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The Subsea Industry

The subsea oil and gas industry is changing again. The last change was from large budget field developments in the North Sea shallow waters, the trend was towards marginal field development, smaller tie backs to already developed fields, and deepwater challenges offshore Africa, GoM and Brasil.

The subsea oil and gas industry was faced with the deepwater challenges of what was called the "last frontiers" on this planet. Developing subsea prospects in water depths up to 3,000 m required outstanding engineering skills, equipment qualification and extreme focus on reliability.

World Markets Relocating
The world markets for the subsea industry was also changing, the need to operate in developing countries like in West of Africa was essential for long-term success in the subsea oil and gas business. The successful subsea supplier was forced to relocate from the home base and the nearest field development to get their share of the billions of US$ being invested in subsea projects every year.

What is next for the Subsea Industry ?
Since 1999, Subsea.Org has been predicting the subsea industry future for you. The subsea future is now business intelligence, experience transfer and integrated operations. Subsea.Org has and will continue predict how to take advantage of being in front in the subsea business. Visit our site frequently and learn more of the subsea business.

Subsea.Org has the Subsea Information Platform..
The Subsea.Org initiative is contributing to an online gathering of subsea oil and gas companies, giving the customer market overview and enable contacts being taken across country borders. We have the platform for easy implementation of the new game of the subsea oil and gas business. Support our initiative and help building a safe and quality driven subsea industry.
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