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Subsea manufacturers and suppliers

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Subsea sensors instrument companies

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Acoustic - Analyses - Automation - Cable - Calibration - Computers - Control pods - Control Systems - Downhole - Electrical - Erosion - Fieldbus - Gas Detectors - Gauges - Logging - Monitoring - Drilling - Fiber Optic - Flowmeters - Liquid - Manifolds - Master Control Station - Measurement - Multiphase - Optical - Pressure - Production - Sensors - Temperature - Vibration - Wet Gas Meters - Umbilical

The list of all subsea sensors instrument companies services :
ClampOn AS - leading supplier of non-intrusive instruments for sand/particle monitoring, pig detection, leak detection and corrosion-erosion monitoring
Applied Sensor Technologies - monitoring pressure or temperature conditions and performing critical alarm, control and shutdown functions of equipment or processes
APS Technology - developing and manufacturing products that operate reliably in environments where shock, vibration, high temperature and pressure, fluid erosion and corrosion are concerns
Artificial Lift Company - specialises in solutions for downhole applications as fiber optic
BEI Technologies - manufacturer of electronic sensors, motors, actuators, rotary optical encoders, linear encoders
Benestad - manufacturing high voltage, high current penetrators and sensors for extreme applications
Detcon inc. - gas detection sensor technologies and control options serves our customers with an advantage in practical and affordable gas detection solutions
FGP Sensors & Instrumentation - a worldwide leader in the sensor industry
GP:50 - manufacturer of pressure transducers / transmitters manufacturing pressure instruments
K-DYNE, INC - liquid level switch and sensors
LCM Systems Ltd - Load Cells, Load Pins and associated Instrumentation
MIL-RAM Technology, Inc. - specific experience in Toxic, Combustible, and Oxygen Gas Detection.
Miros AS - metocean systems and remote sensors for directional wave and surface current monitoring, as well as air gap and water level measurements
North American Sensors Corp - magnetic reed level switches, pressure transmitters, pressure gauges, pressure switches, temperature gauges, bi-metal thermometers
OEM Components - products include transmission solenoids and sensors, vehicle speed and differential speed sensors
Piezo Technologies - complete piezoelectric ceramic and custom ultrasonic transducer, sensor and imaging solutions for applications and industries
Sensonetics, Inc. - temperature pressure transducers, transmitters and high pressure sensors
Smartec SA - Advanced Structural Monitoring System based on Fiber Optic Sensors (SOFO system)
Subspection Limited - a provider of cathodic protection survey, consultancy, engineering and subsea sensor equipment
Weed Instrument Co Inc - custom design, high volume temperature sensors for OEM applications
Presens AS - develops and supplies pressure sensor solutions

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The subsea sensors companies listed in thiscategory are ranked by their listing category; subsea sensors companies with Premium listing are listed first, then Standard listing subsea sensors companies. The basic listed companies are listed last.
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