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Subsea manufacturers and suppliers

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Subsea valve and subsea actuator companies

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The list of all subsea valves companies :
FMC Technologies Subsea Systems - The world's leading supplier of subsea production systems.
Contact: , Phone: +281 591 4000, Fax:
Houston, USA, America(North)

GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone - mechanical engineering solutions to the oil & gas industry
Contact: Gabriele Peri - Leonardo Baldassarre, Phone: (+3905) 54 23 82 80, Fax: (+3905) 54 23 28 00
Florence, ITALY, Europe(South)

Petrolvalves - engineering and manufacturer of subsea gate and ball valves
Contact: , Phone: (+3902) 66 98 13 13, Fax: (+3902) 66 98 12 48
Milano, ITALY, Europe(South)

Bennex AS - subsea distribution systems and seismic, and delivers complete solutions in valves and automation.
Subsea Components - Subsea vales, couplings and stab plates
CVS Controls Ltd. - Control Valves and Trim Actuators , Pressure Controllers , Regulators , Centrifuges , Chemical Injection Pumps
Multi-Valve Technology Limited - design and manufacture a new generation of Single and Double Block and Bleed Valves.
Sabre Dublok - is a leading manufacturer of double block and bleed valves, instrument valves & manifolds and instrument protection enclosures
Tyco Valves & Controls Norway - valves, actuators, controls and instrumentation
Expro - Expro’s business is well flow management. Expro is a leading provider of services and products that measure, improve, control and process flow from high-value oil and gas wells.
General Carbide Europe Limited - The manufacture of hard metal wear parts. Specialists in the the oil and gas extraction industry. Sintered metal carbides, tungsten carbide valves, cages, general wear parts. Machining, grinding and polishing of sintered preforms of all grades.
Haskel International Inc - BuTech, the broadest valve, fitting and tubing line offers cone and thread connections and expert custom engineering for applications and pressures from vacuum to 150,000 PSI (10,340 bar)
Master Flo Valve Inc. - manufacturer of subsea choke valves, specialty control valve, and subsea pig ball valve
Mokveld Valves BV - subsea valve solutions for control and safety applications
Pacson Limited - The company is a leading developer of valves for severe service and highly critical applications.
Shipham Valves - Designers and Manufacturers of Non-Ferrous and High Alloy Valves
BiS Valves Ltd - manufacturers of hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic directional control valves, manifold solutions and control components.
China Ulo Valve Co.,ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of valves including gate valve, check valve, globe valve ,ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve and strainer
Genstar Technologies Company, Inc. - world class products such as pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.
High Pressure Equipment Company - providing quality components and systems for elevated pressure applications, high pressure valves and fittings
Jordan Valve - manufacturer of pressure regulators, back pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves
The Lee Company - Manufacturer of miniature, precision fluid control products for down-hole oil tools, sub-sea systems and other critical areas.
ABV S.r.l. - Engineering and manufacturing of ball, gate, and check valves
Accumulators - extensive line of hydro-pneumatic accumulators
Aceco Valve Inc. - manufactures manifold valves for use in offshore and inland production manifold and high-pressure flowline applications
AD TEK Pte Ltd Singapore - Marine Offshore Oil & Gas Supplies Singapore Asia
Advanced Valve Technology - is the world leader in applying reinforced composite technologies to ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and other related products
AES American Energy Services Inc. - widest product line of any valve manufacturer in the world
Alco Hi-Tek Ltd - modular valves and double block and bleed valves. Sample and chemical injection valves. Alco mono flange valves
Alco Valves Group - manufacturers of double block and bleed, ball and control valves
Alco Valves Ltd (USA & Canada) - manufacture a complete range of high-pressure valves for instrumentation, pipeline and Sub Sea applications.
Amerjin Co.,LLC. - provide quality products and services for oilfield, petrochemical, marine and other industrial companies
AMRI Inc. - manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and accessories for many markets, including chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water and semi-conductor
Anson ltd - valves, manifolds and flowline equipment
ARI Armaturen - Manufacturer of valves which are in service all around the globe.
Armatec AS - Supplies systems, solutions and products for heating, cooling and industry.
Autexier - swing check valve, check valve, non-return valve
Bestobell Steam Traps - steam systems solutions including steam traps, float & thermostatic traps, thermodynamic
