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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies

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BP - a leading provider of oil and natural gas exploration and production
Contact: , Phone: (+4412) 24 83 20 00, Fax:
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)

ConocoPhillips - an international, integrated oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Petrobras - brazilian integrated corporation whose business is oil and natural gas exploration, production
Contact: , Phone: (+5521) 25 34 12 95, Fax: (+5521) 25 34 37 61
Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, America(South)

Shell Oil Company - is one of the largest major oil and natural gas companies
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 32 41 61 61, Fax: (+171) 32 41 40 44
Houston, USA, America(North)

Sonangol - angola oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+24) 42 33 44 48, Fax: (+24) 42 39 17 82
Luanda, ANGOLA, Africa

StatoilHydro - one of the world's largest net sellers of crude oil. operator of fields, exploration
Contact: , Phone: (+47) 51 99 00 00, Fax: (+47) 51 99 00 50
Stavanger, NORWAY, Europe(North)

Total - major integrated oil and gas exploration corporation
Contact: , Phone: (+331) 47 44 45 46, Fax: (+331) 47 44 78 78
Courbevoie, FRANCE, Europe(South)

ADNOC - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - state owned oil gas exploration company
Contact: , Phone: (+971) 26 02 00 00, Fax: (+971) 26 02 33 89
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East

BG Group plc - exploration and production, liquefied natural gas, transmission and distribution
Contact: , Phone: +44 (0) 118 935 3222, Fax: +44 (0) 118 935 3484
Berkshire, UK, Europe(North)

Chevron Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production operations around the world
Contact: , Phone: +1 925-842-1000, Fax:
San Ramon, USA, America(North)

ChevronTexaco - among the world's largest global energy companies
Contact: , Phone: (+141) 58 94 77 00, Fax:
San Francisco, USA, America(North)

CNOOC - China National Offshore Oil Corporation - China National Offshore Oil Corporation - CNOOC
Contact: , Phone: (+8610) 84 52 10 10, Fax:
Beijing, CHINA, Asia

Conoco Inc - integrated oil company explores for oil and gas production
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax: (+128) 12 93 14 40
Houston, USA, America(North)

DNO - development of smaller petroleum fields
Contact: , Phone: (+47) 23 23 84 80, Fax: (+47) 23 23 84 81
Oslo, NORWAY, Europe(North)

Eni SpA - integrated energy production company
Contact: , Phone: (+3) 90 65 98 21, Fax: (+3906) 59 82 21 41
Rome, ITALY, Europe(South)

Exxon Mobil Corporation - world's premier oil, natural gas, LNG and petroleum products company
Contact: , Phone: , Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Gas de France - one of the leading European gas groups
Contact: , Phone: (+331) 47 54 70 34, Fax: (+331) 42 70 38 33
Paris, FRANCE, Europe(North)

GASSCO AS - The independent operator of the gas transport system from the Norwegian continental shelf to Europe.
Contact: , Phone: +47 52 81 25 00, Fax: +47 52 81 29 46
Haugesund, Norway, Europe(North)

Gazprom - is the world's biggest gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+709) 57 19 30 01, Fax: (+709) 57 19 83 33
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)

Hess Corporation - independent oil gas exploration services and processing company
Contact: , Phone: (+121) 29 97 85 00, Fax:
New York, USA, America(North)

Lundin Petroleum - independent oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+46) 84 40 54 50, Fax: (+46) 84 40 54 59
Stockholm, SWEDEN, Europe(North)

Nexen - is a Canadian-based, global oil gas petroleum company
Contact: , Phone: 403-699-4000, Fax: 403-699-5800
Alberta, CANADA, America(North)

ONGC - Oil and Natural Gas Corp Ltd - leading National Oil GAS exploration Company of India
Contact: , Phone: +9101123301000, Fax: +9101123316413
New Delhi, INDIA, Asia

PetroCanada - is a Canadian integrated oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 96 80 00, Fax: (+140) 32 96 30 30
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)

Premier Oil plc - independent oil and gas company
Contact: , Phone: (+4420) 77 30 11 11, Fax: (+4420) 77 30 46 96
London, UK, Europe(North)

Prosafe ASA - production drilling, owner and operator of accommodation/service rigs and FPSOs/FSOs
Contact: Karine Cosemans, Phone: (+47) 51 64 25 00, Fax: (+47) 51 64 25 01
Tananger, NORWAY, Europe(North)

Repsol YPF SA - integrated international oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+349) 13 48 81 00, Fax: (+349) 13 48 28 21
Madrid, SPAIN, Europe(South)

