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List of Oil and Gas Companies in America(north)

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Cameron - is a leading international manufacturer of oil and gas pressure control equipment, including valves, wellheads, controls, chokes, blowout preventers and assembled systems for oil and gas drilling
Contact: Sheldon R. Erikson, Phone: 1 713-513-3300, Fax: 1 713-513-3456
Houston, USA, America(North)

ConocoPhillips - an international, integrated oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Ensco - a premier global offshore oil and gas drilling contractor
Contact: , Phone: (+121) 43 97 30 00, Fax: (+180) 04 23 80 06
Dallas, USA, America(North)

FMC Technologies Subsea Systems - The world's leading supplier of subsea production systems.
Contact: , Phone: +281 591 4000, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Schlumberger Oilfield Services - supplier of services and technology to the international petroleum industry
Contact: , Phone: (+121) 23 50 94 00, Fax: (+121) 23 50 94 57
New York, USA, America(North)

Shell Oil Company - is one of the largest major oil and natural gas companies
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 32 41 61 61, Fax: (+171) 32 41 40 44
Houston, USA, America(North)

Baker Hughes Inc - consultancy and engineering in oilfield drilling services
Contact: Gary Flaharty, Phone: (+171) 34 39 86 00, Fax: (+171) 34 39 86 99
Houston, USA, America(North)

Baker Oil Tools - well drilling services, completion, downhole, workover and fishing tools
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 34 66 13 22, Fax: (+171) 34 66 25 02
Houston, USA, America(North)

BJ Services - cementing, drilling, coil tubing, casing and other oilfield well services
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 34 62 42 39, Fax: (+171) 38 95 58 98
Houston, USA, America(North)

Chevron Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production operations around the world
Contact: , Phone: +1 925-842-1000, Fax:
San Ramon, USA, America(North)

ChevronTexaco - among the world's largest global energy companies
Contact: , Phone: (+141) 58 94 77 00, Fax:
San Francisco, USA, America(North)

Conoco Inc - integrated oil company explores for oil and gas production
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax: (+128) 12 93 14 40
Houston, USA, America(North)

Cooper Cameron - production equipment as BOPs, chokes, compressors and Xmas trees
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 35 13 33 00, Fax: (+171) 35 13 33 55
Houston, USA, America(North)

Diamond Offshore - leading deepwater offshore subsea well drilling contractor
Contact: , Phone: (+180) 08 48 19 80, Fax: (+128) 14 92 53 78
Houston, USA, America(North)

Exxon Mobil Corporation - world's premier oil, natural gas, LNG and petroleum products company
Contact: , Phone: , Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Halliburton - cementing, seismic and oil and gas products Houston
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 32 43 41 21, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Hess Corporation - independent oil gas exploration services and processing company
Contact: , Phone: (+121) 29 97 85 00, Fax:
New York, USA, America(North)

JP Kenny - subsea system and oil gas pipeline engineering company, maps and data
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 16 75 10 00, Fax: (+128) 16 46 98 27
Houston, USA, America(North)

McDermott International - energy services, providing engineering, consultancy and project management
Contact: , Phone: (+150) 45 87 44 11, Fax: (+150) 45 87 61 53
New Orleans, USA, America(North)

National Oilwell - downhole completion tools used in oil and gas drilling and production
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 33 46 75 00, Fax: (+171) 34 35 21 95
Houston, USA, America(North)

Nexen - is a Canadian-based, global oil gas petroleum company
Contact: , Phone: 403-699-4000, Fax: 403-699-5800
Alberta, CANADA, America(North)

Noble Drilling - one of the largest offshore drilling contractors
Contact: , Phone: +1 281-276-6100, Fax: +1 281-276-6464
Sugarland, USA, America(North)

Oceaneering International - remote intervention ROV, marine and mechanical engineering
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 33 29 45 00, Fax: (+171) 33 29 49 51
Houston, USA, America(North)

Oil States Industries - engineering solutions for pipeline, drilling, production, and structural projects
Contact: , Phone: (+181) 74 68 14 00, Fax: (+181) 74 68 62 50
Arlington, USA, America(North)

PetroCanada - is a Canadian integrated oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 96 80 00, Fax: (+140) 32 96 30 30
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)

Pride International - is one of the world's largest offshore drilling companies with an increasing focus on deepwater and other high-specification drilling services
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 37 89 14 00, Fax: (+171) 37 89 14 30
Houston, USA, America(North)

Schlumberger - our real-time technology services and solutions enable customers to translate acquired data into useful information
Contact: Andrew Gould, Phone: 1 281 285 8500, Fax: 1 281 285 8548
Sugar Land, USA, America(North)

Subsea Solutions - providing subsea technical support services to operators and drilling contractors
Contact: , Phone: 1-281-398-3317, Fax: 1-281-206-8083
Houston, USA, America(North)

Talisman Energy Inc. - is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 37 12 34, Fax: (+140) 32 37 19 02
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)

Tidewater - operates the world's largest fleet serving the international offshore energy industry
Contact: , Phone: (+150) 45 68 10 10, Fax: (+150) 45 66 45 82
New Orleans, USA, America(North)

Transocean - the world's largest offshore well services drilling company
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 32 32 75 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Weatherford International - supplier of downhole and completion tools
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 36 93 40 00, Fax: (+171) 36 93 48 02
Houston, USA, America(North)

Songa Offshore - two semisubmersibles, Mata Redonda and La Muralla
Contact: Robert J. Scott, Phone: +1 713-715-1220, Fax: +1 713-715-1230
Houston, USA, America(North)

