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Oil Mate™ - Oil Mate™ is an advanced oil management system for diesel engines that significantly extends oil change intervals and filter life in order to decrease downtime and lengthen an engine's life span.
By EMP - Engineered Machined Products

Electric Air Pump - One of the highest parasitic loss for any vehicle is the fans and other air moving devices. On over-the-road trucks, fans can take as much as 40 h.p. to operate
By EMP - Engineered Machined Products

Electric Water Pump - These highly efficient pumps include state-of-the-art designs which uniquely combine fluid, mechanical and electrical components to work together for peak efficiency, long life and low cost.
By EMP - Engineered Machined Products

Electric Fan - EMP has developed its’ 11” high performance “diesel grade” Electric Fan for maximum cooling and packaging flexibility.
By EMP - Engineered Machined Products

Electric Control Valve - Named the “Best Product in 2005” by Design News Magazine, EMP’s Electronic Valve replaces the traditional wax-based thermostat which are highly restrictive and do not offer good thermal control.
By EMP - Engineered Machined Products

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