RWE Dea AG - conducts international exploration for natural gas and crude oil
Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Georg Schöning, Phone: +49(0)40/6375-0, Fax: +49(0)40/6375-3496
Hamburg, Germany, Europe(North)

Talisman Energy Inc. - is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 37 12 34, Fax: (+140) 32 37 19 02
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)

Woodside Petroleum - is involved in the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons
Contact: , Phone: (+618) 93 48 40 00, Fax: (+618) 93 48 55 39
Perth, AUSTRALIA, Australia

DONG - danish oil and gas exploration services company
Contact: , Phone: (+45) 45 17 10 22, Fax: (+45) 45 17 10 44
Hørsholm, DENMARK, Europe(North)

Bergesen Worldwide Offshore AS - dependable FPSO pioneer, providing versatile solutions driven by customer needs
Oslo, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Det norske oljeselskap ASA - is an innovative, independent and aggressive oil company
Trondheim, Norway, Europe(North)
Husky Energy - is one of Canada's largest energy and energy-related companies
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
Kerr-McGee - is one of the largest U.S.-based independent crude oil exploration and production companies
Oklahoma City, USA, America(North)
Petronas - is Malaysia's national petroleum
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Asia
Sinopec - China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
Aker Floating Production - own, operate, and charter out converted tankers equipped for offshore oil and gas production and storage
Oslo, Norway, Europe(North)
Anadarko Petroleum - one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies
Houston, USA, America(North)
Cairn Energy PLC - oil and gas exploration and production company based in Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)
Dragon Oil - is an independent oil development and production company
Dubai, UAE, Middle East
KOGAS Korea Gas Corporation - participating in international projects through equity participation in overseas LNG projects
Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Asia
Kosmos Energy - is a privately held international oil exploration and production company with a focus in Africa.
Dallas, USA, America(North)
Oilexco Inc - exploration and production company
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
OMV Exploration & Production GmbH - austrian oil gas exploration companies
Wien, AUSTRIA, Europe(North)
TAQA - ownstream, midstream and upstream energy company
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East
Apache Corporation - is an independent energy company that explores for, develops and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids
Houston, USA, America(North)
SNEPCO - nigerian oil gas exploration and production activities
Lagos, NIGERIA, Africa
Petropars - developer of exploration, exploitation and production in upstream, downstream and peripheral industries of oil and gas
Tehran, Iran, Middle East
AED OIL Limited - acquiring, developing and commercialising specified oil fields and undertaking oil exploration
Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Aera Energy LLC - oil and gas producer
Bakersfield, USA, America(North)
Afren plc - independent oil and gas exploration, development and production company
London, UK, Europe(North)
AGIP Petroli SpA - operates in the refining and marketing of petroleum products
Rome, Italy, Europe(South)
Aminex plc - experienced, independent, oil and gas company
London, UK, Europe(North)
Antrim Energy inc - an oil and gas exploration and production company
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
Anzon Australia Limited - upstream oil and gas company formed to acquire, develop and commercialise defined oil and gas fields
Sydney, Australia, Australia
Arc Energy - petroleum production and exploration company
Perth, Australia, Australia
Atlantic Petroleum - oil and gas exploration company
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Europe(North)
ATP Oil and Gas Corporation - develop already-discovered offshore petroleum reserves
Houston, USA, America(North)
Australian Worldwide Exploration Ltd - Australian oil and gas exploration and production company
Sydney, Australia, Australia
Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC) - a consortium of 10 major international oil companies and SOCAR, is developing the Azeri, Chirag and deep-water portion of Gunashli fields
Baku, Azerbaijan, Middle East
Bass Strait Oil Company - exploration and production activities
Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Beach Petroleum - oil and gas Exploration and Production Company
Glenside, Australia, Australia
BG Norge - engaged in exploration for and production, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas
Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)
Bharat Petroleum - Refining, Storing, Marketing and distributing petroleum products
Mumbai, India, Asia
BHP Billiton - an international oil and gas exploration and production company in australia
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, Australia
Blue Dolphin Energy Company - pipeline and oil gas exploration services
Houston, USA, America(North)
Bow Valley Energy Ltd. - is leveraging its knowledge of the international oil and natural gas industry to identify and exploit niche opportunities
Calgary, Canada, America(North)
Bowleven - African focused oil and gas company
Edinburgh, UK, Europe(North)
BP Norge AS - Holds 15 licences and is operator of 11. Operatorships include the Valhall/Hod and Ula/Tambar fields.
Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)
