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Automotive Gasoline Product Spec
State-Of-The-Art Products In Petrobras’ Portfolio

The Automotive Gasoline supplied by Petrobras are used in the subsea oil and gas industry. Automotive gasoline is another of the state-of-the-art products in Petrobras’ portfolio..

Automotive Gasoline Specification and Data:
Pressure Rating:
Temperature Rating:
Water Depth Rating:
Category: Vehicle Gasoline

Automotive Gasoline by Petrobras, Automotive gasoline is another of the state-of-the-art products in Petrobras’ portfolio. The Company is constantly seeking to improve its fuels, and invests heavily in technology to do just that. The results may easily be proven. One example suffices: Petrobras is currently the official fuel provider for the Williams Formula 1 team. Petrobras’ automotive gasoline octane ratings (gasoline’s resistance to explosion) rank the Brazilian Regular and Premium gasoline as equivalent to their American counterparts. As the producer of most of the automotive gasoline sold at Brazilian service stations, Petrobras currently has practically all of the distributors who perform in the Brazilian market as its customers.
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Automotive Gasoline Product Detail Specification:
About the Company: Petrobras
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