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Subsea Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) - Products

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Dorado - The growing threat from new-generation mines that are more difficult to detect has stimulated the demand for new minehunting systems that offer improved safety and efficiency
By International Submarine Engineering Ltd

Dolphin Mk Ii - The DOLPHIN unmanned semi-submersible was developed by International Submarine Engineering Ltd. to provide a stable sensor platform for operation in adverse sea states. Because it is a snorkeling diesel powered vehicle,
By International Submarine Engineering Ltd

Theseus - ISE Research Ltd. commenced development of the Theseus AUV in 1992 under sponsorship of the Canadian Department of National Defence as part of a joint US-Canada Spinnaker project.
By International Submarine Engineering Ltd

Arcs - The ARCS vehicle was developed by ISE Research Ltd as a platform for autonomous vehicle research. Sponsors of this program include the Canadian Hydrographic Service, the Department of National Defence, and ISE Research
By International Submarine Engineering Ltd

Explorer - These pages are offered to provide potential users with a better understanding of the factors governing AUV design and with the opportunity to match mission requirements against a series of standard AUV designs that we have developed
By International Submarine Engineering Ltd

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