BPZ Energy - is an oil and gas exploration and production company which has exclusive license contracts for oil and gas exploration and production
Houston, USA, America(North)
BW Offshore AS - world's leading FPSO contractors and a market leader within advanced offshore loading and production systems
Oslo, Norway, America(North)
Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Ltd, CABGOC -
Luanda, ANGOLA, Africa
Cabot Oil and Gas - natural gas producer and marketer
Houston, USA, America(North)
Cairn India - largest producing oil field in the Indian private sector
Gurgaon, India, Asia
Callon Petroleum Company - engaged in the exploration, development, acquisition and operation of oil and gas properties
Houston, USA, America(North)
Caltex - is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in Australia
Sydney, Australia, Australia
Canadian Natural Resources - oil and natural gas production canada
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
Carrizo Oil and Gas - independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil
Houston, USA, America(North)
Centrica plc - upstream gas production and exploration
Windsor, UK, Europe(North)
Cheetah Oil & Gas Ltd - is an exploration stage oil and gas company engaged in exploring for petroleum and natural gas
Port Moresby, Guinea, Asia
Chevron Upstream Europe - one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide
Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)
CHINA Petroleum Technology & Development Corp - China's largest professional foreign trade company for petroleum and petrochemical materials, equipment and technologies
Beijing, China, Asia
Chornmornaftogas NSC - searching, exploration drilling, construction of fixed platforms and underwater pipelines, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields
Simferopol, Ukraine, Europe(North)
Circle Oil Plc - is an oil and gas exploration, development and production company with an attractive portfolio of assets in Morocco, Namibia, Oman, Panama and Tunisia
Limerick, Ireland, Europe(North)
CNPC - The China National Petroleum Corporation
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
Cobalt International Energy - a private oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on the deepwater of the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.
Houston, USA, America(North)
Cosmo Oil - product range for the petrochemical business
Tokyo, Japan, Asia
Dana Petroleum - ten North Sea fields in production
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)
Desire Petroleum Plc - explore and identify commercial hydrocarbon reserves
London, UK, Europe(North)
Devon Energy - independent oil and gas exploration services and producer
Oklahoma City, USA, America(North)
Discover Petroleum - unique exploration technology that will transform hydrocarbon exploration
Tromsø, Norway, Europe(North)
Ecopetrol, S.A. - carries out hydrocarbon exploration activities
Bogota, Columbia, America(South)
ENAP - exploration and production activities for crude oil and natural gas and the refining and logistics of fuels and other petroleum by products
Santiago, Chile, America(South)
Encana - one of North America's largest independent gas and oil exploration producers
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)
EnCore Oil plc - is an oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company
London, UK, Europe(North)
EnerGulf Resources Inc - international oil and gas exploration and production company
Houston, USA, America(North)
Enterprise Oil plc - a crude oil and natural gas exploration and production operator company
London, UK, Europe(North)
EOG Resources, Inc. - independent (non-integrated) oil and natural gas companies in the United States
Houston, USA, America(North)
Ernst & Young LLP - financing international exploration, acquisition structuring, transfer pricing, or tax compliance, the energy,
St John, Canada, America(North)
Essar Oil - operates a fully integrated oil company of international size and scale in India.
Mumbai, India, Asia
Falkland Oil and Gas - survey and hydrocarbon exploration
London, UK, Europe(North)
Famfa Oil Limited - Nigerian oil and gas exploration and production company
Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
Forest Oil Corporation - exploration, acquisition, development, production and marketing of natural gas and crude oil
Denver, USA, America(North)
Fred. Olsen Production - Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) units
Oslo, Norway, Europe(North)
Frontier Drilling AS - an independent supplier of drilling and production services for the oil industry
Bergen, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. - Oil Petroleum, Natural Gas Supply, Regasification, Transport, Storage and Distribution portugal
Lisboa , PORTUGAL, Europe(South)
Gazflot - russian exploration and ship owning company
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)
Gazprombank - services to enterprises and employees of other sectors (chemical, engineering, defence, nuclear etc.)
Moscow, Russia, Europe(North)
GeoPardazesh - one of the Iranian's leading Geophysics and Geology Exploration Services Groups
Ahwaz, Iran, Middle East
GSPC Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation - vertically integrated energy company across India and overseas
Gandhinagar, India, Asia
Heritage Oil Corporation - independent, international oil and gas exploration, development and production company
Calgary, Canada, America(North)
Hindustan Petroleum - major integrated oil refining and marketing companies in India
Mumbai, India, Asia
Holloman Energy Corp - is an emerging international exploration, development and production independent
