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Special Shapes Product Spec
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The Special Shapes supplied by AVINS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION are used in the subsea oil and gas industry. By designing a specialized cross-section into your semi-finished metal raw material, we offer the opportunity to substantially reduce the cost of productions of your finished components and increase your competitiveness..

Special Shapes Specification and Data:
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Category: Special Shapes

Special Shapes by AVINS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION, By designing a specialized cross-section into your semi-finished metal raw material, we offer the opportunity to substantially reduce the cost of productions of your finished components and increase your competitiveness. A specialized cross section reduces inventory and recycling costs, and losses during machining. What could be more economic than buying the exact required custom shape leaving only cutting to length necessary? The creation of a high performance quality custom shape can only be successful if we work closely together with our customer. As a firm of sales engineers we are capable of collaboration to arrive at a high quality, economically competitive solution. Widest range Together with our production partners we have created more than 30,000 die sets. We supply an incredible range of types of special shapes including extrusions, sections, profiles, precision tools, hollow extrusions, drawn custom shapes in solid and tube form and in wire and fixed lengths. Alloy Families Together with our production partners we combine many alloy families, including copper, brass, nickel silver, phosphor bronze, copper nickel, beryllium copper, aluminum bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, high speed steel, titanium, precious metals, bimetallic steel/gold, and others. Dimensions We furnish special shapes from fine wire to cross-sections of up to 5.00" diameter circumscribed areas. Production Our fully integrated and well-controlled production processes include melting/casting, extrusion, hot and cold rolling, annealing, drawing, heat-treatment aging, continuous profile machining, conforming, CAD/CAM die making, straightening and cutting. Partners Sections - Copper and copper alloys Other Profiles - Beryllium copper alloys SC-Copper - Super conducting copper Applications Limited only by the imagination of the designer, our profiles have been specified for a broad range of applications such as electrical engineering, electronics and microelectronics, automotive, super conductor, eyeglass, wrist watch, machinery and appliance, wedge sections for use with motor manufacturing, transportation, architecture and construction, and medical and dental. We supply special shapes on-time, made exactly to your specifications. Our technological innovations, long term business relationships, and our unique structure have allowed us to supply on a highly competitive basis, and remain flexible to both small and large quantity requirements. We will gladly furnish samples made to your specifications. Our sales engineering staff welcomes the opportunity to assist in alloy selection, process analysis, and technical education. Our traffic department welcomes the opportunity to support your JIT stock programs from our regional warehouses when needed.
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Special Shapes Product Detail Specification:
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