Argus Subsea - revolutionary new subsea tree
Baker Atlas - Advanced Well Logging, Wireline and Completion Systems
Baker Hughes Incorporated - providing products and services to international oil companies, independent oil and gas companies and national oil companies
Baker Hughes INTEQ - directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD), coring systems and well-site information management service
Dresser-Rand - leading supplier of production equipment as compressors and separators
Flotation Technologies - design, engineering, and manufacture of deepwater buoyancy systems, specializing in high-strength Flotec™ syntactic foam and polyurethane elastomer products.
Fugro Chance Inc - wide range of marine survey services and engineering solutions utilizing the latest technology
Grant Prideco - drill pipe, tubulars and other drill stem products
Hughes Christensen - drill bits - innovative and technically advanced drill bit manufacturer
Husky Energy - is one of Canada's largest energy and energy-related companies
Kerr-McGee - is one of the largest U.S.-based independent crude oil exploration and production companies
M-I SWACO - providing drilling, drill-in and completion fluids and services. Production chemicals. Solids control equipment, pressure control equipment
Mustang Engineering - field development, pipeline and structural engineering
Oil States Special Products - involved in the offshore structural construction industry since its incorporation in 1979
Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd - recognized provider of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems.
Schilling Robotics, LLC - providing the widest range of subsea vehicles, vehicle components, and control systems available from a single source,
Seawell Limited - platform drilling, drilling facility engineering, modular rig, well intervention and oilfield technologies
Tesco Drilling - patented casing drilling technology
Varco International - coil tubing, drilling machinery and solids control
Amphenol Fiber Systems International - is a full service fiber optic company specializing in the fabrication and manufacture of fiber optic connectivity products and systems
Anadarko Petroleum - one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies
Axxis Drilling - operate drilling barges
Bilco Tools Inc - the industry with a full line of CRA make-up and handling equipment
Caddis Drilling Services - solids control and well control equipment manufacturer and supplier
Challenger Minerals Inc. - screener of oil and gas prospects in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea
Commercial Coating Services International, Ltd. - industry leader in corrosion protection
Concentric Pipe & Tool Rental - involved in remedial/workover, snubbing, and gravel/frac pack operatioins critical deepwater completions jobs
CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. - manufacture equipment, sell and rent equipment, and subcontract pipeline construction services.
Cudd Pressure Control - coil tubing and well pressure control equipment
CVS Controls Ltd. - Control Valves and Trim Actuators , Pressure Controllers , Regulators , Centrifuges , Chemical Injection Pumps
Deepsea Power & Lights - standard products are rigorously designed to perform in the harsh marine environment, from wet/dry surface applications to full ocean depth deployments
EP-Team - provider of Global Logistics’ Management Services
HB Rentals - providing Audio-Visual, Video and Audio rental equipment and services
International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) - design and development of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Kosmos Energy - is a privately held international oil exploration and production company with a focus in Africa.
Krohne Oil & Gas BV - flow and level metering in the oil and gas industry
MIB Engineers - is a registered engineering and design company with a world class experience base and local industry knowledge
MSI Oilfield Products - market leader in OCTG thread protectors and pipe protection products
Oilexco Inc - exploration and production company
Parker Drilling - drilling and rental tool services
Safeguard Technology Inc - effective anti slip protection and fall prevention technology
SeaBird Exploration Americas Inc. - is a global provider of marine 2D and 3D seismic data
Sundyne Corporation - designs, manufactures and supports industrial pump and compressor products for the process fluid and gas industries
SURF Subsea, Inc. - is a worldwide provider of deepwater construction services and solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry.
Swagelok - couplers, lines and fittings system components manufacturer
Tri Tool Inc. - producer of pipe beveling machines and portable machine tools.
Apache Corporation - is an independent energy company that explores for, develops and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids
C & C Technologies - nternational surveying and mapping company specializing in deepwater services
Cal Dive International - subsea construction, underwater diving services
Deep Down Inc - designers and manufacturers of subsea, surface, and offshore rig equipment in deep-water exploration and production of oil and gas worldwide
Delmar - offshore mooring, providing the safest, most efficient mooring solutions for the oil and gas industry.
FS Precision Tech - Manufacturer of net-shape titanium and stainless steel investment castings
Haskel International Inc - BuTech, the broadest valve, fitting and tubing line offers cone and thread connections and expert custom engineering for applications and pressures from vacuum to 150,000 PSI (10,340 bar)
Hydril Pressure Control - manufacturers of tubulars as casing, drill pipe and tubing
Master Flo Valve Inc. - manufacturer of subsea choke valves, specialty control valve, and subsea pig ball valve
OPE Inc - engineering and project management services
Rowan Companies - offshore contract drilling, workover and well services
Sonsub - remotely operated vehicles ROV and tooling systems
Superior Energy Services - is a leading provider of specialized oilfield services and equipment
Teledyne RD Instruments - environmental monitoring and acoustic Doppler instruments solutions
United States Steel Corporation - offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of tubular products and services
VetcoGray - wellheads, Xmas trees, BOPs and subsea and topside systems
Epic Integrated Solutions - providing global services in the Oil and Gas sector with industry leading training/competency assurance, operations/maintenance documentation
MIB Technical Solutions, Inc. - engineering and design expertise to Oil and Gas companies
Offshore Clamp and Protector Technologies Inc - Manufacturer of Umbilical Clamps used in the completion and work over stage. Manufacturer of Protectors used to protect equipment during shipping and storage.
Lokring Technology - Manufacturer and Distributor of Leak-Free Code Equivalent Fittings without the headaches of "Hot Work" weld products
Momentum Chemical, LLC - Specialty coatings and chemicals used in molding operations including oil and gas, tire,
Sloan Mason Insurance Services - Specialty insurance broker for oil and gas industry
Nabors Industries Ltd - workover and well services drilling rigs worldwide
AIMS International, Inc. - design and installation of Corrosion Resistant composite structures and systems
Alliance Engineering - develop and transport their oil and gas resources safely, efficiently and profitably
Altra Industrial Motion - leading global supplier of quality power transmission and motion control products
AMETEK U.S. Gauge - leading suppliers of high quality, competitively priced pressure and temperature measurement products
AMICO - Klemp - manufacture an extensive line of bar gratings, including welded, riveted, swage-locked and press-locked grating
Applied Rubber Technology - specialist supplier of rubber linings for process plant
Atlantic Towing Limited - Specializing in Offshore Support Vessels, Anchor Handling, Ocean and Coastal Towage
Beacon Maritime, Inc. - vessels and marine fabrication projects
Blake Offshore LLC - provides offshore drilling, completion and work over services as well as providing mobile offshore production units
Crofton Uniacke House - is an independent consulting firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our operations continue to be focused on supporting offshore exploration for Canada.
Deepwater Corrosion Services Inc. - a full-service offshore corrosion control company, supplying the oil and gas industry with expertise in cathodic protection and anti-corrosion consulting
Dragados Offshore, S.A. - jackets (supports of platforms for crude extraction), turrets, decks, process, accommodation and FPSO modules, semi-submersibles, mooring buoys, modular plants, industrial equipment, etc.
ELF Engineering - expertise in ring cores and precision windings
Expo Technologies, Inc. - computer-aided design (CAD), roviding creative, cost effective solutions, high quality stainless steel work
Faro Technologies - software and portable, computerized measurement devices, allow manufacturers to perform 3-D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor
Fibergrate Composite Structures - manufacturer of the Chemgrate® and Fibergrate® brands, is the inventor and world's leader in molded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating.
FloaTEC, LLC - deepwater floating production systems (FPS).
Fluid Systems, Incorporated - distributor/representative for pump and filtration equipment
Freeman & Curiel Engineers - full service engineering company
GAI-Tronics - focused on the communication needs of the world’s industrial markets
Gaumer Process Heaters - supplier of electric industrial heaters, heating systems, and controls to the process industries
Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. - world class products such as pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.
Global Thermoelectric Inc. - supplier of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and one of the world’s leading suppliers of remote power systems
Gulf Engine & Equipment, Inc. - industrial engine distributor and engine packager that specializes in engine applications below 200 hp
Gulf Island Fabrication, Inc. - a fabricator of offshore drilling and production platforms
High Pressure Equipment Company - providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications, high pressure valves and fittings
Houston Offshore Engineering, LLC - engineering services to support offshore oil and gas developments range from conceptual studies to detailed design and fabrication support
Impact Selector Inc. - manufactures, rents, and leases mechanical impact tools for open-hole and cased-hole wireline operations
Innov - X Systems Inc. - portable analyzers x-ray tube-based portable XRF
International Grating Inc. - manufacturer for fiberglass grating and structural systems
Jogler, Inc. - Level Gages to determine the level of liquid in a tank or vessel
Jordan Valve - manufacturer of pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves
Kaydon Corporation - bearing systems and components and filters and filter housings, but also custom rings, shaft seals, specialty retaining rings
Kontron America - designs and manufactures embedded computer systems
Leirvik Beacon Offshore - quality design and construction of steel and aluminum living quarters
Maverick Tube - products and services for the drilling, completion, and production cycles of oil and natural gas.
Milton Roy - manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps and related equipment that handles a wide variety of fluids.
Myers - double-acting hand pumps that delivered water on both the up and down strokes
Noble Corporation - one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world today
Petrolab Company - offers the largest and most complete combination of petrochemical and chemical test instrumentation and accessories in the world
Phoenix International Freight Services - multimodal logistics company with offices around the world
Technical Industries, Inc. - full function full length ultrasonic pipe inspection system
The Bayou Companies, LLC - pipeline coating and pre-fabrication facility in the Gulf region
The Lee Company - Manufacturer of miniature, precision fluid control products for down-hole oil tools, sub-sea systems and other critical areas.
TIMCAL Graphite & Carbon Inc. - drilling fluids and graphite powder solutions
3M Oil & Gas Business - serves the global oil and gas industry with a broad range of products and services
4 Star Hose & Supply, Inc. - a leading supplier of hose and fittings
A2D Technologies - capabilities for petroleum well logging services
AB Controls & Technology Ltd - designer and manufacturer of fire safety and Appello emergency incident communications systems
Abbeville Offshore Quarters, Inc. - leader in providing comfort and safety in offshore living quarters.
ABS Group of Companies - contribute to the creation of a safe and environmentally friendly world through the provision of services that reach all sectors of business, industry and government.
Access Oil Tools - pipe handling tools and auxiliary equipment
Accumulators - extensive line of hydro-pneumatic accumulators
Aceco Valve Inc. - manufactures manifold valves for use in offshore and inland production manifold and high-pressure flowline applications
Aceunico - product line was primarily customized work coveralls along with work shirts and pants
ACS Separations & Mass-Transfer Products - developing separations technology by providing high performance engineered product
Adalet - explosion-proof and flameproof enclosures and fittings for hazardous and non-hazardous environment markets
Adalet Wireless - is a leading manufacturer of industrial wireless systems.
Advanced Designs Corp. - Doppler Weather Radar, Weather Radar, Doppler Radar, radar, Doppler, Weather Data Display, data display, weather,
Advanced Geotechnology Inc. - geoscience, geology seismic and software development
Advanced Valve Technology - is the world leader in applying reinforced composite technologies to ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and other related products
Aera Energy LLC - oil and gas producer
Aerospace & Marine International - weather services to the maritime industry
AES American Energy Services Inc. - widest product line of any valve manufacturer in the world
Agar Corporation - innovative hydrocarbon/water/gas measurement and control devices for the up/down stream Oil industry
Agar Corporation Inc. - monitoring instrumentation as flowmeters
AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc. - one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass, electronic displays, and chemical products.
Air Chiller, Inc. - Portable cooling systems and misters
Air Starter Components, Inc. - manufacturer and distributor of premium quality air starter replacement parts and starters.
AirCo Metals Limited - specialising in the supply of titanium and nickel alloys in all semi finished forms
AKITA Drilling ltd. - is a premier oil and gas drilling and well servicing contractor
Alberta Research Council - perform contract research and development, we license our intellectual property, and we partner in ventures aligned with our strategic direction
Alco Valves Ltd (USA & Canada) - manufacture a complete range of high-pressure valves for instrumentation, pipeline and Sub Sea applications.
Alcoa Oil & Gas - a wide range of metals including aluminum, titanium, nickel based “super” alloys, steel and stainless steel
Alexander/Ryan Marine & Safety Co. - provides inspection, repair, refurbishment, field services, and certification services for a variety of equipment systems
Algor, Inc. - industry-standard sparse solvers for linear dynamic analysis, static stress analysis and MES
