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Subsea environmental and safety companies

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Environmental Hydraulic Fluids - Environment Monitoring - Oil Spill - Oil Treatment - Water Treatment - Pollution Control and Prevention - Pollution Control - Safety Control - Waste Handling - Well Control Services

The list of all environmental and safety companies :
FUGRO Oceanor - Specialist in integrated real-time CCTV and environmental monitoring systems used in offshore oil and gas production
MacDermid Canning Ltd - Oceanic and Erifon water-based fluids are used for hydraulic control of valves in offshore drilling and production systems
Castrol Offshore - provides a complete lubrication service to the exploration and production industry across the world
Teledyne RD Instruments - environmental monitoring and acoustic Doppler instruments solutions
Atlas Incinerators A/S - incinerator to marine industry, the offshore industry
Aeromarine - offshore supplier,ship chandler,ship repairs,dealers @ exporters of ship spares & aids to marine navigation
Alkota Cleaning Systems Inc. - high pressure washers, parts cleaners, wastewater treatment systems, powerful detergents
Alstom Power UK - is the world leder in hydroelectric equipment, combined-cycle electric power plants, energy production services and environmental control systems
Applied Energy Company, Inc. - situation-specific solutions to contamination control, lubrication, PD air needs and hydraulics
Aqua-Chem - design, manufacture and marketing of Waste heat distillation-cogeneration systems for key markets and applications worldwide
Arjay Engineering - designing and manufacturing process and environmental controls
BMT Cordah - international multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy and information systems company
Boots & Coots de Venezuela - has full firefighting capabilities including personnel, engineering and equipment.
BS&B Safety Systems - commitment to technology, high quality manufacturing and quality by design, has earned us the ISO 9001 Quality System Certification.
Cudd Well Control - knowledgeable pool of well control specialists and engineers focus on their fields of expertise
Cyclotech - products include deoiling, desanding, wellhead desanding hydrocyclones which, with Sandscape slurry eductor,
Decommissioning Services - environmental services in the fields of site supervision, facility assessment and environmental engineering, design and remediation
Delitek AS - waste handling systems specially designed for use onboard ships, offshore installations and the fish industry
DHI Water & Environment - ecology and environmental chemistry, water resources, hydraulic engineering and hydrodynamics
EFA Technologies, Inc. - design-engineering firm specializing in electrical and control systems projects for petrochemical and industrial clients.
Elastec/American Marine - largest manufacturer of fire boom in the world.
Enerscope Systems Inc. - Equipment supplier for solid-from-liquid filtration.
Ensinger GMBH - use of raw materials, waste recycling, waste water, noise and energy consumption
ENWA AS - Manufacturer of water treatment equipment for the maritime, oil and gas industry, including reverse osmosis systems
eProcess Technologies - cyclone based technologies in the oil & gas industry, including oil and water treatment, solids handling and gas liquid separation
Flare Industries, Inc. - combustion and pollution control technology, providing quality flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and ignition systems
General Oceanics, Inc. - manufacturer of environmetal testing and safety monitoring equipment
Hi Point Industries Ltd. - developing an environmentally safe, all natural, oil absorbent for the containment of hydrocarbon spills
Houghton Plc - subsea hydraulic control fluids, Stack-Magic BOP fluids, and wave and tidal energy generating lubricants
Ifremer - engineering, underwater exploration and environmental monitoring
IONICS Instrument Group - Produces a wide range of analysers, instruments and systems. Instruments in focus at ONS are oil-on-water monitoring
ITS Drilling Services - providing global environmental solutions for the global drilling industry.
KMC Oiltools - provide specialised services and proprietary products to oil and gas producers and drilling contractors.
LJM Hydraulik - manufacturer of standard and hydraulic cylinders
M-I Epcon AS - Has developed its own treatment technology for produced water.
Nalco Company - a leading provider of integrated water treatment and process improvement services, chemicals and equipment programs
Navalis Environmental Systems, LLC - engineers specializing in wastewater treatment, marine environmental engineering, and business professionals.
Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) - leading renewable energy company specializing in offshore wave power technology
Owens Kleen Tank - design and manufacturing of quality, low maintenance, sewage/waste treatment systems
PEPCON Systems - systems for the control of noxious odors, the chlorination of sewage effluents, and the treatment of seawater to control the growth of marine organisms.
ProAnalysis AS - Oil-in-Water measurements by use of laser and oil droplet fluoresence
ProPure AS - providing technical services and equipment
Reflex Marine - provides innovative and risk focused solutions for offshore operators
Sealed Enclosures - specialise in providing underwater housings
Seaworks AS - Special vessel for oil spill clean-up.
Separation Specialists Inc - manufacturing and service company supplying water-treating equipment and parts to the petroleum and industrial market
Shanxi Jinbaote Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd - supplier of grooved couplings and fittings from China
Step Change in Safety - is the UK based partnership with the remit to make the UK the safest Oil and Gas Exploration and Production province
TEA Group - provides engineering and consulting services for the Petroleum and Process Industry
Teresols Oil & Gas - Outsourcing, OCTG, Rig sourcing, valves and contracts procurement
Terresolve Technologies Ltd. - environmentally preferable alternative solution to petrol-based oils in industrial and consumer applications
VWS Westgarth Ltd - expert in the supply of water treatment process plant.
Well Control School - leading provider of training and certification services to the world-wide oil industry.
Well Flow International LLC - research to meet the challenging technical problems that arise in oil production
Well Processing AS - Swit system provides treatment and injection of seawater on the seabed
Wild Well Control - firefighting, well control and related engineering services
Boots & Coots International Well Control - is a global emergency response company that specializes in offering prevention, response and restoration capabilities to the global needs of the oil and gas industries.
CETCO Oilfield Services - Specialises in the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from offshore and land-based wastewater streams
Niche Products Limited - provide the Pelagic Range of environmentally superior Hydraulic Control Fluids to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.
Total Waste Management Alliance PLC - specialises in offshore and onshore cuttings handling, cuttings processing, oily water treatment, pit cleaning, drill cuttings containment
Neptune Oceanographics Ltd - company specialising in underwater marine environmental monitoring


The environmental and safety companies listed in this environmental and safety category are ranked by their listing category; environmental and safety companies with Premium listing are listed first, then Standard listing environmental and safety companies. The basic listed environmental and safety companies are listed last.
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