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Subsea petroleum products companies

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The list of all petroleum products companies :
ConocoPhillips - an international, integrated oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+128) 12 93 10 00, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Petrobras - brazilian integrated corporation whose business is oil and natural gas exploration, production
Contact: , Phone: (+5521) 25 34 12 95, Fax: (+5521) 25 34 37 61
Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, America(South)

Sonangol - angola oil gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+24) 42 33 44 48, Fax: (+24) 42 39 17 82
Luanda, ANGOLA, Africa

ADNOC - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - state owned oil gas exploration company
Contact: , Phone: (+971) 26 02 00 00, Fax: (+971) 26 02 33 89
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East

ChevronTexaco - among the world's largest global energy companies
Contact: , Phone: (+141) 58 94 77 00, Fax:
San Francisco, USA, America(North)

Exxon Mobil Corporation - world's premier oil, natural gas, LNG and petroleum products company
Contact: , Phone: , Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

Gas de France - one of the leading European gas groups
Contact: , Phone: (+331) 47 54 70 34, Fax: (+331) 42 70 38 33
Paris, FRANCE, Europe(North)

Gazprom - is the world's biggest gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+709) 57 19 30 01, Fax: (+709) 57 19 83 33
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)

Hess Corporation - independent oil gas exploration services and processing company
Contact: , Phone: (+121) 29 97 85 00, Fax:
New York, USA, America(North)

PetroCanada - is a Canadian integrated oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+140) 32 96 80 00, Fax: (+140) 32 96 30 30
Calgary, CANADA, America(North)

Repsol YPF SA - integrated international oil and gas exploration and production company
Contact: , Phone: (+349) 13 48 81 00, Fax: (+349) 13 48 28 21
Madrid, SPAIN, Europe(South)

DONG - danish oil and gas exploration services company
Contact: , Phone: (+45) 45 17 10 22, Fax: (+45) 45 17 10 44
Hørsholm, DENMARK, Europe(North)

Sinopec - China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
AGIP Petroli SpA - operates in the refining and marketing of petroleum products
Rome, Italy, Europe(South)
BG Norge - engaged in exploration for and production, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas
Stavanger, Norway, Europe(North)
Bharat Petroleum - Refining, Storing, Marketing and distributing petroleum products
Mumbai, India, Asia
Cabot Oil and Gas - natural gas producer and marketer
Houston, USA, America(North)
Caltex - is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in Australia
Sydney, Australia, Australia
CHINA Petroleum Technology & Development Corp - China's largest professional foreign trade company for petroleum and petrochemical materials, equipment and technologies
Beijing, China, Asia
CNPC - The China National Petroleum Corporation
Beijing, CHINA, Asia
Cosmo Oil - product range for the petrochemical business
Tokyo, Japan, Asia
ENAP - exploration and production activities for crude oil and natural gas and the refining and logistics of fuels and other petroleum by products
Santiago, Chile, America(South)
Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. - Oil Petroleum, Natural Gas Supply, Regasification, Transport, Storage and Distribution portugal
Lisboa , PORTUGAL, Europe(South)
Hindustan Petroleum - major integrated oil refining and marketing companies in India
Mumbai, India, Asia
Iceland Oil - oil gas exploration company in Iceland
Reykjavik, ICELAND, Europe(North)
Indian Oil Corp - major diversified, transnational, integrated energy company
New Delhi, India, Asia
JSC Gazprom Neft - is one of the largest oil and gas producing companies in Russia
Moscow, Russia, Europe(North)
Murphy Oil Corporation - oil and gas exploration and production
El Dorado, USA, America(North)
Neste Oil - owns and operates two oil refineries in Finland
Espoo, Finland, Europe(North)
PEMEX (Petroleos Mexicanos) - develops all the productive chain of the industry, upstream, downstream and final product commercialization
Mexico City, Mexico, America(North)
PetroSA - exploring, producing, refining and marketing petroleum oil, gas and petrochemicals
PAROW, South Africa, Africa
Petrovietnam - operations from oil and gas exploration and production
Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia
Rosneft - russian oil and gas exploration company
Moscow, RUSSIA, Europe(North)
Sunoco - gas stations, crude oil production and petroleum products
Philadelphia, USA, America(North)
ThaiOil - modern processing technologies to produce petroleum products
Bangkok, Thailand, Asia
Marathon Oil Company - worldwide exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
Houston, USA, America(North)

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The petroleum products companies listed in this petroleum products category are ranked by their listing category; petroleum products companies with Premium listing are listed first, then Standard listing petroleum products companies. The basic listed petroleum products companies are listed last.
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