Alkota Cleaning Systems Inc. - high pressure washers, parts cleaners, wastewater treatment systems, powerful detergents
Allamon Tool Company inc - drilling, workover and completion equipment
Allegheny Ludlum - one of the largest speciality metal producers for corrsion-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloys in the world in the form of plate and strip
Alliance Marine Services - independent organization, offering customized marine services to the maritime and offshore industries.
Alloy Screen Works - leading independent manufacturer of premium screen filtration devices
All-Pro Fasteners Inc. - complete line of bolts, nuts,washers, screws and fastener related components
Allseas - major offshore pipelay and subsea construction companies in the world, operating specialised vessels
Alpha Sim Technology - supplier of customized software solutions to the Petroleum Refining, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper and Information Technology industry
Alpha Wells - knowledge needed to create better wells in an easy to use continuous learning process.
Alstom Power UK - is the world leder in hydroelectric equipment, combined-cycle electric power plants, energy production services and environmental control systems
Ambox Ltd. - metal working services to meet diverse requirements specialize in taking complex products from prototyping through full-scale production
AMEC Black & McDonald - electrical, mechanical, utility, and maintenance
AMEC Paragon - one of the leading project management, engineering services and asset management organizations
Amercable - manufacturer of flexible electrical power and control umbilical cables
Amercable Systems - specializes in precision engineered, ready-to-use cable assemblies for complex oil and gas applications and portable power generation
American Alloy Steel - alloy and carbon steel plate, precision flame cut steel plate shapes and pattern
American Block MFG - travelling blocks (up to 1 000 tonnes), hammer union, swivel joints, pressure gauges, rotary tables and repair of mud pumps, blocks, swivels and so forth
American Cleaning Systems Inc. - selling and servicing steam cleaners and pressure washers stock parts for all makes and models of pressure washers
American Grating LLC - manufactures Molded, Pultruded and Phenolic fiberglass grating for industrial use
American Industrial Plastics, Inc. - is a full service CNC plastics machining center
American LEWA - manufacturer of metering pumps, process pumps and systems for chemical feed, injection, proportioning and controlled volume pumping of liquids
American Polymer Products (A.P.P. Inc.) - is an industry leading custom molder of polyurethane products.
American Underwater Services Inc - commercial Diving inland and offshore,Pipeline, rig, inspection,ect.
AmeriMex Motor & Controls, Inc. - offers a wide variety of high quality new and remanufactured AC/DC electric motors, generators, and motor controls to meet the power needs of any industry
Amerjin Co.,LLC. - provide quality products and services for oilfield, petrochemical, marine and other industrial companies
Ameron Performance Coatings & Finishes Group - structural, anti-corrosion, antifouling, Protective,
Ametek Process Instruments - AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. The markets we serve are ever expanding.
Amphenol Industrial - PYLE - interconnect systems for harsh environment applications
AMRI Inc. - manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and accessories for many markets, including chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water and semi-conductor
Analytical Systems Intl. Keco R&D - field proven analyzers, air sensors/monitors and analyzer accessories
Ansul/Tyco Fire & Security - sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.
Ansys Inc. - designs, develops, markets and globally supports engineering simulation solutions
Antares Offshore llc - provider of niche engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry
Anthelion Systems, Inc. - Hardware and Software design company that specializes in Embedded Systems, Instrumentation, and Consulting
Antrim Energy inc - an oil and gas exploration and production company
AOI Instrumentation - simple, rugged, traditional tool or a complete state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation system
Apache Pipeline Products - major manufacturer of pipeline cleaning and maintenance equipment.
Appleton Marine, Inc. - supply custom marine deck machinery including cranes, winches, windlasses, capstans, hose reels and special systems
Applied Electronic Systems Inc. - design and manufacturing of electric wireline tools and electronics designing downhole wireline tools that can handle hostile drilling environments
Applied Energy Company, Inc. - situation-specific solutions to contamination control, lubrication, PD air needs and hydraulics
Applied Physics Systems - Steering Sensors for Directional Drilling applications and miniaturized sensors for general purpose use
Applied Sensor Technologies - monitoring pressure or temperature conditions and performing critical alarm, control and shutdown functions of equipment or processes
APS Technology - developing and manufacturing products that operate reliably in environments where shock, vibration, high temperature and pressure, fluid erosion and corrosion are concerns
Aqua-Chem - design, manufacture and marketing of Waste heat distillation-cogeneration systems for key markets and applications worldwide
Aquafine Corp. - specializes in the application of High Gradient Magnetic Separator (HGMS) technology to the mineral and chemical industries
ARGO International - renewal spare parts for the worldwide Industrial, Marine, Metal Mining, Oil Well Drilling, Utility, Refineries and Petroleum industries.
Arjay Engineering - designing and manufacturing process and environmental controls
ARSEAL Technologies, LLC - Turn-Key Engineering Services
ASL Environmental Sciences Inc - oceanographic equipment with related mooring design and deployment services is available
Aspen Aerogels, Inc. - nanotechnology process delivers a revolutionary change in thermal management and energy conservation
Astro Technology Inc. - provides complete solutions to complex problems using advanced instrumentation and innovative methods
ATCO Structures Inc. - supplier of manufactured shelter products
Atlantia Offshore Limited - leading turn-key provider of fixed offshore minimal production platforms
Atlantic Marine Inc. - four shipyards, new construction, repairs and conversion
Atlantic XL Inc. - specialist engineering products and services to Oil & Gas, Utilities and Natural Gas Companies
Atlas Instruments & Supply Co., Inc - is a manufacturer of weight indicators and other field related instrumentation
ATP Oil and Gas Corporation - develop already-discovered offshore petroleum reserves
Atwood Oceanics Inc - international offshore drilling, and related support
Autoclave Engineers - high pressure and high temperature technology
Autoship Systems Corporation - market-leading suite of onboard stability and stowage planning software
Avins Industrial Products Corporation - precision semi-finished metal materials from our domestic production facilities
AW Company - developed a comprehensive range of flow meters for the flow control industry
Azonix Corporation - diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products
Azura Energy Systems - manufacture and sale of wellheads, trees and valves for the land and subsea markets
Baker Petrolite - manufacturer chemicals, engineering and technology solutions
Baker SPD - leading manufacturer of a wide range of drilling products, including the Mud Hog centrifugal pump.
Band-It-Idex - world's leader in quality engineered band clamping systems
Barry Controls - design, manufacture and application of products and systems technology for the control of vibration, mechanical shock and structure-borne noise
BASiC Energy Services, Inc. - our services support the entire life cycle of a well - from drilling to production and finally - abandonment.
Bechtel Group - engineering, construction, and project management
BEI Technologies - manufacturer of electronic sensors, motors, actuators, rotary optical encoders, linear encoders
Belsim - data validation technology in many process industries to deliver optimum solutions
Bestobell Steam Traps - steam systems solutions including steam traps, float & thermostatic traps, thermodynamic
Bettis Actuator - manufacturers of subsea oil gas valves and actuators
Bico Drilling Tools inc - manufactures and services downhole drilling motors
BIS Salamis Group Ltd - is an international company with a track record in providing integrity and maintenance services to the oil and gas
Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. - fabricates and distributes lifting products to oilfield, petrochemical, construction, transportation
BJ Process & Pipeline Services - pipeline services that includes flooding, hydrotesting, cleaning, drying, commissioning, inline gas filtration, gel pigging, chemical cleaning, isolation,
Blue Dolphin Energy Company - pipeline and oil gas exploration services
BlueSky Process Solutions Ltd. - manufacturer of joints connectors and fittings
Bodycote K-Tech, Inc. - works with industries to solve sliding wear and corrosion problems by using proprietary chemical processes
Bolttech Inc. - industrial bolting services
Bow Valley Energy Ltd. - is leveraging its knowledge of the international oil and natural gas industry to identify and exploit niche opportunities
BPZ Energy - is an oil and gas exploration and production company which has exclusive license contracts for oil and gas exploration and production
Bridon International Ltd - leading specialist in the manufacture of steel wire and wire rope solutions for the most demanding applications
British Columbia Offshore Oil & Gas Division - tracks the activities of the British Columbia Offshore Oil and Gas Division.
Bronco Oilfield Services - offers chemical injection and fluid pumps
Brown Corrosion Services, Inc. - corrosion, cathodic protection supply and service, corrosion control, corrosion monitoring equipment and systems, and sand and hydrogen monitoring systems.
Brush Wellman Inc. - beryllium, copper, alloy, rod, tube, Brush Wellman
BS&B Safety Systems - commitment to technology, high quality manufacturing and quality by design, has earned us the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.
Bull Arm Site Corporation - world-class fabrication and construction facility on the east coast of North America.
BVM Corporation - is an oilfield manufacturing company that provides rig-handling tools in the oil and gas industry
BW Offshore AS - world's leading FPSO contractors and a market leader within advanced offshore loading and production systems
BW Technologies America - designs, manufactures and markets a full line of gas monitoring equipment for various industries
C&C Equipment Specialists Inc. - your supplier of choice for mud pump replacement parts.
C&D Technologies - power conversion and storage of electrical power, including industrial batteries and electronics
C.A. Richards & Associates, Inc. - diving, geophysical, government, navigation, oil and gas exploration drilling, and underwater robotics
Cablofil - wire cable tray has proven to be the ideal choice for cable management in virtually any type of installation
Cabot Oil and Gas - natural gas producer and marketer
Callon Petroleum Company - engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and operation of oil and gas properties
Cam-Tech Products, Inc. - providing the drilling industry quality pipe handling equipment, excellent service, and competitive prices
Canada Tech - a wide line of tools and systems that measure pressures and temperatures in the downhole and surface environment of oil and gas wells.
Canadian Composite Structures, Inc. - foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.
Canadian Heavy Oil Association - is the venue to learn about key issues affecting the heavy oil industry.
Canadian Natural Resources - oil and natural gas production canada
Canadian Standards Association - leading provider of product testing and certification services.
CanGlobal Products Ltd. - replacement parts or a full instrumentation package
Canusa-CPS - advanced heat-shrinkable products technology for field weld joint protection
Capstone Turbine Corporation - is the world's leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems
Carboline - leading supplier of corrosion resistant products specializing in high performance coatings, linings, and fireproofing
Carrizo Oil and Gas - independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil
CAT Pumps - the highest quality industrial triplex high pressure piston and plunger pumps and related products.
Cavo Drilling Motors - oil field technical professionals with extensive drilling motor knowledge and experience
CCI - Control Components Inc - the world leader in meeting severe service valve and control
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. - manufacturing space, research and product testing laboratories, and ISO 9001 certification,
C-CORE - Providing Innovative Engineering Solutions
Centrifugal Services, Inc. (CSI) - manufacturer of new and rebuilt replacement parts, components, and centrifuges
Centrilift - submersible pumps systems
Centron International - production oil wells, flow lines, injection wells and lines, water wells, water processing and recirculating lines, chemical disposal wells and lines, solution mining wells and mine acid lines.
Ceradyne, Inc. - manufactures and markets advanced technical ceramic products and components
Ceram-Kote by Freecom - manufacturer of the CeRam-Kote family of high performance industrial coating products.
Certified Laboratories - is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lubrication products in the world
C-Fer Technologies - structural, mechanical, petroleum and reliability engineers
ChainCo International - in automated chain testing, equipment and inspection, ChainCo also provides re-certification, repair and upgrades of heavy duty mooring systems
Chandler Engineering - Chandler Engineering is the world's largest supplier of instruments for testing oil, gas, and geothermal well cements
Chem Oil Products - full line of Valves and Pressure Gauges, instrumentation, Thermometers and Stainless Steel Thermowells
ChemSol - is a leading oil and gas fluid additives supplier
Chet Morrison Contractors, Inc. - our services, our fleet, our facilities, and our equipment to deliver on our promise of single-source, cost-effective solutions.
Circle Technical - water abrasive cutting systems, friction stud welding equipment and grit entrained low pressure air cleaning systems.
Citadel Computer Corporation - design, engineering and manufacturing of harsh-environment computer systems for challenging industrial and military applications
Clarkson Research Services Ltd. - the world's leading shipping services provider
Coastal Drilling Land Company - drilling company
Coastel Communications - providing the offshore industry with the best communications services in the Gulf of Mexico.
Cobalt International Energy - a private oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.
Cochrane Technologies, Inc. - variety of state-of-the-art SONAR Systems to map seafloor locations, locate debris, and recover objects lost overboard
Codeware, Inc. - develops software for design, rating, drafting and costing of ASME Section VIII pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
Columbus McKinnon - leading designer and manufacturer of material handling products, systems and services which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position or secure material.
Combilift, Inc - IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift.
Comfit & Valves Corps. - full range of valves and tube fittings
Complete Production Services Inc. - completion, coil tubing, wireline, drilling services
