal pumps.
The Engineering Business Limited - designs, builds and supplies, elegant engineering solutions for the offshore oil and gas, submarine telecom
The Ex Zone - supplies a wide range of advanced explosion protected equipment
The Forsyth Group - fabrication sites included segregated Clean Shop for the storage and manufacture of exotic alloys
The Geotechnical Group, Inc. - experienced geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, chemists and earth scientists
The HYDRA Group - manufacturer and supplier of marine and diving equipment
The Korea National Oil Corporation - recognized national oil corporation
The Lee Company - Manufacturer of miniature, precision fluid control products for down-hole oil tools, sub-sea systems and other critical areas.
The Leeds Valve Company Ltd. - in the manufacture and design of butterfly control & isolation valves
The Lincoln Electric Company - manufacture of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment
The Meter and Valve Company - a manufacturer's representative and stocking distributor
The Motor Company Inc. - Canadian company providing Drilling Motor Solutions.
The Okonite Company - insulators of electrical wire and cable
The Pipe Line Development Company - manufactures pipe line repair and maintenance fittings
The REACH Group - specializes in the implementation of Performance Improvement programs for industry
The Sherwin-Williams Company - producer of paints and coatings
The Thomson Corporation - leading global provider of integrated information-based solutions to business and professional customers.
The Timken Company - engineered bearings, alloy steels and related products and services
Thermion Inc. - designing and manufacturing Metalizing or Twin Wire Arc Spray systems
Thermomess - manufacturing high quality ball valves (floating or trunnion mounted; soft or metal seated) and cryogenic valves
Thermotite - deepwater solutions for flow assurance on flowlines and riser pipes. High-efficiency thermal insulation and buoyancy systems
Thompson Valves Ltd - manufactures hazardous area Maxseal solenoid valves, IVP pressure regulators and Ashford bellows-sealed globe valves
Thru Tubing Solutions - complete line of snubbing and thru tubing tools including a patented sealed bearing mud motor
Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc - manufactures heavy duty commercial marine propulsion equipment, including deck-mounted propulsion units
Thule Drilling ASA - build and operate rigs
ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH - pipes and pipe accessories, rolled and high-grade steel as well as trading in new and used industrial plants, machine tools, replacement parts and constructional elements for hydraulic engineering
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems - head shipyard of the shipbuilding companies within ThyssenKrupp Group
Tianjin Lilin Machinery Group Co. - produce petroleum machinery equipment, petrochemical machinery equipment and tools
Tidewater - operates the world's largest fleet serving the international offshore energy industry
Contact: , Phone: (+150) 45 68 10 10, Fax: (+150) 45 66 45 82
New Orleans, USA, America(North)
TIMCAL Graphite & Carbon Inc. - drilling fluids and graphite powder solutions
Timken Alloy Steel Europe Ltd. - high-quality alloy steels
Timken Latrobe Steel - specialty steel maker offering more than 300 grades of high-speed, tool and die, high-strength, corrosion-resistant and bearing steels.
TIS Manufacturing - design, manufacture and service, Oilfield Well Service Equipment
Titan Specialties - manufacturing of perforating systems, hardware and logging instruments
Titan Technologies International, Inc. - hydraulic and pneumatic bolting fasteners products
Titan Technologies International, Inc. - bolting solutions provider committed to offering the most reliable and comprehensive bolting solutions world wide
Titanium Engineers, Inc. - stainless steel alloys producing both tubular and machined components
Titanium Industries, Inc. - leading, global titanium mill products distributor
TMT Labs - cable and rope testing and analysis
Tobul Accumulator, Inc. - larger and higher pressure accumulators.'
TODCO - is a U.S. domiciled oil and gas drilling contractor headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Toll Energy - services Australia’s oil and gas industry with fully integrated land and marine logistics solutions
Tomax AS - specialist on oil well drilling technology with focus on elimination of stick-slip and related drillstring
Tormatic AS - A supplier of measuring instruments for automation, processing, calibration, electronic and Ex-protected equipment
Torp - specializing in the development and industrialization of oil & gas related technology
Torque Tension International AS - Offers expertise in bolting technology and tools to perform a leak-free joint
Total - major integrated oil and gas exploration corporation
Contact: , Phone: (+331) 47 44 45 46, Fax: (+331) 47 44 78 78
Courbevoie, FRANCE, Europe(South)
Total Safety U.S., Inc. - safety needs of the oil and gas industry, worldwide.
