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The list of subsea AZIMUTH TUBULAR SERVICES products:
Multiple Control Line Running System (Mclrs) - Eliminate damage and splices to your control and injection lines. Safer and faster No control lines in the tong area No control lines in overhead sheaves No control lines through the slip bowl
By Tesco Corporation

Bowen Power Swivels-S-2.5 - TESCO is proud to offer superior quality S-2.5 and S-3.5 Bowen Power Swivel Units which feature hydraulic power units of correct size and horsepower to match the swiel and remote air control assemblies which can be located away from the power unit.
By Tesco Corporation

Helium Gas Connection Testing - TESCO is now offering the safest and most efficient gas testing service available. This equipment consists of an “add-on” gas package that utilizes the standard hydrostatic testing equipment.
By Tesco Corporation

Hydrostatic Tubular Testing - TESCO’s testing equipment has a working pressure rating of up to 20,000 PSI. All pressure connections within this equipment are manufactured to the highest standards by Autoclave Engineers.
By Tesco Corporation

Hillman-Kelley 500-C Dual String Power Tongs - Additional Specialized equipment offered by TESCO includes the Hillman-Kelley 500-C Dual String Power Tong. This compact, powerful tong weighs only 400 lbs.
By Tesco Corporation

B & W Dual String Spider/Elevators - TESCO offers specialized B & W dual string spider/ elevators that feature enhanced maneuverability and control options.
By Tesco Corporation

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