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The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory is and has been the largest subsea industry website on the Internet for almost 20 years. Online since 1999. 


Subsea.Org is the industry business directory and search engine providing industry professionals with a massive collection of subsea oil and gas information. 

The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory users are:
– Subsea Engineers, Procurers and Managers
– All Companies involved in the Subsea Industry
– Buyers and Sellers of Subsea Products or Services

How Can You Benefit from Subsea.Org ?
The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory is designed for engineers, procurers and managers involved in bringing a offshore production system on stream. The supplier catalogue and search engine enables purchasers to easy source local or global subsea contractors, suppliers and manufacturers of oil and gas services and purchase equipment in just seconds. 

Ranging from subsea engineering and exploration consultancy services to manufacturers of subsea equipment as cable, valve, pumps, drill bits or pipeline, subsea business companies worldwide are easy to find by browsing the directory or using our unique search engine.

The Subsea.Org initiative have reduced cost for oil companies and increased market share and profit for suppliers using it and has also enhanced quality, HSE and sustainability for the industry. 

Visit Subsea.Org on a regular basis and learn or profit from the free information available.

Subsea Industry Information
The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory company profiles, lists of companies, projects, pipeline, drilling, equipment and products information is designed by subsea personnel for subsea personnel. The oil and gas industry companies are manufacturers, suppliers and offshore contractors involved in the subsea oil gas supply chain, from early exploration, seismic surveys and geophysical companies to well drilling companies and subsea engineering companies.

Subsea.Org work to enhance experience transfer, business intelligence, integrated operations, cooperation and innovation in the subsea industry. “

Also subsea systems consultancy services and design of upstream subsea wells completion, subsea tie-backs, drilling templates and cluster manifolds, upstream separation and oil and natural gas processing equipment, subsea valves, Xmas tree and pipeline, subsea controls, sensors, cables, umbilical, flow or wet gas meters, subsea connectors and instrumentation, fabrication and construction companies, inspection and testing, subsea installation, ROV and diving intervention companies, oil production and maintenance companies. Subsea.Org is a complete subsea oil and gas company and equipment directory free to use. 

Information Exchange
The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory is the leading upstream industry open information exchange and marketplace on the Internet. 

Company Directory
The directory gives you a detailed company profile of the supplier listed. You can find subsea services and product categories, addresses, phone, fax and emails to the company. 

Subsea Jobs and Careers
The Oil Jobs Center on Subsea.Org is where candidates for offshore drilling, engineering, management and other subsea positions find a new subsea oil career and recruiters find their new subsea staff.

Equipment, Products and Services
The companies are categorized by subsea equipment, products and services in order for you to easy locate a manufacturer or supplier.

Industry Projects
Open source facts about offshore projects including field information such as pressure, temperature etc. 

Suppliers Products
Information about subsea products with outline products specification. 

Oil Exploration Companies
An extensive list of most oil and natural gas exploration and producing operator companies with interests in the subsea shallow and deepwater developments.