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Solvents Product Spec
General Purpose Cleaner.

The Solvents supplied by Petrobras are used in the subsea oil and gas industry. Solvents are used in a number of industrial sectors as a component in products for cleaning, paint, varnishes and waxes..

Solvents Specification and Data:
Pressure Rating:
Temperature Rating:
Water Depth Rating:

Solvents by Petrobras, Petrobras produces several kinds of solvents for a wide range of applications.Turpentine: varies from direct input in industrial production to a "general purpose" cleaner. Paint thinner: basically used by the paint and resin industry but also as grease remover, glues, farming purposes and lighter fluid. Hydrogenated fluids: some of their applications are in cutting oils, agrochemical production, paint manufacturing, industrial cleaning and aluminum foil, required by the automobile and farming sectors, for instance. Hexane: mainly used in the vegetable oil industry to extract vegetable oils and fats. Medium Solvent: required in paint, wax and machine-cleaning plants. Rubber solvent: the main user of this product, of course, is the rubber and glue industry. Toluene: used widely in the paint and varnish industry and in glue and resin production. In petrochemicals, mainly used in the production of TDI, benzoic acid and benzyl chloride. Xylene: widely used in paint, varnish, resin, agricultural pesticides, among others
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Solvents Product Detail Specification:
About the Company: Petrobras
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