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Subsea remote intervention companies

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The list of all remote intervention companies :
Subsea7 - ROV operators, installation, survey and positioning
Contact: , Phone: (+4412) 24 77 70 00, Fax: (+4412) 24 77 79 44
Aberdeen, SCOTLAND, Europe(North)

Canyon Offshore - underwater remote intervention, ROV and suction anchors
Contact: , Phone: (44) 1224-351800, Fax: (44) 1224-351801
Aberdeen, UK, Europe(North)

Oceaneering International - remote intervention ROV, marine and mechanical engineering
Contact: , Phone: (+171) 33 29 45 00, Fax: (+171) 33 29 49 51
Houston, USA, America(North)

Allseas Group S.A. - oil gas pipeline engineering contractors trenching/protection
Balmoral Offshore Engineering - include rigid and dynamic riser buoyancy, ROV/AUV and subsurface buoyancy, elastomer cable protectors, bend restrictors
Cybernetix - intervention expertise is also used in advanced scientific and military applications such as deepwater oceanography and mine countermeasures.
Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd - recognized provider of remote intervention technologies and equipment systems.
Schilling Robotics, LLC - providing the widest range of subsea vehicles, vehicle components, and control systems available from a single source,
Sonavision Limited - world leaders in the fields of seabed mapping, imaging sonar and acoustic communications
Subsea Vision Ltd - providing eyeball / Inspection class remotely operated vehicles with experienced ROV personnel to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industries
Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services - subsea engineering company equipped for diver & ROV intervention jobs in Nigeria
C-Tecnics Ltd - manufacturers of harsh environment apparatus but with an emphasis on equipment containing electronics for use underwater
Deepsea Power & Lights - standard products are rigorously designed to perform in the harsh marine environment, from wet/dry surface applications to full ocean depth deployments
DPS Offshore - is the global leader in the rental of marine electronic equipment covering, offshore survey and construction, inspection ROV systems, ROV and diver tooling packages, geophysical and environmental sensors
GTO Subsea AS - innovative dredging supplier providing services to the world offshore market
Innova - provide a full range of products for the ROV and underwater industry, by combining a strong alliance with leading suppliers and a range of products developed in-house.
International Submarine Engineering Ltd. (ISE) - design and development of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
Kongsberg Maritime Ltd - specialises in the supply of innovative and reliable marine electronics and instrumentation
Kongsberg Simrad - providing underwater imaging, cameras and video technology
Menck - anchor and mooring points for the offshore industry
Nautronix plc - services the needs of the oil and gas customers for Acoustic Positioning and Communication, whether by sale or rental.
Seatools - dredging tools, process sensors and instrumentation systems for dredgers, free flying ROVs
Smart Light Devices - remote intervention cameras and video ROV lights
Trelleborg Offshore - applications range from subsea mooring and support solutions to ROV/AUV buoyancy.
C & C Technologies - nternational surveying and mapping company specializing in deepwater services
Sonsub - remotely operated vehicles ROV and tooling systems
Teledyne RD Instruments - environmental monitoring and acoustic Doppler instruments solutions
i-Tech - A Division of Subsea 7 - Leading remotely operated vehicle (ROV) service provider
Marinetronix Limited - specialise in the service, repair, calibration, sales and hire of dynamic positioning (DP) sensors
impROV Ltd - engineering and manufacturing across, drilling, production and workover equipment, both surface and subsea
Sub-Atlantic Ltd - leading manufacturer of Comanche, Mohican, Super Mohawk, Mohawk and Navajo Electric ROV Systems
Advanced Marine Innovation Technology Subsea Ltd - Subsea Engineering Innovation and Development
Advanced Subsea sas - specialized in deepwater subsea construction support & services
All Oceans Engineering Ltd - deliver flexible, cost effective solutions to underwater mechanical handling issues
Andrews Survey - a leading provider of survey and positioning services to the international offshore industry
Argus Remote Systems - variety of subsea instruments, manipulators and tools, both electric and hydraulic
Atlas GeoSolutions Limited - Navigation/Positioning, Acoustic/Visual Inspection, Site Surveys
Atlas Maridan - one of the pioneers of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) technology
Balltec Limited - design and manufacture innovative, reliable and efficient mechanical handling products based upon our Ball and Roller Engagement Mechanisms (BREM)
Boskalis Offshore BV - pipeline intervention, platform and wellhead intervention, landfalls and shore approaches, decommissioning and cable intervention
Burley SubSea - supply Commercial Diving and Remotely Operated Vehicles to the various inshore/offshore projects within the region
CAPE Group - piling, pipelines, pumping and decommissioning.
