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Petrobras Podium Product Spec
World’S Most Advanced Gasoline

The Petrobras Podium supplied by Petrobras are used in the subsea oil and gas industry. Petrobras Podium gasoline is the world’s most advanced gasoline and it is appropriate for use in any gasoline vehicle..

Petrobras Podium Specification and Data:
Pressure Rating:
Temperature Rating:
Water Depth Rating:
Category: Vehicle Gasoline

Petrobras Podium by Petrobras, Petrobras Podium gasoline is the world’s most advanced gasoline and it is appropriate for use in any gasoline vehicle. A few of its specific characteristics are better noticed when it is used to fuel high-performance vehicles. Podium is the gasoline that has the highest octane rating among all of those that are currently marketed in the world. The octane rating is the resistance gasoline has to self-ignition, which can lead to localized explosions, causing the loss of power and severe engine damage, depending on intensity and persistence. Octane is one of the main gasoline components. Fuel with more octane (or a higher octane rating) has better combustion power and resists to high pressure levels inside the cylinders, without undergoing explosion (spontaneous air-gas mix burn) known as “pin strokes,” which sounds like metal beating and hinders the engine. Engine designers take fuel octane ratings into account, and they consider it to determine the compression rates, ignition advance curves, and injection time. Gasoline octane ratings are determined via the RON, MON, and IAD methods. The first evaluates the fuel’s resistance to explosion, when the engine is working at full load and at low rotations. Meanwhile, the MON method evaluates the gasoline’s resistance to explosion at full loads and high rotation. And, finally, the IAD is the average of the above. The Petrobras Podium gasoline allows the engine manufacturer’s total designed power to be used, allowing faster overtaking and, thus, ensuring safer passing. Because of its formulation and due to the special package of “dispersing detergent” additives, the Petrobras Podium gasoline keeps deposits from forming, ensuring the entire fuel system supply will remain clean and providing better operation and maximum protection to the engine.
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Petrobras Podium Product Detail Specification:
About the Company: Petrobras
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