Bettis Actuator - manufacturers of subsea oil gas valves and actuators
Broady Flow Control Ltd - Renowned for its innovative qualities, has always been in the forefront of design, new manufacturing techniques and undertaking new ventures
Brooksbank Valves Ltd. - has been providing cost effective valve solutions for a wide range of industries worldwide.
Camcon Technology - a new class of bi-stable valves and actuators. The company aims to make the Camcon® Binary Actuator a worldwide standard.
CCI - Control Components Inc - the world leader in meeting severe service valve and control
Chem Oil Products - full line of Valves and Pressure Gauges, instrumentation, Thermometers and Stainless Steel Thermowells
China Fangzheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - integrates the design, production, examination, sales into a body in the field of valve industry.
Comfit & Valves Corps. - full range of valves and tube fittings
Control Flow, Inc. - manufacturer of quality valves, offshore oil field drilling equipment, wellhead, production pressure control equipment and motion compensation equipment
Curtiss-Wright Flow Control - for offshore and process applications, offers a wide range of safety valves, gate valves, and air-driven pumps and gas boosters
Dantorque a.s - develop and market a range of specialist subsea valve actuation products
DHV Industries Inc. - Refining, Gas/Oil, Pipeline, Petrochemical and Power Plant.
DynaTorque Inc. - manufacturing manual gear operators and specialty products for use with automated valves
Everlasting Valve Co. - manufacture and market steam boiler blow down valves
Farris Engineering - Manufactures safety/pressure relief valves and safety steam valves for the process, oil and gas and offshore markets
FBV, Inc. - Professional Valve Provider
Firsa - italian manufacturer of cast steel valves and strainer for chemical and petrochemical industries.
G.W. Lisk Company, Inc. - solenoid, rotary solenoids, lvdt, solenoid valves
Global Oilfield Supplies Ltd - Suppliers of valves, gaskets and oilfield equipment
GPA AS - broad line of valves and pipe systems for the process industry on land and offshore.
Groth Corporation - manufactures storage tank protection equipment, pressure relief valves
Guru Industrial Valves Pvt. Ltd. - one of the pioneers in the world of Valves and Pipe fittings
Haakon Ellingsen AS - Major supplier of systems for valve actuation and instrumentation to offshore, shipbuilding and land-based industry.
HAM-Let - specializes in the design, development, production, and marketing of high quality instrumentation valves and fittings
Hex Valve - industry leader of instrument manifolds, orifice block valves, gauge valves, needle valves and block and bleed valves
Houston Distribution - swivel joints, pup joints, hose loops, check valves, pressure relief valves and high pressure fittings
Huihua Valve - oil gas pipeline, valves and fitting
Hydracon Company Inc - Designs and manufactures subsea valves, ocean submersible solenoid valves, pressure switches
ITAG Valve & Oilfield Products GmbH - supplies Ball Valves, Pig Valves; Gate Valves; Wellheads; X-mas Trees and drill string components for the requirements of the Oil- and Gas-Industry
K Controls - control solutions for valves and actuators encompassing switchboxes, switch terminal units, switch/solenoid control centres
Kimray, Inc. - manufactures quality valves and controls for the oil & gas industry world wide.
Kor-Lok USA, LLC - leading supplier of instrumentation valves, tube fittings and pipe fittings
L Bernard - Designs and manufactures electric actuators for the valve industry
L. B. Bentley Limited - engineering and manufacturer of subsea gate valves
Lee Company Scandinavia AB - plugs, restrictors, flow controls, nozzles, checks, relief valves, shuttle valves, safety screens and piloting solenoid valves.
Mareco AS - independent engineering company with special competence related to subsea oil and gas production systems.
Matrix Valve Industries, LLC - eading innovator of high-performance ball and butterfly valves.
MCM Oil Tools - Valve, Manifold, Choke, and Control Panel manufacturing company
Mercer Valve Company. Inc. - manufacturing pressure relief valves
Moog Flo-Tork - original approaches to motion design technology and its ability to specialize in rotary actuator applications.
National Coupling - industry leader in subsea hydraulic coupling technology
Neway Valve (SUZHOU) CO, LTD - industrial valve manufacturer in China, has all the qualifications to manufacture a wide range of industrial valves
NOR Instruments AS - supplier of control valves, safety relief valves, bursting discs, on/off valves, actuators and valve automation systems
Norriseal - A Dover Company - supplier of valve and control solutions
Norwegian Valve Technology A/S ( NVT ) - specializing in Valves and Actuators related to the On & Offshore Industry worldwide
Oceaneering Rotator AS - designer and manufacturer of subsea and topside hydraulic control valves, subsea chemical injection valves and speciality control systems