Total Waste Management Alliance PLC - specialises in offshore and onshore cuttings handling, cuttings processing, oily water treatment, pit cleaning, drill cuttings containment
Trac International Ltd - specialist access, engineering, maintenance and inspection services to the major industry sectors oil & gas
Tracerco - process diagnostics services and specialist measurement solutions to the world’s process industries
Transmark Fcx - international distributor in valves, instrumentation and ancillary flow control equipment,
Transocean - the world's largest offshore well services drilling company
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 32 32 75 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)
Trefileurope - ArcelorMittal is the world's number one steel company, with over 326,000 employees in more than 60 countries.
Trelleborg Bakker BV - among the leading companies in the field of technical rubber products.
Trelleborg CRP Inc. - global industrial group whose leading positions are based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications
Trelleborg CRP Ltd - designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.
Trelleborg Hercules Pte Ltd - providing polymer solutions for the build-up of infrastructure and construction, and the offshore oil and gas industries.
Trelleborg Industrie - most extensive industrial hoses offer on the market
Trelleborg OCP Ltd - design and manufacture cable protection products
Trelleborg Offshore - applications range from subsea mooring and support solutions to ROV/AUV buoyancy.
Trelleborg Orkot - manufacturer and supplier of bearings to the shipping and marine industries
Trelleborg Viking AS - anti-corrosion, fire and thermal protection, together with moulded products for cars and cooling hoses for engines
Tri Tool Inc. - producer of pipe beveling machines and portable machine tools.
Trico Marine - leading provider of marine support vessels to the offshore oil and gas industry
Triconex - supply of products, systems and services for safety, critical control and turbo machinery applications
Trident Consultants - consultancy of risk analysis, HSE and petroleum engineering
Trident Offshore LTD - specialist marine contractors and consultants to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Triple S Steel Supply - national distributor of structural steel, ornamental iron, welding supplies, and hardware.
Triplefast International Ltd - high integrity, fully traceable threaded fasteners for the oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and heavy engineering industries.
Triplex AS - Triplex anchorhandling equipment (shark jaw and guide pins)
Tri-Star Industries Pte Ltd - manufacture fluoropolymer coated bolts and nuts, cable support and management system and cathodic protection products
Tritech International Ltd - provision of sensors and tools for ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
Triton Engineering Services Company - outsource engineering and operations companies by consistently applying effective management techniques
TSB Bearings Group - supplier of quality engineering and bearing products
TSC Manufacturing & Supply Co. - manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig related equipment and supplies
TTS Marine ASA - is an international technology-based company, supplying handling equipment to the marine and offshore industry
Tubacex America Inc. - Manufacture SEAMLESS Nickel Alloy, Duplex/Super-Duplex OCTG, Hollow Bars
Tube Developments - warehouse with oilfield products on stock
Tube Supply Inc. - offer a complete line of sizes, grades and services including heat treating, boring, honing, cutting and machine work
Tube Works VSMPO-AVISMA - production of titanium alloy tubes. Unique anticorrosion properties of this alloy and its hostile environment tolerance
Tube-Mac Industries Ltd. - providing complete design, manufacture and installation of various piping/tubing systems.
Tubos Reunidos - seamless piping and pipe manufacturing
Tubular Instrumentation & Controls - a service company specializing in various stainless steel tubing and hose installations related to the gas and oil industry.
Tubular Perforating Manufacturing, Ltd - supplying oilfield perforated tubing used for sand control assemblies
Tullow Oil - independant oil and gas production
Tulsa Power LLC - designs and builds a wide range of material-handling solutions
Tungum Limited - tubing and pipework systems supplier
TUV NEL - leading provider of services, solutions and technology
TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH - consultancy, inspections, tests and expert opinions as well as certification and training
Twister BV - offers innovative gas processing solutions
Tyco Valves & Controls Norway - valves, actuators, controls and instrumentation

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