Complex Well Consultants - is a new concept in drilling consulting services
Computalog - specializing in wireline logging downhole tools
Con-Dive, LLC. - offshore industry subsea contractor
Conforma Clad - leading global provider of wear protection solutions to high-performance industrial markets
Conley Corporation - manufactures corrosion resistant Nexus reinforced filament wound fiberglass pipe and fittings, valves and strainers, and complete FRP fiber glass reinforced plastic (GRP glass fibre reinforced plastic) piping systems
Connection Technology - vibration analysis hardware products which are compatible with data collectors and online monitoring systems
Containerhouse International, Inc. - resale, lease, and rental of ocean freight containers to commercial and industrial users
Control Flow, Inc. - manufacturer of quality valves, offshore oil field drilling equipment, wellhead, production pressure control equipment and motion compensation equipment
ControlAir Inc. - leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products
Cooper Cameron Corporation - provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries.
Coordinated Equipment Company - testing services, used equipment and wire rope products to the maritime, petroleum, aerospace, construction
CoorsTek, Inc - custom engineering, materials expertise, operational excellence, and rapid execution
Corrpro - corrosion and materials engineering and inspection and testing consultancy
Cortland Cable - Electro-Mechanical Cable and Synthetic Rope solutions for applications on, under, and out of this world
Covalence Adhesives - leading manufacturer of quality, high performance tape and adhesive products
Craig Group IMS Ltd, - a complete range of mooring services from its international bases including rental, sale and management of mooring equipment and consultancy in mooring design
Cranesmart Systems Inc. - wireless crane safety equipment specialty manufacturer of Cranesmart load monitors, anti-2-block systems
CryoAtlanta, Inc. - in-house pump training programs, we maintain an extensive spare parts inventory to ensure minimal downtime
CryoCanada, Inc. - The Right Choice for Repairs, Spares and Service
Cryogenic Industries, Inc. - marketing organization for a group of companies engineering, manufacturing and servicing equipment for the industrial gas and other industries worldwide
Cryoquip - leading fabricators of Cryogenic vaporizers and Industrial Gas equipment
Crystal Engineering Corporation - manufactures Digital Pressure Calibrators, Digital Pressure Gauges, multimeter pressure modules (MultiCals) and other pressure measuring equipment
CS Unitec - specializes in electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic power tools for construction and industry
CSI Technologies INC - offers technical consulting and software development to operators of electrical generating stations and other process plants
CTS Container & Trailer Services Ltd - leading supplier of quality Container and Transport products and services
Cudd Pumping Services - well control/blowout services, snubbing, coiled tubing, wireline, nitrogen and marine services
Cudd Well Control - knowledgeable pool of well control specialists and engineers focus on their fields of expertise
Cuming Corporation - syntactic foam oil gas pipeline insulation and marine composite materials
Cummins Inc. - fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems
Custom Safety Products, Inc. - manufacture the original non-skid, positive traction pads for the different work areas on the rig floor
D.F. Barnes Limited - manufacturing, fabricating and repair services in the marine, shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas and industrial sectors
D.G. O'Brien, Inc. - design and manufacture of high reliability hermetic connectors, penetrators and cable assemblies for extreme environments
D.L. Ricci Corp. - sales and rental of portable machining equipment.
D2M - product development, comprehensive cost reduction of existing products, and strategic business development services
Daisy Data Displays, Inc. - cost-effective production and process monitoring techniques
Damcos - marine tank management, valve actuation and tank measurement, intended for use on ships and in the oil and gas industries
Danco Pump & Sypply - provide complete pump service for all your pumping equipment
DAN-LOC Bolt & Gasket - contract review, training, manufacturing, inspection, testing, and shipping
Datalog Technology - a world leader in providing logging, geology data acquisition services
Davis-Lynch, Inc. - Multi-Purpose Float Collars, Stage Cementing tools, Inner-String Cementing tools, Inflatable Packers, Flotation Collars
Dawson Geophysical - 3-D exploration engineering geology seismic data
Decommissioning Services - environmental services in the fields of site supervision, facility assessment and environmental engineering, design and remediation
Deep Marine Technology - platform inspection and repair, or for drilling and construction support
Deepwater Specialists, Inc. - facilities commissioning services to the oil and gas industry
Deloro Stellite, Inc. - heat, abrasion, corrosion, erosion and galling
Delta Centrifugal Corporation - produces centrifugally cast tubes in over 200 grades of stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, and copper based alloys
Deltek Systems Inc. - leading provider of application software and solutions to project based businesses and professional services firms
Den-Con Companies - provides pipe handling tools, including a complete range of power slips and flush spiders, bushings, bowls, slips, clamps, elevators
Derrick Equipment Company - effective solids control is essential for economic and product efficiency in the drilling sector
Derrick Services Ltd - General Fabrication, Engineering & Project Management, Offshore Construction Services
Detcon inc. - gas detection sensor technologies and control options serves our customers with an advantage in practical and affordable gas detection solutions
Devon Energy - independent oil and gas exploration services and producer
DH Instruments, Inc. - provide superior calibration solutions through innovative technology
DHI Water & Environment - ecology and environmental chemistry, water resources, hydraulic engineering and hydrodynamics
DHL International GmbH - global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight
DHV Industries Inc. - Refining, Gas/Oil, Pipeline, Petrochemical and Power Plant.
Diamond Products International - global supplier of quality PDC Bits, Natural Diamond Bits
Discflo Corp. - engineering pump solutions for hard-to-pump applications
DOER Marine - capabilites for ROV and submersible support services
Douce Hydro - designing and manufacturing all types of heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders
Downhole Stabilization - manufacturers of downhole stabilizers completion tools
Draco Spring Mfg. Co. - capabilities of producing virtually every type of spring, which also includes wire forms and metal stampings
Draeger Safety, Inc. - protects and saves lives through uncompromising innovation safety solutions
Dragon Products, Ltd. - integrated cement and concrete company deep-water shipping terminals
Draka Marine, Oil & Gas International - safe, reliable wire and cable solutions
DrawWorks, L.P. - manufactures and sells circulating, fill-up and flow-back tools for oilfield tubulars including casing, tubing and drill pipe
Dresser - complete line of piping specialties for the natural gas, water distribution, and general industrial markets
Drexelbrook - chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others.
Drives, Incorporated - leading manufacturer of ANSI Precision Roller Chain, Pintle Chain, Agricultural Conveyor Chain, Engineering Class Chain, Oil Field Roller Chain and Auger products
DSG-Canusa - heat shrink products and related technology
DuPont Performance Elastomers - leading global supplier of specialty elastomers and supporting technologies
Durameter Milton Roy - Durameter Milton Roy manufacturers Series Metering Pumps
Dynacon, Inc - cable and umbilical handling systems, instrumentation for oil and gas
Dyna-Drill Technologies - an ultra-modern plant, computerized engineering capabilities, coated bearings, corrosion and mechanical fatigue
DynaTorque Inc. - manufacturing manual gear operators and specialty products for use with automated valves
Dynex/Rivett Inc. - manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery pumps, valves, motors and power units
Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc. - seismic isolation bearing manufacturers, complete seismic isolation services, including design support, manufacturing, testing, and construction support
Echometer Company - leading supplier of instruments, software and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil, gas and water wells throughout the world
Echometer/Sonolog Company - latest advances in well performance data acquisition and analysis.
Eckel International Inc - manufacturer of hydraulic tubular make-up and break-out equipment known as tongs, design and manufactures tong models, tong positioning equipment, and diesel or electric power units.
Edison Chouest Offshore - is the most technologically advanced and fastest-growing offshore vessel service company
EFA Technologies, Inc. - design-engineering firm specializing in electrical and control systems projects for petrochemical and industrial clients.
Efird Corrosion International, Inc. - A corrosion engineering, research and testing company
Eiffel - development tools that make a concrete and immediate difference in how companies produce software
Elastec/American Marine - largest manufacturer of fire boom in the world.
Electro Mechanical Industries, Inc. - is a manufacturer of standard and custom electrical distribution equipment
Electrochem Commercial Power - leading manufacturer of high-performance lithium battery packs and cells for harsh operating environments
Electronic Technical Services Corporation - design electrical and electronic systems for controlling large AC and DC generators and motors
Elizabeth Carbide Components - custom manufactured quality tooling, wear parts, specialty components, contract grinding, EDM and machining services of Tungsten Carbide, Tool Steel and Ceramic
Elliott Bay Design Group, Ltd. - full service Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering firm and shipyard support services
Ellis Williams Engineering Co - fabricated with a high-strength, heat-treated alloy steel power frame, often allowing easy modification or customizing of pump designs
Elog Ltd - mud logging equipment, exploration and petroleum engineering and services
EMP - Engineered Machined Products - is an engineering and manufacturing leader in the design, manufacture and assembly of mechanical and electronically driven thermal and oil management products
Encana - one of North America's largest independent gas and oil exploration producers
Endress + Hauser GmbH & Co. KG - temperature for easy temperature measurement point construction
Enerflex Systems LTD - is a leading provider of:natural gas compression, power generation and process equipment for either sale, rent or lease
EnerGulf Resources Inc - international oil and gas exploration and production company
Energy Alloys - global provider of oilfield metals solutions to the energy industry
Energy Personnel International - experienced personnel for offshore (including deepwater) and onshore projects domestically and internationally
Enerpac - manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, presses, tools, bolting tools, accessories and system components
Enerscope Systems Inc. - Equipment supplier for solid-from-liquid filtration.
Engineered Spring Products - producing the highest quality springs
Engineering Dynamics, Inc. - consulting firms that specializes in vibration and pulsation problems associated with reciprocating machinery and piping, as well as rotating machinery and structures
Enidine Inc. - manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation and motion control solutions
Enventure Global Technology - is the world’s leading provider of solid expandable technology for the energy industry
Enviro Voraxial Technology, Inc. - environmental and industrial separation industries.
Enviro-Tech Systems - CPI efficiency is determined by calculating the relationships between the flow-rate, oil and water specific gravity, temperature and oil content
EOG Resources, Inc. - independent (non-integrated) oil and natural gas companies in the United States
eProduction Solutions - providing production optimization solutions for flowing wells and all forms of artificial lift
Ernst & Young LLP - financing international exploration, acquisition structuring, transfer pricing, or tax compliance, the energy,
ESAB Welding & Cutting - The World's Largest Producer of Welding Consumables and Equipment
ESSI Corporation - Aids to Navigation, Marine Aids to Navigation
Evans Engineering, Inc. - design, maintenance, and distribution of jar products worldwide
Everlasting Valve Co. - manufacture and market steam boiler blow down valves
EXMAR HOUSTON - diversified and independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil industry
Exoko PCP, LLC - specializing in Composite PC pumps and motors
Exterran - Total Solution for your oil and gas production and processing facilities
F & R Manufacturing, Inc. - Protect Against Cut Fingers, Snagging & Protects Hoses From Sharp Edges When Bending & Bundling
F.W. Gartner - offers complete machining and grinding capabilities for turnkey service
FabEnCo, Inc. - produced a wide array of fabricated metal products for various industries
Fairwinds International, Inc. - specializing in engineering, project management, consulting, and inspection services to the oil & gas and marine industries
Farmers Copper Ltd. - distributor of copper, brass, bronze, cupro-nickel, silicon bronze, aluminum bronze, beryllium copper, & carbon & stainless steel
Farr Canada - manufacturing hydraulic power tongs
Fastenal - fastener distributor
Fastener Division - industry leader for plastic fastening systems.
Fastorq Bolting Systems,Inc - global provider of precision bolt loading and removal solutions.
FBV, Inc. - Professional Valve Provider
Federal Flange - standard and custom flanges of lasting quality. '
Federal Signal Corporation - manufacturer and worldwide supplier of safety, signaling and communications equipment, fire rescue products
Fike Corporation - developed pressure activation devices specifically for use in the oil/gas industry.
Five Star Rockwater - Marine pile repair and protection systems
Flare Industries, Inc. - combustion and pollution control technology, providing quality flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and ignition systems
Flexible Metal, Inc. - manufactures metal bellows, expansion joints, corrugated tubing, braid and fabricated assemblies
Floating Pipeline Company - light-weight composite reinforced pressure vessels
Flowguard USA - designs and sizes as to be able to solve most any hydraulically induced pulsation, vibration, or rapid surge problem
Flowserve Corporation - supplying pumps, valves, seals automation and services to the power, oil, gas, chemical and other industries
Fluid Imaging Technologies - instrument for rapid monitoring of particles in fluid
FMC Measurement Solution - flow measurement and well control of petroleum
Focal Technologies Corp - rotary coupling products and oceanographic instrumentation
Focal Technologies Corporation - design and supply of electrical and fiber optic rotary solutions, and fiber optic multiplexers for systems passing power and signals across a rotational interface
Foremost Industries LP - manufactures drilling rigs and special tooling for the oil and gas, mining, waterwell, construction, geo-technical, and environmental market
