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Subsea Anti-Corrosion Solutions Products

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The list of subsea Anti-Corrosion Solutions products:
PRITEC - PRITEC is a two layer corrosion protection system that combines the proven protective qualities of a polyethylene outer coating with a special butyl rubber adhesive.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Asphalt Enamel - Asphalt Enamel (AE) coatings. AE is a plant applied durable coating based on modified bitumen (asphalt) that has been successfully used for many years for corrosion protection of steel pipes.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

YJ2K - YJ2K® is a multilayer coating consisting of a layer of fusion bonded epoxy, a copolymer adhesive and an outer layer of high density polyethylene which offers a tough, durable pipe coating solution.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Yellow Jacket - Yellow Jacket® provides external protection for pipe used in the oil and gas and waterworks industries where moderate operating temperatures and good handling capabilities are required.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Dual Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating - Dual Layer FBE is designed to provide excellent damage resistance to pipelines in the toughest environments including river and road crossings and rocky, mountainous terrain.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating(FBE) - FBE’s excellent adhesion to steel provides superior long term corrosion resistance and protection of pipelines operating at moderate temperatures for the designed life.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Three Layer Polyethylene Coating(3LPE) - 3LPE System is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components. This anti-corrosion system consists of a high performance fusion bonded epoxy.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

Three Layer Polypropylene Coating(3LPP) - 3LPP Systems provide excellent pipeline protection for small and large diameter pipelines with moderate operating temperatures.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

High Performance Composite Coating - High Performance Composite Coating (HPCC) is an advanced composite system that represents the latest development in anti-corrosion systems. The product consists of fusion bonded epoxy, polyolefin adhesive and tough polyethylene.
By Bredero Shaw Ltd

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