CDL td - ROV tooling systems, sensors, cameras, tilt units
Cetix Group - products include ROV Launch & Recovery Systems, Active Heave Compensated Winches, BOP Control Units, Choke Control Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Marine Propulsion Systems and AC-drilling drives
Chelsea Technologies Group - designer and manufacturer of environmental and oceanographic monitoring equipment
Cochrane Technologies, Inc. - variety of state-of-the-art SONAR Systems to map seafloor locations, locate debris, and recover objects lost overboard
CODA Octopus Ltd - engaged in 3D subsea technology and is the developer and patent holder of real time 3D sonar products
Coflexip - Technip - piping fabrication and construction and ROV installation of flowline
CTC Marine Projects - International subsea trenching and cable installation contractor, supporting construction and maintenance of offshore oil and gas production facilities
CTG Ltd - design and manufacture of advanced composite material for high technology industries
Deep Marine Technology - platform inspection and repair, or for drilling and construction support
DeepOcean AS - provision of high quality services within Inspection, Maintenance & Repair, Survey and Construction Support and Subsea Decommissioning
Digilog Services Ltd - remote intervention ROV control, tooling and survey systems
DNT Offshore SRL - independent Italian contractor, specialising in the provision of Electric ROV shallow and deepwater subsea assistance services
ESSI Corporation - Aids to Navigation, Marine Aids to Navigation
EV Offshore - designing and building world-leading subsea camera inspection systems, supplying such equipment to leading oil and gas industry service companies
Fisher Offshore - specialising in subsea tooling and lifting solutions
Fugro-Rovtech Limited - provide vessels, ROVs and specialist support in Construction, Drill Support, IRM and Intervention Tooling
General Acoustics GMBH - developer of innovative hydroacoustic technology for detecting sediment layers and properties, high-tech producer of echosounders,
GEO ASA - ocean-going and one nearshore vessel, a Hugin 3000 AUV/UUV system and 14 work ROVs
GeoAcoustics Ltd - remote intervention as seabed profiling and survey systemst
Geodrive Technology BV - Specialised in all pile driving-related issues, development of new pile driving equipment and pile driving methods.
Global Marine Systems - Global Marine Offer ROV Inductions and Pilot Technician Training
Global Offshore Consulting AS - Provides C-Nav world DGPS – globally corrected GPS system. Also provides ROV, survey and contract personnel to the offshore industry worldwide
Hallin Marine Systems - integrated subsea services provider operating primarily in the offshore oil and gas industries
Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. - marginal field development, alternative development plans, field life extension, and abandonment
HERNIS Scan Systems AS - world leader within high quality Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Visual Integrated Systems (V.I.S)
Hydro-Lek Ltd - provide a range of tooling components for remote handling in all areas
ICAN - global leader in providing complete marine navigation and surveillance solutions.
IHC Hydrohammer BV - Designs, builds and supplies hydraulic piling hammers for land and offshore use
InterMoor - is the leader in innovative mooring and installation technology
ITH-GMBH - Torque wrenches, bolt-tensioning cylinders, high-pressure pumps, torque multipliers, nut runners (pneumatic and electric)
Ixsea SAS - Worldwide leader in acoustic technology for several decades
Jelec USA Inc. - providing expertise in Electrical, Monitoring and Instrumentation Systems for the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries
Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. - responsible for the design, manufacture and sales of underwater acoustic products, sonar
Large Diameter Drilling Ltd - specialises in drilling large-diameter holes, drilling related installation and grouting of large-diameter tubulars, casings and piles
MacArtney A/S - connectors, handling systems and underwater robotics
Maju GeoHydro - providing survey services to Marine Industries in general and to the Oil and Gas Industries in particular
Mako DeepWater - inspection, repair and maintenance
Mako Technologies - equipment to support your topside projects, diving operations and your ROV rental and tooling requirements
Marine Structure Consultants - marine structures and equipment mainly for the oil and gas offshore industry and the related dredging industry.
Mariscope - a marine engineering and technological development company that offers services in the areas of Oceanography, Under Water Robotics and Professional Diving
Marport Deep Sea Technologies Inc. - technology and products for a wide variety of underwater sensing and communication applications
Measurement Devices Ltd - innovative laser measurement technology and positioning and navigation systems.
Mermaid Maritime - a leading provider of tender rig drilling and sub-sea engineering services for the oil and gas industry
Modus - provides subsea trenching and construction support ROVs
Moorsafe AB - anchor provide safe mooring for all types of floating constructions, ranging from pleasure boats to the offshore industry.