Forest Oil Corporation - exploration, acquisition, development, production and marketing of natural gas and crude oil
Formsprag Clutch - designing, manufacturing and delivering dependable, long-lived, precision power transmission products
Forum Oilfield Technologies - single-source, broad-based supplier of equipment and technology for the oil & gas drilling and production industry.
Foster Wheeler - Global Engineering and Construction (E&C) Group and The Global Power Group
Frontline Safety Limited - safety consulting, training and rentals company
Fugro Geoservices Inc. - specializes in marine geohazards data acquisition, pipeline route surveys, and related geohazard consulting and permitting services
Fugro McClelland Marine Geosciences - Project Management, Engineering Analysis & Consulting, Geological Studies, Data Acquisition & Engineering, Vessel and Marine Drilling Operations, Positioning & Surveying.
Furmanite America Inc. - pipeline leak sealant and unrivalled engineering expertise
G.J. Cahill & Company Ltd. - supplier of construction, electrical, fabrication, instrumentation and mechanical services
G.L.M. Vessels & Process Equipment - Process Equipment Storage Equipment Inspection Service and Accessories Engineering
G.W. Lisk Company, Inc. - solenoid, rotary solenoids, lvdt, solenoid valves
Galaxy Brushes - design and development of efficient, cost-effective brush manufacturing systems
Galvotec Alloys, Inc. LA - highest quality galvanic anodes on the market.
Galvotec Corrosion Services, LLC - full range of cathodic protection services, both onshore and offshore, which include monitoring, system design, evaluation, material, supply, and installation.
Gardner Denver, Inc - global producer of blowers, air compressors, petroleum pumps, water jetting pumps and accessories, and fluid transfer equipment, and liquid ring pumps.
GATE - is an oil and gas engineering consulting company
Gates Corporation - Worldwide Power Transmission, Worldwide Automotive Hoses, and Worldwide Hydraulic and Industrial Hose & Connectors
GBA-Corona - provide flare equipment with the highest quality of design, materials and construction
Gearench - high quality, safe and effective products by utilizing the latest innovations in applied engineering, manufacturing process improvement and quality assurance.
GEFCO - design and manufacture of a complete line of portable drilling rigs and related equipment for the waterwell, environmental groundwater monitoring, construction, mining and shallow oil exploration and production industries.
General Cable Technologies Corporation - leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products
General Marine Leasing - largest fleet of metal portable living quarters for the offshore oil and gas industry
General Oceanics, Inc. - manufacturer of environmetal testing and safety monitoring equipment
Generon® IGS Americas - designed to liquefy Nitrogen Gas produced from either Generon IGS’s Nitrogen Membrane Generators or Pressure Swing Absorption Nitrogen Generators
Genoa Design International Ltd - provides design, drafting and lofting services to marine and offshore industries
GENOIL Inc. - technology development and process-licensing company
GeoConcepts - providing high-quality Information Technology solutions
GeoFields, Inc. - Pipeline Management Solutions
Geomechanics International - well planning, drilling, production and completion
Geophysical Research Company, LLC - complete line of accurate, rugged and versatile mechanical and electronic pressure gauges
Geospace Engineering Resources International L.P. - leader in the seismic instrument and equipment business design, manufacture and deploy seismic instrumentation, reservoir monitoring, cable/umbilical and thermal imaging solutions
Gill Services, Inc. - catheads, kelly spinners, power tongs, bucking units
Gilmore Valve Co. - warehouse, machine shop, assembly and testwith a number of CNC machines
Global Industries Offshore, L.L.C - offshore construction and underwater diving services
Global Industries, Ltd. - provides offshore construction, engineering and support services.
Global Project Consultants (GPC) - project/construction management & related services to energy-related companies and contractors
GM International Safety Inc. - total solutions intrinsic safety provider to today’s industries
Godwin Pumps of America, Inc. - electric and hydraulic submersible pumps
Golder Associates - Offices throughout the pan-Arctic region, with extensive experience in cold region engineering, environmental and socio-economic services
GP:50 - manufacturer of pressure transducers / transmitters manufacturing pressure instruments
Grace Instrument Company - provides highly automated instruments as well as traditional manual instruments
Grant Geophysical - international seismic contractor
Gray Wireline Services, Inc. - the largest independently-owned, cased-hole wireline company in the US
Groth Corporation - manufactures storage tank protection equipment, pressure relief valves
GSM, Inc. - consulting petroleum engineers
Guido Perla & Associates, Inc - full service consulting engineering firm, specializing in providing design and engineering services for clients in the marine industry
Gulf Coast Downhole Technologies - manufacturer of downhole cable for permanent well monitoring systems
Gulf Publishing Company - leading publisher to the oil and gas industry
Gulf Research - syndicated and custom market research studies
Gulfmark Offshore - international offshore marine services industry
GustoMSC Inc - consulting firm providing a wide range of engineering services to the offshore industry
H&S Tool Inc - end prep tool rentals, boiler tube tool inventory, milling tool rentals, tube expander sales and rentals
HAM-Let - specializes in the design, development, production, and marketing of high quality instrumentation valves and fittings
Hart Energy Publishing, LP - pipeline technology - natural gas and refined products pipelines throught the world.
HATEC Inc. - metric hydraulic components
HAWE Hydraulics - specialized hydraulic solutions for industrial and mobile motion control problems
Hawk Industries, Inc - design, manufacture, and sale of a variety of specialty tools used in the oil well, water well, and construction industries
Hayata of North America, Ltd. - manufacturer of wiring accessories
Hayden Industrial Products - designing and manufacturing heat exchangers
HB Rentals - Provides the energy production industry with comfortable, safe and functional living accommodation and accessories for land-basedand offshore job sites.
Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. - marginal field development, alternative development plans, field life extension, and abandonment
Hellan Strainer Company - stainless steel for the offshore industry
Hercules Industries, Inc - manufacturers and wholesale distributors of high-quality HVAC sheet metal products and equipment
Hercules Offshore - provider of offshore contract drilling, liftboat and inland barge services
Heritage Oil Corporation - independent, international oil and gas exploration, development and production company
Hex Valve - industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves
Hi Point Industries Ltd. - developing an environmentally safe, all natural, oil absorbent for the containment of hydrocarbon spills
Hilman Rollers - Global supplier of high capacity rollers (load skates) and heavy load-moving systems.
Hitemco Southwest - Specialty corrosion resistant fluoropolymers for subsea and process equipment
Hoffer Flow Control Inc - design of flow conditioners, amplifiers, and transmitters for use in combination with flowmeters.
Holloman Energy Corp - is an emerging international exploration, development and production independent
Holloway Houston Inc. - distributor of wire rope and chain fittings
Horizon Offshore Contractors - marine pipeline and diving construction to oil and gas industry
Hornbeck Offshore Services - new generation OSVs serving the offshore oil and gas industry
Hot-Hed, Inc - honton-hed was established in houston texas in 1982 and manufactured a patented product for the oil and gas industry.
Houghton Offshore - water based hydraulic chemicals and drilling fluids
Houston Digital Instruments, Inc - Drillers Choke Control Console - Panel Gauges - Mud Gauges - Stroke Counters - Position Indicators
Houston Distribution - swivel joints, pup joints, hose loops, check valves, pressure relief valves and high pressure fittings
Hughes Christensen - downhole tools advanced drill bits manufacturers
HWC Energy Services - Off-shore drilling products, pipeline, advanced connectors
Hybrid Design Associates - providing high quality hybrid circuits and surface mount products for down hole oil well logging industries
Hydra Rig - Ft. Worth - snubbing, workover of an oil or gas well to be performed under pressure without the use of "kill" fluids in the well
Hydracon Company Inc - Designs and manufactures subsea valves, ocean submersible solenoid valves, pressure switches
Hydraquip - hydraulic, pneumatic, hose and tubing, kitting, fabrication, hydraulic power
Hydraulic Power Technology, Inc. - oil well service equipment company specialized in design, engineering and manufacturing
Hydraulic Well Control - Increasing Oil And Gas Production, At Dramatically Lower Costs
Hydraulics International, Inc - wide range of air-driven liquid pumps, gas boosters and air pressure amplifiers as well as accessory equipment.
Hyperdynamics - energy for the future by exploring for new sources of oil and gas both domestically and internationally
Hyspan Precision Products, Inc. - engineering, quality and production capability to design, develop and fabricate metal bellows and hose
ICAN - global leader in providing complete marine navigation and surveillance solutions.
IDM Equipment, LTD - engineers and builds advanced drilling rigs and their component equipment
IGF, Inc - providing a variety of quality fiberglass products like FRP Flanges, FRP Light Poles, FRP Molded Fiberglass Grating
IHS/Global - base of engineering data from research and design to manufacturing and repair
Imes Systems - provides load monitoring and load measurement solutions
Indumar Products, Inc. - STOP IT® PIPE REPAIR SYSTEM for repairing leaking pipes
Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutions - providing air and electric power tools, material handling equipment, fluid handling products and dispensing systems
Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited - industrial and construction equipment
Innicor Subsurface Technologies - completion and work-over of oil and gas wells.
Instrumentation Group - manufactures of industrial Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Test and Calibration instruments
INTEC Engineering Partnership, Ltd. - Marine Pipelines and Risers, Marine Terminals, Subsea Production, Floating Production, and Liquefied Natural Gas
Integrated Equipment, Inc. - Pressure And Flow Control Products For Working Pressures Up To 15,000 Psi
InterAct PMTI - activity management, decommissioning, engineering and drilling and production services
InterMoor - is the leader in innovative mooring and installation technology
International Paint LLC - offer an extensive range of high performance coatings for the oil, gas
International Snubbing Services - well control, workover, workover rig, driliing, drilling rig, snub, snubbing,
International Subsea Inc. - rental equipment and installation assistance for well completions, workovers, subsea system installations and decommissioning.
InterOcean systems inc - oceanographic and environmental equipment and systems
Intsel Steel Distributors. - plate burning, beveling, split tees, saw cutting (including miter cutting), blasting and painting
ION - a leading technology-focused seismic solutions company.
IONICS Instrument Group - Produces a wide range of analysers, instruments and systems. Instruments in focus at ONS are oil-on-water monitoring
IPSCO Inc. - Steel, pipe, ipsco, steel, metal, products, steelmaking, processing, ferrous, carbon hot rolled coil, rolled coil, mills,
Irving Shipbuilding Inc. - provide world class shipbuilding and repair, drill rig construction and conversion, offshore fabrication, industrial manufacturing
Ithaca Energy Inc. - is a Canadian oil and gas exploration and development company
IVS 3D - provision of interactive 3D visualization and analysis software for marine information
J Ray McDermott - design, fabrication, transportation and installation of offshore platforms, and installation of offshore pipelines.
J. H. Menge & Company, Inc. - engineering sales to Gulf Coast shipyards, refineries and terminals, the dock building industry and to the offshore oil industry
J.D. Neuhaus L.P. - offers solutions for practically any material handling problem
Jacques Whitford - environmental engineers, scientists and consultants focused on solving environmental issues
Jamison Products, L.P. - products which include Strainers, Filters, Pig Equipment, ASME Code Vessels, pipe fabrication, and other Oil and Gas related equipment
JASCO Research Ltd. - research under contract in the areas of distributed environmental monitoring, physical oceanography, underwater acoustics
Jelec USA Inc. - providing expertise in Electrical, Monitoring and Instrumentation Systems for the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries
JETYD Corporate Headquarters - optimized bolting solutions, bolting solutions, tension gun, tension guns, air gun, electric gun
JH Technology, Inc - manufacture an ultrasonic leak detector/vibration monitor
JT Oilfield - manufacture, repair and sale equipment used in oilfield and drilling industries.
June Warren Publishing Ltd. - information products serving the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors
K&D United Safety Services - Construction, industrial and marine safety equipment, Fire alarm systems, Fire, flame, gas detection systems
K&M Technology Group - development and application of leading edge technologies for extended reach wells
Kalsi Engineering, Inc - Provides consulting engineering services, including design, analysis and testing of mechanical equipment and structures.
Kato Engineering - precision-engineered, top quality AC generators, motor-generator sets and controls for power generation.
K-DYNE, INC - liquid level switch and sensors
Kee Industrial Products, Inc. - structural pipe fittings
Kem-Tron Corporate - separation technology
Kennametal Inc. - leading global supplier of tooling, engineered components and advanced materials that are consumed in production processes
Key Energy Services - cementing, well services and workover rigs
Keystone Engineering Inc. - quality project management, engineering, drafting and procurement services
Kiewit Corporation - construction services
Killark - manufacturer of weatherproof and hazardous location products suitable for standard, explosion proof and other hostile area
Kimray, Inc. - manufactures quality valves and controls for the oil & gas industry world wide.
King Oil Tools - design and manufacture of swivels and other handling tools for the drilling industry rotary drilling swivels and elevator links
KnightHawk Engineering, Inc - technology based specialty engineering company that performs consulting, field services, and testing.
Kobelt Manufacturing - rugged construction, quality materials and prompt delivery to the customers
Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. - responsible for the design, manufacture and sales of underwater acoustic products, sonar
Kor-Lok USA, LLC - leading supplier of instrumentation valves, tube fittings and pipe fittings
Krohne, Inc. - leading and one of the most innovative companies for flow measuring devices.
Kurt Manufacturing - precision machining facility
Kuster Company - manufacturing and marketing the bottom hole pressure gauges
