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Subsea Deepwater Conferences

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Upcoming Events:
Deepwater Production Tech 2011 -
Date: 2011-03-09 to 2011-03-10
Location: London, UK

3rd Deepwater Asia Congress 2011 -
Date: 2011-05-17 to 2011-05-20
Location: Shanghai, China
Organizer: SZ&W Group

Past Events:
Deepwater Operations Conference & Exhibition 2007
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
Subsea Tieback 2007
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
MCE Deepwater Development 2007
Location: London, UK, Organizer: Quest Offshore
Deep Offshore Technology International Conference & Exhibition (DOT)
Location: Stavanger, Norway, Organizer: Pennwell
The fifth Deepwater Operations Conference & Exhibition
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition (SSTB) 2008
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
Deepwater Operations
Location: Galveston, Texas, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
7th DEEP WATER angola SUMMIT 2008
Location: Luanda, Angola, Organizer: EnergyWise
DeepGulf 2008
Location: New Orleans, USA, Organizer: Quest Offshore
Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition
Location: San Antonio, USA, Organizer: Pennwell
Location: New Delhi, India, Organizer: EnergyWise
MCE Deepwater Development 2009
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark, Organizer: Quest Offshore
Deepwater Intervention Forum
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: OilOnline
Deepwater Intervention Center
Location: Galveston, USA, Organizer: ATCOM
"Deepwater Challenges"
Location: Brookshire, USA, Organizer: WestEngineer

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