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Subsea Aerospace Products

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The list of subsea Aerospace products:
Jet Engine Igniters - Silicon nitride is used as an insulator in jet engine igniters for applications where aluminum oxide insulators fail.
By Ceradyne, Inc.

Patco D9200 - Designed primarily for sealing interior aircraft insulation and flooring as a waterseal barrier in main cabin wet areas.
By Covalence Adhesives

Patco D9100 - A tough, exceptionally elastic & durable polyurethane film tape designed as a moisture seal for floor joints in wet areas (galleys, lavatories, entryways) of aircraft floors. Recommended by Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.
By Covalence Adhesives

Polyken 345 - Linerless aluminum foil for sealing and masking of aircraft. Meets FAR 25.853(a) & Mil Spec L-T-80B.
By Covalence Adhesives

Polyken 290FR - Printed, linerless, flame retardant glass cloth tape for aircraft cargo compartment seam sealing.
By Covalence Adhesives

Polyken 225FR - A superior flame retardant polyethylene coated waterproof tape with an exceptionally aggressive adhesive to a variety of substrates including steel and plastic
By Covalence Adhesives

Patco 1800 - Tough, conformable and moisture resistant. Permanent and flame retardant
By Covalence Adhesives

Polyken 108 - Flame retardant double-coated cloth tape with flame retardant synthetic rubber adhesive
By Covalence Adhesives

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