LaBarge, Inc. - high-reliability hardware and electrical systems support critical functions where durability and peak performance are vital
Landmark Graphics - software, consultancy and engineering for seismic and exploration
LDPI, Incorporated - has been manufacturing fluorescent lights since 1980
Lea-Der Coatings - researching and developing products for the oil & gas industry
Leading Edge Turbine Technology, Ltd - high-quality repair services for the power generation, pipeline, petro-chemical and paper mill industries.
LeTourneau, Inc - large scale, steel intensive, high-load bearing, highly sophisticated products, projects, and services
Lewco, Inc - manufacturer of conveyors and industrial ovens, servicing both domestic and international markets.
Lewis Manufacturing Company - Oilfield, Grips, Pulling, Installation, Derrick, Belt, Safety Belt, Brake Pad, Swivel, Bearing
LHR Services & Equipment, Inc. - Forged Mooring Hardware for the most demanding mooring applications in the world
Linc Milton Roy - manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps and related equipment that handles a wide variety of fluids.
Logan Oil Tools - ditch magnets; safety joints; hydraulic fishing jars; jar energizers and intensifiers; fishing bumper subs;
Lone Star Fasteners, LP - manufacturers and distributors for a wide variety of commercial, specialty and exotic alloy fasteners
Lone Star Marine Shelters - service to allow for complete set-up, testing and commissioning of projects
M & J Valve - manufacturing of compressor valves repair of rod packing cases, fuel injection valves and air starting valves
M & M Offshore Ltd. - specialized welding and metal fabrication services to heavy industries and the offshore oil sector
Mabry Castings, Ltd. - supplier of ductile and gray iron castings
Macdermid Offshore Solutions - leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty chemical processes for the metal
Mad Rock - provides the safest and most effective marine evacuation system solutions
Magellan Marine Inc. - project safety, coordination and inspection and testing
Maine Oil & Gas Corporation - is an emerging, integrated oil and gas company focused on the acquisition of and development of assets in the gulf of guinea
Mako DeepWater - inspection, repair and maintenance
Mako Technologies - equipment to support your topside projects, diving operations and your ROV rental and tooling requirements
Manuli Oil & Marine - designs, produces and markets floating and subsea marine hose and long length elastomeric pipelines
Marener Industries Inc. - Fabrication, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Repair & Maintenance and Project Management services to the Oil & Gas, Marine
Marine Environmental Mgmt.,llc - Specializing in microbial based products for degredation of organic waste.
Marine Technologies LLC - DP system and integrated bridge.
Marinetek (USA), Inc - technical services within marine hydrodynamics, construction engineering and operations technology
Maritime Telecommunications Network - maritime telecommunications
Marport Deep Sea Technologies Inc. - technology and products for a wide variety of underwater sensing and communication applications
Mathey Dearman, Inc. - high quality product to mechanically bevel and face the piping ends
Matrix Valve Industries, LLC - eading innovator of high-performance ball and butterfly valves.
Maurer Technology Inc. - development and implementation of advanced oil-field drilling and completion technology.
MAXPRO Technologies, Inc. - components include liquid pumps, air amplifiers and gas boosters.
MBC Composite Bearings Manufacturing - Sliding bearings , Self-lubricated, Pre-lubricated, Polymer Bearings Product.
McCrometer, INC - engineers committed to developing flow measurement solutions for the real world
MCM Oil Tools - Valve, Manifold, Choke, and Control Panel manufacturing company
MCS Limited - engineering professionals creating advanced engineering solutions for floating production and subsea field developments
Measurement Technology Northwest - designs and manufactures sophisticated testing and measurement instrumentation systems
Mecco Partners LLC - direct part marking for traceability, verification, and part identification in manufacturing
MEDC International - manufacturers of Alarm, Signal and Control Equipment
Melco Blowout Preventer Specialties - blowout preventer specialty company
Mentor Subsea Technology Services - developing new, innovative concepts for production and subsea systems
Mercer Valve Company. Inc. - manufacturing pressure relief valves
Merrick Systems, Inc - integrated software solutions and project services for upstream oil and gas production operations
Mesco Offshore - provided drafting and technical written reports to document conditions found underwater.
Metal Coatings Corporation - industrial coating applicator, applies coatings to various machined component parts, assemblies, and fasteners of different shapes and sizes.
MEXSSUB International, Inc. - provides pipeline system Production Integrity Solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry.
Micro-SMART Systems, Inc. - electronics and built-in diagnostic algorithms
MicroTesla - wireline directional instrumentation products and services
Mid West Oil & Gas - Quality drilling rigs, workover rigs, offshore jackups and components
Midwest Hose & Specialty Company - specializes in oilfield, construction, and industrial hose
MIL-RAM Technology, Inc. - specific experience in Toxic, Combustible, and Oxygen Gas Detection.
Mobius, Inc - Organization Development Consultants is a Twin Cities based consulting firm,
MODEC International L.L.C. - on offshore energy resources, use of FPSO/FSO systems
ModuSpec USA, Inc. - your global partner for strategic, tactical and operational risk analysis management services
Mohr Engineering Division - Industrial Testing, Mechanical Design, Product Development and Engineering Consulting
Moncla Well Service, Inc - well workover and completion industry
Moog Flo-Tork - original approaches to motion design technology and its ability to specialize in rotary actuator applications.
Moss Seal Company - emphasize the solving of customer sealing seals problems
MTN - range of communication solutions for voice, data, internet, and broadcast-quality digital video, designed to meet the most complex requirements
Multiphase Solutions, Inc. - is an internationally-focused provider of technical consulting services and software systems.
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. - is an ISO 9001:2000-certified global manufacturer of award-winning telephony, Internet, remote access, and device networking products
Murphy Klatt Inc. - work with large and small organizations in a wide variety of industries.
Murphy Oil Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production
Mustang Manufacturing Company, Inc - leder in the skid-steer loader industry handling tools
Nalco Company - a leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement services, chemicals and equipment programs
NATCO Group Inc. - has always been at the forefront of oil industry production processing
National Bronze & Metals, Inc. - are leading manufacturers and distributors of brass, bronze, and copper alloys
National Coupling - industry leader in subsea hydraulic coupling technology
National Instruments Corporation - technology pioneer and leader in virtual instrumentation
National=K=Works Inc. - designer of thermohousings and down-hole equipment
Natural Resources Canada - helping shape the important contributions of the natural resources sector to the Canadian economy, society and environment
Navalis Environmental Systems, LLC - engineers specializing in wastewater treatment, marine environmental engineering, and business professionals.
NBB Controls, Inc. - reliable radio control systems for the construction industry.
Nelson Stud Welding, Inc. - manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment
Net Safety Monitoring Inc. - designing and manufacturing fixed, industrial safety monitoring equipment
New Continental Equipment Co., Ltd. - drilling rig packages, triplex mud pumps and expendables, traveling equipment, wellhead equipment, handling tools, spare parts, and service.
New Tech Systems - New Tech Systems are manufacturers of quality pipe inspection equipment who are located between Midland and Odessa, Texas
Newdock - major player and global competitor in both Offshore and the Ship Repair Industries.
Newfield Exploration Company - is an independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Newpark Drilling Fluids - largest drilling fluids company in the world
Norriseal - A Dover Company - supplier of valve and control solutions
North American Sensors Corp - magnetic reed level switches, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature gauges, bi-metal thermometers
North Pacific Crane Company - designs, manufactures, and services marine and offshore cranes
Northern Offshore - operates five drilling units in South East Asia and Europe and one floating production unit currently based in the southern UK
Northern Technologies Intl. - developing, marketing and selling proprietary environmentally responsible materials science based products and technical services
Noshok, Inc. - offer a liquid filled pressure gauge
Novaflex Industries - selection of duct, hose, connectors and venting systems
NSI Upstream - upstream reservoir, petroleum, and production engineers with unmatched production well management tools
NU-TEC - providing the oil industry with the safest and most economical solution to test Sub Sea BOP stack's and related surface equipment
NUT-SEAL Company - protector systems are designed and manufactured to prevent corrosion of nuts and bolts.
Occidental Petroleum Corporation - oil and natural gas exploration and production
Ocean Flow International - provides Technical, Engineering, Commercial, and Management expertise,
Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) - leading renewable energy company specializing in offshore wave power technology
Oceaneering Multiflex - design and manufacture of subsea control umbilicals for offshore applications
Oceaneering Space & Thermal Systems - astronaut tools and equipment, robotics and automation, tele-science and automated science systems
Oceanic Consulting Corporation - Using world-class testing facilities and industry-leading numerical simulation software, analyses complex hydrodynamic behaviour
OceanWorks International Inc - specializing in manned and unmanned subsea work systems for key international marine industries
Oderco Inc. - specialized in the engineering, designing and manufacturing of oilfield drilling equipment and rig packages
Odessa - provides turnkey production for many types of pump applications.
ODI - subsea electrical and fibreoptic interconnect systems. High-reliability connectors, cable assemblies and junction boxes
ODI Ocean Design Inc - is the world leader in subsea electrical and fiber optic interconnect systems
ODIM Brooke Ocean - provides hardware, systems engineering and R&D services to the marine science, naval and oil & gas sectors.
OEM Components - products include transmission solenoids and sensors, vehicle speed and differential speed sensors
Offshore Marine Cable Specialists - supplies Amphenol connectors, Hawke glands, transits, enclosures and junction boxes, Burndy lugs and connectors, and Redapt adapter threads.
Offshore Safety and Survival Centre - safety and emergency response training courses to the offshore petroleum, marine transportation, fishing and land based industries
Offshore Specialty Fabricators, Inc. - true turnkey project services with no built in contingencies or surprises.
Ohmart/VEGA Corp. - sophisticated  process measurement technologies anywhere in the world.
Oil and Gas Investor - source for information about the financial world of oil and gas.
Oil Center Research International, LLC - as a leader in the manufacturing industry, Oil Center Research has gained a reputation for the high quality and dependability of its products
Oil Lift Technology Inc. - Progressive Cavity Pump drive head manufacturing company.
Oilair Hydraulics INC - is the first name in advanced hydraulic accumulators. OilAir is part of the Olaer Industries group of companies.
Oildata Logging Service Inc. - independent, solution-based Service Company delivering customized, cost-effective well-productivity enhancement solutions
Oilfield Equipment Marketing, Inc. - coil based drill pipe inspection
Oilfield-Electric-Marine, Inc. - AC drives and motors specifically designed for the drilling and marine industries
Omron IDM Controls - total automation package, with special attention on drives and motors
Optical Cable Corporation - design and production of special tight-buffered cables
Orion Marine Group Inc - provides a broad range of marine construction and specialty services on, over and under the water along the Gulf Coast,
Ormat Technologies, Inc - development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative power systems. ORMAT® Energy Converter (OEC) units
Overseas Equipment Services, Inc. - oil and gas drilling & well service industry in the Middle East and North Africa
Owen Oil Tools - designs and manufactures the most extensive line of perforating and perforating related products in the industry
Owens Corning - innovator of glass fiber technology.
Owens Kleen Tank - design and manufacturing of quality, low maintenance, sewage/waste treatment systems
OYO Geospace, Corp. - manufacture thermal imaging equipment and distribute dry thermal film products to the commercial graphics industry
PAC Stainless, Ltd. - specializes in stainless steel pipe, stainless steel tubing, stainless steel fittings, and serving the stainless steel industry
PACS Industries, Inc - manufactured metalclad switchgear Circuit breaker elements, protective relays and other components
PacSeal Hydraulics Inc. - supplies industry with superior valves and regulators.
Paine Electronics, LLC - manufactured highly accurate, state-of-the-art pressure transducers
Pajak Engineering Ltd. - alberta drilling company, directional drilling, horizontal drilling, well site supervisor, wellsite supervisor, completions supervisor,
Pan Maritime Energy Services Inc. - supporting the Oil & Gas sector through project management & support engineering and innovative product development
Panametrics-NDT - portable ultrasonic testing equipment includes precision thickness gages, corrosion thickness gages, flaw detectors, pulser-receivers
PanGeo Subsea Inc - specializing in acoustic 3D sub-bottom imaging techniques for risk mitigation in offshore exploration and development.
Paragon Engineering Inc - engineering, consultancy, project management, and construction company
Parco, Inc - manufacturer to specialize in O-rings, still our primary product make custom molded rubber products
Pathfinder Energy Services - core business lies in Logging-while-drilling and Measurement-while-drilling Services, Directional Drilling Services and Down-hole Drilling Motors
Patriot Mechanical Handling, Inc. - Crane and hoist suppliers for the offshore petroleum industry offering hydraulic, and marine deck lifting cranes
Patterson Services, Inc - a provider of drill pipe, blowout preventers, and specialized rental tools
Patterson Tubular Services - Tubular, oilfield, inventory, inspections, handling, barge,
Pauluhn Electric Manufacturing, LLP - providing marine, offshore and industrial lighting products
Pegasus International Inc - field development, subsea and pipeline engineering consultants
PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) - develops all the productive chain of the industry, upstream, downstream and final product commercialization
Pem-Tech, Inc. - development and production of quality gas detection systems for petrochemical industries
Penn State Special Metals - heat treating, straightening, pickle clean, Outside diameter polishing, nondestructive test (eddy current and ultrasonic)