NCS Survey - providing survey services to the offshore construction and positioning markets on a worldwide basis
NETmc Marine Ltd - leading supplier of digital video recorders (DVR) to the ROV, diving and structural inspection market.
Norbar Torque Tools Ltd. - manufacture of torque wrench
Oceanscan Ltd - world-class supplier of survey equipment, personnel and products to the offshore hydrographic, survey, ROV and defence industries
Oceanteam - is a offshore service company able to work for any client in any geographic location.
OceanWorks International Inc - specializing in manned and unmanned subsea work systems for key international marine industries
Orion Marine Group Inc - provides a broad range of marine construction and specialty services on, over and under the water along the Gulf Coast,
PanGeo Subsea Inc - specializing in acoustic 3D sub-bottom imaging techniques for risk mitigation in offshore exploration and development.
Parker Maritime - positioning, bathymetric data acquisition, tidal observations, data processing and production of final charts
Pileco, Inc - consult and service offerings that are capable of supporting clients worldwide.
Rapid-Torc Inc - designs and manufactures a full range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and industrial maintenance tools
Remote Ocean Systems - design and manufacturing of reliable, high-tech equipment and systems for the most severe oceanographic environments
Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA (RXT) - a marine geophysical company specialising in multi-component seafloor acquisition
Rotech Subsea Ltd - mass flow excavation tools in the world applications include pipeline, umbilical and cable trenching, pipeline de-burial, rock dump removal
Rovin Energy / Subsea Intervention - engaged in acquiring, developing and producing oilfields, as well as refining, marketing and shipping petroleum worldwide
Saab Seaeye Ltd - manufactures a complete range of electric powered ROV systems for all professional applications.
SALT Ltd - pioneers of the SonarBell
Sea Steel Ltd - Develops and hires out state-of-the-art subsea pile-driving equipment for the oil and gas industries
SeaBotix Inc. - is the leading manufacturer of the MiniROV system LBV and revolutionary hybrid ROV/Crawler
Seascape BV - specialized in the sales and manufacturing of underwater equipment and tools
Seatronics - marine survey equipment rental and sales,
SeaView Systems - underwater inspection services and the full range of Seaeye remotely operated vehicle products.
SeeByte - software tools that provide Dynamic Positioning for ROVs
Sidus Solutions, Inc. - specialized closed circuit cameras and video for subsea
SMD Hydrovision - design and manufacture of ROV thrusters tooling Systems.
Sperre AS - Subsea technology specialist. Manufacture and sale of electrical ROV systems and subsea technology equipment
SPT Offshore - independent offshore contractor specialised in suction pile foundations and self installing platforms
Sub-Dimension Engineering Co Ltd - ROV & submarine engineering equipment designers & manufacturers
Submec - Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) support service for ROV operations
Subsea Explore Services - Malaysian premier ROV Solution Provider
Techno Dive AS - underwater construction company, specializing in work on oil rigs and ships
Technocean - is an offshore subsea IMR, survey and light construction support contractor
Tekmar UK Limited - builders of Tether management systems, deployment systems (LARS) and Module Handling Systems
Titan Technologies International, Inc. - bolting solutions provider committed to offering the most reliable and comprehensive bolting solutions world wide
Trelleborg CRP Inc. - global industrial group whose leading positions are based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications
Trelleborg CRP Ltd - designer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered solutions for the world’s most demanding environments.
Trico Marine - leading provider of marine support vessels to the offshore oil and gas industry
Underwater Video Systems - supplier of quality subsea equipment and services to the Oceanographic, Hydrographic, Defence, Oil & Gas and Onshore Water industries
Van Oord Offshore - marine contractor, working day to day on dredging and marine projects around the world
VideoRay LLC - small inspection-class ROV
Vryhof Anchors bv - anchor design and manufacturing most applied offshore.
Weeks Marine, Inc. - operates a large and diversified fleet of dredging barges
Azimuth - Manufacture of modern gyroscopic and magnetometric inclinometers\r\n-Participation in geophysical inspections of cased and open wells
Balmoral Group - manufacturers of marine equipment, bouys, moorings and composites
Energy Subsea AS - is a contractor providing ROVs and personnel for permanent or project based operations worldwide
Scanmudring AS - plan and perform special underwater works - in deep water or in inaccessible locations worldwide
Tritech International Ltd - provision of sensors and tools for ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
Bowtech Products Limited - is one of the World's leading suppliers of components for the ROV and Remote Underwater Intervention Industry

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