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Large Bore System Product Spec

The Large Bore System supplied by FMC Technologies Subsea Systems are used in the subsea oil and gas industry. The Large Bore Wellhead System (LBWS) is an extension of the Rigid-Lock Stack Down (RLSD) system product line, with provision to run two casing strings (18" and 16") which are hung off submudline..

Large Bore System Specification and Data:
Pressure Rating: 10,000-psi internal pressure
Temperature Rating:
Water Depth Rating:
Category: Subsea Production Systems

Large Bore System by FMC Technologies Subsea Systems, The Large Bore Wellhead System (LBWS) is an extension of the Rigid-Lock Stack Down (RLSD) system product line, with provision to run two casing strings (18" and 16") which are hung off submudline. It incorporates all the standard features of the Rigid-Lock Stack Down system. The high-pressure housing has a larger drift enabling the 18" casing string to run through it. The system includes additional trip saving tools such as single trip tools for the submudline equipment where the hanger-packoff assemblies are run in a single trip. The submudline hangers have features to verify proper landing in their respective receptacles. The system also includes bore protectors that can be run and retrieved with drill strings resulting in additional trip savings. Appropriate Solutions Features related to rigid lock mechanism between the housings and cement returns below the high-pressure housing are identical to the RLSD system Provides for 18" casing as well as 16" casing to be run and hung-off submudline Two submudline systems are fully independent of one another and can be placed anywhere in the string below the high-pressure housing The 18" and 16" hangers and seal assemblies are run in a single trip Bit retrieval bore protectors are available for use with this system Guideline or guidelineless configurations available Rigid-Lock Annulus Seal Assembly The rigid-lock seal assembly, with its exclusive pre-loadmechanism, can be run with the 18 3/4" high-pressure housing and pressure tested with positive confirmation back to the rig floor in a single trip. This feature saves considerable rig time and costs over competitive systems. Major operators have recognized FMC Subsea Drilling Systemsí rigid-lock innovation as the best solution to sealing off shallow water flow in the industry today. The rigid-lockassembly pre-loads the 36" and 18-3/4" housings up to two million pounds. The wellhead has been rated to a bending capacity in excess of four million foot-pounds with 10,000-psi internal pressure and 1,000 kipstop tension.
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Large Bore System Product Detail Specification:
About the Company: FMC Technologies Subsea Systems
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