Oden Control AB - regulating electrical (24V DC) actuators for various process industries. Display includes low weight actuator with a compact design.
Oliver Valves Limited - product range offering both needle and ball valves to 10,000psi together with needle valve manifolds and close coupled manifiolds.
OMB Valves S.p.A. - manufacture mainly forged steel valves used to build and maintain process plants in the oil and gas, chemical, power generation industries.
Orion SpA Cast steel valves - product line of Steel Valves incorporating new and revised designs,
PacSeal Hydraulics Inc. - supplies industry with superior valves and regulators.
Parcol - manufacturer of control valves and steam conditioning equipment for industrial applications
Perar - manufacturers and engineering of ball valves
Petrotechnologies Inc - products and services for the completion of oil and gas wells include downhole small tube connector systems that are redundantly sealed
Pibiviesse Spa - forgemaster expertise with the experience in valve design, manufacturing and marketing.
PREVCO Subsea Housings - specializing in submersible pressure vessels, instrumentation housings, junction boxes, vent plugs, pressure relief valves and other accessories to meet all your underwater equipment needs
Red Point - valves, pipes, fittings, flanges, plates, bars, forgings, castings, fasteners and special components combined with short deliveries
Remote Control Sweden AB - Designs, manufacturers and markets high-quality actuators with accessories for standard and special valves
Retsco Ltd. - A high tech manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry.
Richards Industries - provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical
Rotork PLC - designer and manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, valve control systems, valve gearboxes and accessories.
RR Valve, Inc. - high tech manufacturer of reset relief valves for the oil field industry
RSVP Actuators & Controls - Scotch-Yoke Actuator
Score AS - Intelligent valve management company. Supplier of valves and associated services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries
Score Group Plc - engineering, research, design, supply, repair, manufacturing and training services throughout the world
Shafer - Pipeline industry actuators.
SkoFlo Industries, Inc. - Chemical / Methanol injection valves are used in surface and sub-sea environments for the Oil and Gas industry.
Solent & Pratt - manufacturing high-performance and triple-offset butterfly valves
Somas Instrument AB - manufacturer of high-performance valves for process industries and offshore
Steelstrong International - manufacturers of Gate,Globe,check,ball valves and strainers
Sud Robinetterie Industrie - manufactures and sells high quality trunnion mounted ball valves
The Leeds Valve Company Ltd. - in the manufacture and design of butterfly control & isolation valves
The Meter and Valve Company - a manufacturer's representative and stocking distributor
Thermomess - manufacturing high quality ball valves (floating or trunnion mounted; soft or metal seated) and cryogenic valves
Thompson Valves Ltd - manufactures hazardous area Maxseal solenoid valves, IVP pressure regulators and Ashford bellows-sealed globe valves
Transmark Fcx - international distributor in valves, instrumentation and ancillary flow control equipment,
Valnor AS - valve supplier. Instrumentation ball, needle, check, rising plug valves and manifolds
Valve Automation & Controls - provide valve / actuation packages, instrumentation products and control valves to meet your process control needs.
Valvitalia SPA - supplies ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, plug, pressure seal valves
Velan Valve - manufacturer of steel gate, globe, and check valves
Versa BV - broad selection of valve sizes, types, actuators and mountings
Vest Ventil AS - Supplier of valves and mechanical equipment to the Norwegian petroleum industry. Stock of valves in Bergen.
Vintrol Inc. - manufacturer of Ball valves, Check valves, Gate valves, Needle valves and Wellhead equipment
Virgo Engineers, Inc. - supplier and manufacturer of flow control solutions including ball valves, butterfly valves, actuators and valve automation systems
Weir Pumps - manufacturers of valves and auxiliary equipment as pumps
Weir Valves & Controls - critical service and isolation applications and solutions for the power generation, oil and gas exploration and general industrial sectors.
WOM - Worldwide Oilfield Machines - design, manufacture, and testing of Drill Through Well Control Equipment
Wood Group Pressure Control - equipment from BOP stacks, gate valves and casing to wellheads
BEL Valves - manufacturer specialising in valves and services for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
Econosto UK - valves and related products to a wide range of industries
Magnum Subsea Systems - focused on designing and delivering reliable subsea systems
Ring-O Valve - valves for subsea service, including gate, ball and check valves
Welker Inc - creating innovation products to solve complex problems for the petroleum and natural gas industries

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