Houston, USA, America(North)
Hunting PLC - leading suppliers of Well Construction and Well Completion equipment
London, UK, Europe(North)
Hyperdynamics - energy for the future by exploring for new sources of oil and gas both domestically and internationally
Sugar Land, USA, America(North)
Iceland Oil - oil gas exploration company in Iceland
Reykjavik, ICELAND, Europe(North)
Indian Oil Corp - major diversified, transnational, integrated energy company
New Delhi, India, Asia
Inpex Corporation - oil gas exploration in japan
Tokyo, JAPAN, Asia
Ithaca Energy Inc. - is a Canadian oil and gas exploration and development company
Calgary, Canada, America(North)
JSC Gazprom Neft - is one of the largest oil and gas producing companies in Russia
Moscow, Russia, Europe(North)
Larsen Oil and Gas - international drilling and production contractor
Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)
Lukoil - is Russia's leading oil company
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)
Maersk FPSOs - Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessels
Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe(North)
Maersk Oil - a midsize international oil and gas company
Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe(North)
Maine Oil & Gas Corporation - is an emerging, integrated oil and gas company focused on the acquisition of and development of assets in the gulf of guinea
Houston, USA, America(North)
MEO Australia - company focused on developing large gas projects
Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Murphy Oil Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production
El Dorado, USA, America(North)
National Iranian Oil Company - exploration, development, production, marketing of crude oil and natural gas.
Tehran, Iran, Middle East
Neste Oil - owns and operates two oil refineries in Finland
Espoo, Finland, Europe(North)
New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd - independent, Wellington-based exploration and production company
Wellington, New Zealand, Australia
Newfield Exploration Company - is an independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Houston, USA, America(North)
Nexus Energy - is a Melbourne based, Australian Stock Exchange listed oil and gas company
Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Nexus Floating Production Ltd - supplier of high quality harsh environment FPSOs
Singapore, Singapore, Asia
Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG) - joint venture LNG company, largest shareholder is Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Lagos, NIGERIA, Africa
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNOC - commercial international corporation
Garki, NIGERIA, Africa
Northern Petroleum Plc - an oil and gas exploration, development and production company
London, UK, Europe(North)
Nunaoil - Nunaoil is the National Oil Company of Greenland
Nuuk, Greenland, Greenland
Occidental Petroleum Corporation - oil and natural gas exploration and production
Los Angeles, USA, America(North)
Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) - leading renewable energy company specializing in offshore wave power technology
New Jersey, USA, America(North)
OGDCL - Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd - leading, regional Pakistani E & P Company
Islamabad, PAKISTAN, Asia
Oil Search - is an oil and gas exploration and development company
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Asia
Oilex Ltd - independent oil and gas exploration and production company
Perth, Australia, Australia
Origin Energy - holds significant producing assets; operates onshore processing facilities; and holds a portfolio of onshore and offshore exploration permits
Milton, Australia, Australia
Otto Energy - dynamic, rapidly growing oil and gas company
Perth, Australia, Australia
Pars Oil & Gas Company (POGC), - a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC
Tehran, Iran, Middle East
PDVSA - Petroleos de Venezuela SA/CITGO - is responsible for the efficient, profitable, and dependable exploration, production, refining, transport and commerce of hydrocarbons.
Caracas, VENEZUELA, America(South)
PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) - develops all the productive chain of the industry, upstream, downstream and final product commercialization
Mexico City, Mexico, America(North)
Pertamina - state-owned oil and gas company
Jakarta, INDONESIA, Asia
Petoro AS - create lasting value from oil and gas through commercial operations
Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)
Petro Artic - Supplier network for petroleum projects in the far north
Hammerfest, Norway, Europe(North)
Petro Kazakhstan - vertically, integrated, international energy company
Calgary, Canada, America(North)
Petrobaltic - exploration and extraction of oil and gas from the offshore deposits in Poland
Gdansk, Poland, Europe(North)
Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd - Combines Canadian oil and gas operations with two CBM opportunities and 38 400 acres of oil sand leases
Calgary, Canada, America(North)
PetroChina - is the largest oil/gas producer and distributor, playing a dominant role in the oil and gas industry in China
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) - is Malaysia's national petroleum corporation
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA, Asia
PetroSA - exploring, producing, refining and marketing petroleum oil, gas and petrochemicals
PAROW, South Africa, Africa
Petrovietnam - operations from oil and gas exploration and production
Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia
Petsec Energy - ncreasing oil and gas reserves through successful oil and gas exploration and acquisitions.
Sydney, AUSTRALIA, Australia
Phillips Petroleum Company - exploration and production; gas gathering, processing and marketing
Bartlesville, USA, America(North)
Pioneer Natural Resources Company - independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company
Irving, USA, America(North)
Providence Resources Plc - international upstream oil and gas company
Dublin, Ireland, Europe(North)
PTT Exploration and Production - a national petroleum exploration and production company
Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Queiroz Galvao - exploration and production drilling rigs and FPSO
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, America(South)
Ramco Energy plc - has exploration assets in Ireland and Montenegro and is currently evaluating other frontier exploration and oil services deals
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)
Reliance Industries Limited. - activities span exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals
Ballard Estate, INDIA, Asia
Roc Oil Company Limited - is one of Australia’s leading independent oil and gas companies
Sydney, AUSTRALIA, Australia
Rockhopper Exploration PLC - explore for oil and gas in the Falkland Islands
Salisbury, UK, Europe(North)
Rocksource ASA - oil and gas exploration services
Oslo, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Rosneft - russian oil and gas exploration company
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)
Sakhalin Energy - commercially develop, operate and market the hydrocarbon resources
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, Europe(North)
Salamander Energy - is an Asia-focused independent exploration and production company
London, UK, Europe(North)
Santos Ltd - is a major Australian oil and gas exploration and production company
Adelaide, Australia, Australia
Saudi Aramco - ully integrated international petroleum company with the world's largest oil reserves .
Dhahran, SAUDI ARABIA, Middle East
Sea Production Ltd - develops quality Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) units
Lysaker, Norway, Europe(North)
Sevan Marine - specializing in building, owning and operating floating units for offshore applications
Tananger, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Sevmorneftegaz, CJSC - Development of oil and gas fields on Russia’s Arctic continental shelf
Moscow, Russia, Europe(North)
Shell Technology Ventures, Inc. - developing new technologies that increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and promote sustainable development.
Houston, USA, America(North)
Sibneft - petroleum exploration, production, refining, and marketing
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)
Single Buoy Moorings Inc. - FPSO, floating production storage and offloading, FSO, floating storage and offloading,
Marly, SWITZERLAND, Europe(North)
Sinvest ASA - long-term financial and strategic investor in oil- and offshore companies.
Kristiansand, NORWAY, Europe(North)
SOCAR - State Oil Company of Azerbaijan - is the government-owned entity responsible for all aspects of exploration and development related to oil and gas fields both onshore and offshore for the Republic of Azerbaijan
Baku, Azerbaijan, Middle East
Spinnaker Exploration Company - independent energy production company
Houston, USA, America(North)
Strat Petroleum Ltd - oil and natural gas exploration company
New York, USA, America(North)
Sunoco - gas stations, crude oil production and petroleum products
Philadelphia, USA, America(North)
Teekay Petrojarl - owns and operates four FPSOs in UK and Norwegian waters
Trondheim, Norway, Europe(North)
Teikoku Oil - japan oil and gas exploration, production and pipeline
Tokyo, JAPAN, Asia
ThaiOil - modern processing technologies to produce petroleum products
Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
The Korea National Oil Corporation - recognized national oil corporation
Dongan-gu Anyang-si, Korea, Asia
Tullow Oil - independant oil and gas production
London, UK, Europe(North)
Unocal Corporation - oil and natural gas production and exploration development company
El Segundo, USA, America(North)
Venture Production plc - oil and gas company focused on recapturing the potential of stranded reserves
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)
Vietsovpetro JVC - infrastructure and technical system that serve development of petroleum industry
Vung Tau City, Vietnam, Asia
WHAM Energy Plc - exploration for and development of oil and gas resources
London, UK, Europe(North)
Wintershall - actively involved in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
Kassel, Germany, Europe(North)
Woburn Energy Plc - is engaged in oil and gas exploration.
London, UK, Europe(North)
EGAS - Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company - handle the activities of the natural gas resources of Egypt
Cairo, EGYPT, Middle East
Marathon Oil Company - worldwide exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
Houston, USA, America(North)
Norsk Hydro - an industrial company based on the use of oil, natural gas, LNG resources
Oslo, NORWAY, Europe(North)
Texaco - finds and produces LNG, crude oil and natural gas
San Francisco, USA, America(North)

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The oil exploration and production companies listed in this category are ranked by their listing category; oil exploration and production services companies with Premium listing are listed first, then Standard listing exploration and production companies. The basic listed exploration companies are listed last.
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