Penn United Carbide - manufacturer of tungsten carbide and silicon carbide components for use in demanding oil field and fluid handling applications
PennWell MAPSearch - information provider to the oil, gas, electric and related industries
Pentair Filtration - filter housings, systems and cartridges increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.
Pentair, Inc. - products and systems used worldwide in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water.
PEPCON Systems - systems for the control of noxious odors, the chlorination of sewage effluents, and the treatment of seawater to control the growth of marine organisms.
Permabond Engineering Adhesives - provider of adhesive solutions to industry world-wide
Petro Kazakhstan - vertically, integrated, international energy company
Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd - Combines Canadian oil and gas operations with two CBM opportunities and 38 400 acres of oil sand leases
Petron Industries Inc - manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig instrumentation and control systems to the international oil and gas industry
Petrotechnologies Inc - products and services for the completion of oil and gas wells include downhole small tube connector systems that are redundantly sealed
Phillips Petroleum Company - exploration and production; gas gathering, processing and marketing
Photon Control INC - Optical gas flow meters: flare gas, natural gas, fuel gas, LNG. Optical steam flow and steam quality meters
Piezo Technologies - complete piezoelectric ceramic and custom ultrasonic transducer, sensor and imaging solutions for applications and industries
Pigs Unlimited, Inc. - a leader and innovator of comprehensive pigging products and services
Pileco, Inc - consult and service offerings that are capable of supporting clients worldwide.
Pioneer Natural Resources Company - independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Pioneer Petrotech Services Inc - development and manufacturing of the highest quality measurement systems for oil and gas industry
Pipeline Pigging Products, Inc - manufacturer of Internal Pipeline Cleaners referred to in the trade as "Poly Pigs."
Plymouth Extruded Shapes - international tubing manufacturer operates a large network of metalworking mills in the United States.
PMI, Morgan City - provides oilfield contracting, management, contract operations, welding, sandblasting , environmental services
Point Eight Power - switchgear engineering and manufacturing
PowerWell Services - PowerWell Testing, Power Chokes, Petrotech, and Flarestack
Precision Tube Technology - manufactures coiled line pipe and downhole products for subsea and oil and gas drilling.
Pressure Switches Inc. - well equipped CNC Manufacturing Facility
PREVCO Subsea Housings - specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, vent plugs, pressure relief valves and other accessories to meet all your underwater equipment needs
Princetel - communication, fiber optic rotary joints
Proco Products, Inc. - expansion joints, fabric fan connectors, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets to the piping industry.
Pro-Dive Marine Services - diving and remotely operated vehicle services available
Propak Systems Ltd. - Engineering/Process Development Technology Field Construction, Commissioning and Start Up
ProservAnchor Crane Group - manufacturer of overhead cranes & hoist
Prysmian Cables & Systems - innovation driver in all major Energy and Telecom cables business activities.
PS Fabricators & Constructors, LLC. - project management, fabrication, welding, and service company that has specialized in construction services in the pipeline
PSL Energy Services Limited - solutions for well services, process, pipeline and excavation contracts.
PSRG Inc. - Process Safety Management, Risk Management, Loss Prevention, and Process Plant Reliability solutions to the refining, gas processing, petrochemical
PT Petrotech - has capabilities to support the client in upfront engineering till completion and start up of well partial equipment
Puget Sound Rope - Ropes, Cordage, synthetic ropes, fiber ropes, synthetic tow leaders, winches
PV Inspection Services Limited - management, inspection and technical services to a variety of industrial sectors including the oil and gas industry.
QA Bearing Technologies - manufactures custom bearings to meet the restricted boundary dimensions and demanding service typically found in oilfield downhole tools
QCI Marine Offshore, LLC - turnkey marine construction company specializing in the construction and renovation of living quarters
Quality Tubing - coiled tubing products, and through the development of its proprietary technology
Quantapoint, Inc. - as-built documentation for the offshore, power, process, and architectural industries
Quartzdyne Inc - manufactures high precision, high pressure quartz-crystal-based transducers for the oil and gas industry
Racor Division Parker Hannifin Corp. - offers fuel, oil, engine-air, water, transmission, crankcase ventilation and hydraulic filtration solutions at every flow rate
Radial Drilling Services, Inc. - provision of radial drilling systems including technical and operating personnel.
RAE Systems - portable, wireless and fixed atmospheric monitors and photoionization detectors and gamma and neutron radiation detectors for the detection
Rapid-Torc Inc - designs and manufactures a full range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and industrial maintenance tools
Rattler Tools, Inc - remove metal contaminants from fluids down hole
Ray Oil Tool Company - Centralization Specialists
Reamco Inc. - API Spec.7 and ISO approved
Reel-O-Matic - design and manufacture of machine for reeling and coiling of wire, cable, tubing, wire rope, steel, fiber optic material
Remote Ocean Systems - design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe oceanographic environments
Retsco Ltd. - A high tech manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry.
Richards Industries - provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical
RigPower, LLC. - specification electrical products and accessories
Rockbestos-Surprenant Cable Corp. - design & manufacture of insulated high performance Control, Power, Instrumentation and Specialty electrical cables.
Rogers Oil Tool Services - service and repair of all major manufacturer’s drillpipe spinners, tubing tongs and casing tongs
Rolls-Royce plc - leaders engineering for the aero space, defence and marine industries.
RPC Inc. - is an oil and gas services company with numerous service lines
RR Valve, Inc. - high tech manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry
RSVP Actuators & Controls - Scotch-Yoke Actuator
RTI Energy Systems - O&G systems engineering and manufacturing integrating traditional materials with titanium
Saft Power Systems USA Inc - manufacturer of reliable power supply systems, power protection solutions and services
Sandwell International Inc. - engineering contractor in industrial process, transportation, power, petroleum, manufacturing
SBM-IMODCO Inc. - Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) systems
SC Hydraulic Engineering - air and gas boosters which are being used in a variety of industries and applications.
SCHLEIFRING Systems, LLC - leading developer and manufacturer of electrical slip ring systems and non-contacting rotary joints for the transmission of power
Schroeder Industries LLC - designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication and process systems.
Scientific Technologies - machine safeguarding products in the United States and is recognized throughout the world for its superior products and services
Scorpion Offshore Inc - fleet of ultra-premium jackup offshore drilling rigs
Scorpion Oil Tools - Scorpion is breakout makeup dual position hydraulic chain tong for outside diameters from 2 3/8 to 36 inches with high torque
Sea Engineering, Inc. - marine and general contractors; government agencies; and research institutions.
SeaBotix Inc. - is the leading manufacturer of the MiniROV system LBV and revolutionary hybrid ROV/Crawler
Seabridge Marine Services Ltd - dry transporting some of the largest structures in the world to providing a mobile dry docking service
SeaCAT, LP - manufactures high pressure, subsea umbilical tubing for chemical injection and hydraulic control of deepwater
Seacoast Electric Company Inc. - specialty distributor of cable and associated electrical and electronic products for the marine industry.
Seacon Giannini - Manufacturer of hermetically sealed limit switches, proximity switches, potentiometers and magnetic couplings.
Seacor Marine Inc - operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the global offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry
Seals & Packings, Inc. - high quality O-Rings, Polyseals, Packings, Custom Rubber Products and much more to our customers
Seamap - a comprehensive range of exploration products focused on the marine seismic survey industry
Seasafe, Inc. - fiberglass grating, Seasafe, International Grating, fiberglass, grating
SeaView Systems - underwater inspection services and the full range of Seaeye remotely operated vehicle products.
Seitel Incorporated - provider of seismic data and related geophysical services to the oil and gas industry
Sensonetics, Inc. - temperature pressure transducers, transmitters and high pressure sensors
Separation Specialists Inc - manufacturing and service company supplying water-treating equipment and parts to the petroleum and industrial market
Sermatech International - Coating services for oil & gas - Thermal Spray, Organics, Phosphating
SGF Global, Inc. - engineering and technical personnel to the Latin American Oil & Gas, Petrochemical,
Shaw Pipeline Services - vibrant and diversified force in the global energy services market.
ShawCor Ltd. - products and services for the pipeline and pipe services market
Shell Technology Ventures, Inc. - developing new technologies that increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and promote sustainable development.
Shuster Corporation - solving problems for industrial manufacturers, distributors and end users from all over the world
Sidus Solutions, Inc. - specialized closed circuit cameras and video for subsea
SIMUL8 Corporation. - markets, and supports business simulation software that enhances the way people make and communicate decisions
SI-TEX Marine Electronics Inc. - leader in the field of marine electronics ever since.
SkoFlo Industries, Inc. - Chemical / Methanol injection valves are used in surface and sub-sea environments for the Oil and Gas industry.
Skookum - Cast Steel & Cast Manganese Steel Sheaves. Gold Standard Forgings
Smalley Steel Ring Company - Smalley Steel Ring Co. manufactures spiral retaining rings, seal rings, wave springs and flat wire compression springs.
Smart Pipe Company, LP - liner system and the manufacturing/installation system
Smith International - engineering, drill bits, downhole tools and drilling fluids
Soilmec Branham, Inc. - manufactures oil field machinery drilling equipment and accessories
SolidWorks Corporation - SolidWorks provides intuitive and straightforward 3D CAD tools to help design teams develop better products.
Solvay Solexis, Inc. - fluorinated products for specialty markets
Sonardyne Inc. - manufacturing of subsea survey and positioning instrumentation
Southwest Oilfield Products, Inc. - products such as, Liners, Rods, Valves, Seats and other expendables.
Spartek Systems Inc - wide range of memory/surface readout pressure/temperature recorders
Special Metals Corporation - INCONEL, INCOLOY, NIMONIC, UDIMET, MONEL and NILO alloys.
Specific Equipment company - fluid handling systems for water, fuel and crude oil
Spectrum Batteries Inc. - provider of battery pack/modules to the oilfield industry
Spinnaker Exploration Company - independent energy production company
SPM Flow Control, Inc. - well service pumps and flow control products, to high pressure flow control components and equipment
SPN Resources - acquire, operate and abandon mature properties in the Gulf of Mexico
SPX Process Equipment - is a leading manufacturer of fluid process solutions, metering and blending systems and industrial valves serving sanitary, biopharmaceutical, industrial and municipal markets worldwide.
SSP Fittings Corp - designs & produces hydraulic & instrumentation tube fittings & valves made from stainless steel, brass and other exotic alloys.
Stabil Drill - rental tools, including stabilizers, non-magnetic drill collars, hole openers, reamers, mills, subs and the SMFI Hydroclean
Stewarts-USA - manufacture of high quality gauges and pressure instrumentation products.
Stoody - production of welding wires and electrodes used to combat various types of wear and corrosion
Strat Petroleum Ltd - oil and natural gas exploration company
Stratos - experts in all of the disciplines required for commercializing technology and bringing products rapidly to market
Straub Pipe Couplings - join pipes of all materials with no special tools or pipe-end preparation
Stress Engineering Services, Inc. - specialize in using a multi-disciplinary approach to solve complex engineering problems
Stress Subsea, Inc. - subsea tieback, pipeline design, field architecture development, and project management services
Strongwell - manufactures, designs and fabricates fibreglass structures and systems, including gratings
Structural Solutions Llc - provides Professional Engineering services for construction projects of all kinds
Sub Surface Tools - supplying test plugs, wearbushings and retrieving tools, bop rams, spools, and adapters, to a full service rental tool
Submar, Inc. - concrete mat technology pipeline operators
Sub-One Technology - global source for InnerArmor, the advanced, corrosion-resistant internal coatings
Sullair Corporation - four sites offer hands-on compressor training in multiple languages
Sullivan Palatek Inc. - manufactures electric and diesel driven high performance rotary screw air compressors
SUM Ltd - high quality technical insulation solutions within an enjoyable challenging environment
SUMMIT Electric Supply, Inc. - electrical material including distribution equipment, motor control, lamps & lighting, conduit & fittings, wire & cable, tools, automation, datacom and more.
Sunoco - gas stations, crude oil production and petroleum products
Superbolt, Inc. - replacement for hex nuts, covered nuts, bolts, etc
Superior Inspection Services - specializes in QUALITY NDT Inspections of all related Oil Country Tubulars and Drill String Components
Superior Manufacturing Inc. - oilfield marine, mining, forestry, fishing, and construction industry products and service
Superior Offshore International LLC - offshore services industry, specialized in commercial diving and salvage.
Superior Technical Ceramics Corp. - applications that require wear or corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, or ceramic insulators for electrical resistance.
Superior Wellhead Inc. - exploration, drilling and production wellhead equipment.
Swift Oil and Gas - the leading specialist supplier of manpower resources to the global Oil & Gas industry
Syntroleum Corporation - gas-to-liquids (GTL) industry and LNG
Systel Inc - software development services, system integration, ERP solutions, product development, electronic commerce and management
T. D. Williamson - pigging, pipeline pigs and related equipment, pipe services
T. H. Hill Associates, Inc. - technical drilling engineering and quality management and training services
T3 Energy Services, Inc. - manufacture, remanufacture, and distribution of oilfield products and services to the oil and gas industry
TAM International, Inc. - manufactures and services one of the widest ranges of inflatable Casing Annulus Packers (CAP™) and accessories
