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Subsea Adhesives Products

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The list of subsea Adhesives products:
C-BOND 288 - C-BOND 288 is a water-dispersed contact adhesive that offers much of the good bonding performance of C-BOND 287 (see Technical Bulletin 230-5) with the advantages of being low in solvents and inherently fire retardant.
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

C-BOND 287 - C-BOND 287 is a one-part polychloroprenebased solvent-containing flexible contact adhesive.
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

C-BOND 255 - C-BOND 255 is a general purpose silicone adhesive. It is a two component material requiring a heat cure, but does not need exposure to air or to moisture for curing
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

C-BOND 254 - C-BOND 254 is a strong, versatile adhesive intended for the bonding of critical components such as radar absorber panels to the metal or composite skins of aircraft, naval vessels, or military vehicles.
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

C-BOND 245 - C-BOND 245 is a flexible general purpose epoxy adhesive which can be cured at room temperature. Adhesion to metals, plastics, glass and ceramics is excellent.
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

C-PRIME 215 - C-PRIME 215 is a solvent based silicone containing compound, used to promote the adhesion of RTV silicone adhesives to a variety of substrates including metal and many plastics.
By Cuming Microwave Corporation

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