Team Industrial Services - engineering design and manufacturing facility provides industry with the world’s finest leak sealing and hot tapping hardware, sealants
Tek-Rap Inc. - manufactures a series of coating systems, which are used to protect the exterior of pipelines and fittings against corrosion.
Teledyne Benthos - measurement, inspection, data collection and communication in remote and challenging marine environments
Teledyne Impulse - highest quality connectors and cable assemblies
Terresolve Technologies Ltd. - environmentally preferable alternative solution to petrol-based oils in industrial and consumer applications
TESCO Corporation - global leader in the design, manufacture and service of technology-based solutions for the upstream energy industry
TEST Automation & Controls (Harvey) - engineered systems solutions to independents, majors, specialty contractors, and engineering consultants
TETRA Technologies Inc. - manufactures integrated calcium chloride and brominated products,
Tetralene Elastomer Incorporated (TEI) - engineering design services, compound testing and manufacturers a wide range of custom molded elastomeric seals, packing and components
Tetralene Incorporated - machines custom high performance thermoplastic components and manufactures custom spring energized seals
Tex-A-Draulics, Inc. - system design and manufacturing, service and repair, and a complete product line of hydraulic and pneumatic hose and fitting
Texas First Industrial Corp., - engineering, design, manufacture and marketing of oilfield drilling equipment and complete drilling rig packages
Texas Nameplate Company, Inc - manufactures high quality nameplates, identification tags, name plate tag, custom labels for high-pressure valves
Texas Oil Tools - design and manufacture pressure control equipment for the coiled tubing and wireline market
Texas Systems & Controls - global provider of custom skid-mounted systems each engineered to our customer’s exact requirements.
Texma Petroleum Machinery - specializes in the development of mud pump fluid end expendables to customers all over the world
TFE Company, Inc. - manufactures custom molded and fabricated plastics
The Bayou Companies, LLC - services and products span from the industry standard FBE coatings to complex deepwater insulations, SCR welding capabilities
The Crosby Group, Inc. - accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry with the highest levels of quality control available
The Double Life Corporation, Inc. - specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of solids control components and centrifugal pumps.
The Geotechnical Group, Inc. - experienced geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, chemists and earth scientists
The Lincoln Electric Company - manufacture of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment
The Meter and Valve Company - a manufacturer's representative and stocking distributor
The Motor Company Inc. - Canadian company providing Drilling Motor Solutions.
The Okonite Company - insulators of electrical wire and cable
The Pipe Line Development Company - manufactures pipe line repair and maintenance fittings
The REACH Group - specializes in the implementation of Performance Improvement programs for industry
The Sherwin-Williams Company - producer of paints and coatings
The Thomson Corporation - leading global provider of integrated information-based solutions to business and professional customers.
The Timken Company - engineered bearings, alloy steels and related products and services
Thermion Inc. - designing and manufacturing Metalizing or Twin Wire Arc Spray systems
Thru Tubing Solutions - complete line of snubbing and thru tubing tools including a patented sealed bearing mud motor
Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc - manufactures heavy duty commercial marine propulsion equipment, including deck-mounted propulsion units
Titan Specialties - manufacturing of perforating systems, hardware and logging instruments
Titan Technologies International, Inc. - bolting solutions provider committed to offering the most reliable and comprehensive bolting solutions world wide
Titan Technologies International, Inc. - hydraulic and pneumatic bolting fasteners products
Titanium Engineers, Inc. - stainless steel alloys producing both tubular and machined components
Titanium Industries, Inc. - leading, global titanium mill products distributor
TMT Labs - cable and rope testing and analysis
Tobul Accumulator, Inc. - larger and higher pressure accumulators.'
TODCO - is a U.S. domiciled oil and gas drilling contractor headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Torp - specializing in the development and industrialization of oil & gas related technology
Total Safety U.S., Inc. - safety needs of the oil and gas industry, worldwide.
Trico Marine - leading provider of marine support vessels to the offshore oil and gas industry
Triple S Steel Supply - national distributor of structural steel, ornamental iron, welding supplies, and hardware.
Triton Engineering Services Company - outsource engineering and operations companies by consistently applying effective management techniques
TSB Bearings Group - supplier of quality engineering and bearing products
TSC Manufacturing & Supply Co. - manufacturer and supplier of drilling rig related equipment and supplies
Tubacex America Inc. - Manufacture SEAMLESS Nickel Alloy, Duplex/Super-Duplex OCTG, Hollow Bars
Tube Supply Inc. - offer a complete line of sizes, grades and services including heat treating, boring, honing, cutting and machine work
Tube-Mac Industries Ltd. - providing complete design, manufacture and installation of various piping/tubing systems.
Tubular Instrumentation & Controls - a service company specializing in various stainless steel tubing and hose installations related to the gas and oil industry.
Tubular Perforating Manufacturing, Ltd - supplying oilfield perforated tubing used for sand control assemblies
Tulsa Power LLC - designs and builds a wide range of material-handling solutions
U.S. Bolt Manufacturing, Inc. - complete line of hot forge specialty fasteners for hostile environments and critical applications
U.S. Underwater Services, Inc. - work in all aspects of commercial diving
Ultima Labs, Inc - provide full service design and manufacturing services to the oilfield service industry.
Ultra Seal - reliable sealing concepts and practical solutions to sealing problems
Ulven Forging, Inc - produced forging using the open die, closed die, upset, and press processes in materials
Umoe Schat-Harding Inc. - world's largest manufacturer of marine lifesaving systems; lifeboats, davits and winches.
Unimar, Inc. - supplier of tower and obstruction lighting products
United Electric Controls - design, manufacturing and application of Threshold Detection and Switching™ technology
United Marine Shipyard - full service ship and offshore drill rig repair operation and facility, offering services in structural steel and pipe fabrication, electrical
Universal Compression Holdings Inc. - provides various natural gas compression services and compressors products
Universal Fishing and Rental Tools - provide quality fishing and cutting tools
Universal Metal Hose - product line of strip wound and corrugated metal hose, wire braid and complete assemblies
Universal Weld Overlays Inc - high quality clad, pressure vessels, surfaceing, pipe fittings, spooling, hardfacing
Unocal Corporation - oil and natural gas production and exploration development company
US Synthetic Corporation - development and production of polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) for oil and gas exploration
UTEX - designs and manufactures sealing products for almost any type of service or application
Valley Forge & Bolt Manufacturing Co - fasteners and services
Valve Automation & Controls - provide valve / actuation packages, instrumentation products and control valves to meet your process control needs.
Vantage Drilling Company - offshore drilling company with a balanced fleet comprised of floaters and jack-ups.
Vantage Drilling Company - offshore drilling company with a balanced fleet comprised of floaters and jack-ups.
Varel International - independent manufacturer and supplier of high-quality drill bits, servicing the global oil & gas and mining/industrial drilling markets.
Velan Valve - manufacturer of steel gate, globe, and check valves
Ventura Hydraulic & Machine Works, Inc. - hydraulic cylinders, power units, skidding systems, mooring
Verrillon, Inc. - designs and manufactures innovative specialty optical fiber used in optical components and modules
VideoRay LLC - small inspection-class ROV
Vintrol Inc. - manufacturer of Ball valves, Check valves, Gate valves, Needle valves and Wellhead equipment
Virgo Engineers, Inc. - supplier and manufacturer of flow control solutions including ball valves, butterfly valves, actuators and valve automation systems
VME Process, Inc. - design and manufacture process equipment packages and custom designed process internals
Vortex Ventures Inc - applications including eductors, shear mixers, hydrocyclones, cyclones, high volume slurry mixers, density separators
W & O Supply Inc - provider of total piping solutions to the marine industry
Ward Leonard Electric Company, Inc. - providing control systems, electric motors, relays, and other electronics for demanding, failure-not-an-option situations
Warrior Energy Service - cased-hole wireline and well intervention services
Wave Imaging Technology Inc. - is a specialty seismic processing firm
Weed Instrument Co Inc - custom design, high volume temperature sensors for OEM applications
Weeks Marine, Inc. - operates a large and diversified fleet of dredging barges
Weidmuller, Inc. - manufacturer of components for electrical connection technology.
Welaptega Marine Services - Underwater mooring integrity verification. Inspection of mooring components and other subsea systems
Well Control School - leading provider of training and certification services to the world-wide oil industry.
Well Data Technologies - deliver performance improving results to operators and drilling contractors across the globe.
Well Flow International LLC - research to meet the challenging technical problems that arise in oil production
Wellbore Navigation, Inc. - directional drilling-survey service company with many years of experience in directional drilling survey and oil drilling activities.
Wellbore Specialties - experience in wellbore cleanout and a total commitment to providing the highest quality products and services
Wellogix - providing online software for the oil and gas industry
Wenzel Downhole Tools - supplier of jars, motors, downhole drilling completion tools
Western Corrosion Technologies - highly predictive software tool that determines where corrosion is likely to occur in oil and gas pipelines
Western Well Tool - nonrotating drillpipe casing tubulars protectors
Westfalia Separator, Inc. - manufacturer and distributor of high quality centrifuges and systems
Westney Consulting Group - focus is on major projects in the oil & gas, chemicals & pharmaceuticals industries.
W-H Energy Services Inc. - logging-while-drilling, measurement-while-drilling, directional drilling, down-hole drilling motors
White Star Pump Company - manufacture Mud Pumps.
Whitefield Plastics Corporation - producer of castable polyurethane molding
Whitehill Manufacturing - manufacture custom designed aramid rope for the Oceanographic industry
Wild Well Control - firefighting, well control and related engineering services
Wilkens Weather Technologies, L.P - specialize in offshore and marine forecasting for the oil & gas and petrochemical industries
Williams Milton Roy - manufacturers of pneumatic metering pumps and chemical injection systems
Winters Instruments - industrial instrumentation manufacturer for the measurement of pressure and temperature
Wireline Technologies, Inc. - tools for use with directional drilling equipment
WOM - Worldwide Oilfield Machines - design, manufacture, and testing of Drill Through Well Control Equipment
Womack Machine Supply Co. - fluid power, industrial controls and automation distributor
Wood Group Engineering & Production Facilities - provides valuable reservoir information, allowing customers to optimize production while minimizing the chance of reservoir damage
Wood Group ESP, Inc.   - permit operators to utilize the latest in submersible pump technology.
Wood Group Pressure Control - equipment from BOP stacks, gate valves and casing to wellheads
Workstrings LLC - tubular rental company specializing in renting primary drill pipe string, tubing, landing strings
Xtreme Deepwater & Derrick Repair LLC - fabrication of derrick structures, drilling and pipe handling
Z Corporation - develops, manufactures, and markets the world’s fastest 3D Printers - machines that produce physical prototypes
Zaetric Business Solutions, LLC - technical writing and management services for engineering projects and business operations in the oilfield and other industries
Zapp Precision Wire Inc. - leading suppliers of cold formed stainless steel and titanium wires, bars and profiles
Zentech - an engineering consulting and software development company,
Zeus Industrial Products, Inc. - manufacture precision polymer extructions to meet the most critical design requirements in a wide range of applications
AcuTech Consulting Group - HSE training and safety risk analysis, software and consultancy
Beyond Compliance - implements and supports the Company’s Integrated Compliance Management System
Boots & Coots International Well Control - is a global emergency response company that specializes in offering prevention, response and restoration capabilities to the global needs of the oil and gas industries.
Dril-Quip - manufacturers drilling and production equipment as wellheads and tubing
Enertech Services International - provides multi-discipline engineering design, site support to construction, procurement and project management services to the upstream
FMC Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production equipment for land and offshore
Honeywell Control - advanced production and well control software and instrumentation
INTEC Engineering - provides engineering services to the Exploration and Production, Construction, and Transportation sectors of the energy industry worldwide.
Marathon Oil Company - worldwide exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
Nautilus Offshore Company Inc. - construction and repair of offshore drilling and production rigs
Samson Rope - development and manufacture of high-performance ropes
Seamar Divers, Inc. - is an independently owned, full service diving contractor, offering a variety of specialized services
TALON Technical Sales - physical Measurement (Temperature, Pressure, Force/Weight, Torque, Flow, Moisture, Vibration, Level and Gas Detection), Signal Conditioning, Indication, Data Acquisition (Hardware & Software)
Texaco - finds and produces LNG, crude oil and natural gas
TGS-NOPEC Geophysical - consultancy geophysical seismic data and associated products
Utex Industries - mechanical seals, high-tech compression packing, and maintenance chemicals
Welker Inc - creating innovation products to solve complex problems for the petroleum and natural gas industries
ROMOR Atlantic Limited - oceanographic, offshore oil & gas, geophysical and defense
Scientific Marine Services, Inc. - provide instrumentation, testing and consulting services

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The list of Oil Gas Companies in America(north) listed in this region guide are ranked by their company listing category. Oil Gas Companies in America(north) with Premium listing are listed first, then Standard lists of offshore companies in America(north). The basic listed petroleum companies in America(north) are listed at the end of the list.
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